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Keith Chawgo (kchawgo) | 19 comments ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE QUESTION CONTEST

You can win a chance to win a cameo in the upcoming sequel: 'Z Plan:Red Tides’ by Mikhail Lerma.

Reply in a comment to the following…

A zombie apocalypse has broken out in your neighborhood and you need to go and save someone you really care about. You can pick one melee weapon, one long distance weapon and a song on your iPod to slay zombies to. What are they and why?

The winner will be chosen and announced Oct 28th and will be chosen by a panel of judges. There is no wrong answer just interesting ones. Go and let your imagination run wild.

message 2: by Martha (new)

Martha  (theshortone08) Weapon: I choose a machete.
Long distance: Maquahuitl
Song: Tiesto Party Mix

So what do you think?

message 3: by Mikhail (new) - added it

Mikhail Lerma (MLerma) Thank you everyone who has entered so far. I definitely have some favorite entries here on goodreads, and entries on my Blog. Its going to be a tough decision. But I can't wait to go through all of them and pick. There are 15 days left for this contest and also the book giveaway, so if you haven't entered you still have time!

message 4: by Mikhail (new) - added it

Mikhail Lerma (MLerma) 5 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER!

message 5: by Mikhail (new) - added it

Mikhail Lerma (MLerma) LAST DAY TO ENTER!

The contest ends tonight. There is no winner yet, anyone still has a chance! Thank you to all that have entered. We've gotten a lot of entries on the blog!

message 6: by Jane (new)

Jane Oldaker | 3 comments Melee weapon - daughter's abandoned field hockey stick - reason - it's a good cosher and lives right by the door. Distance weapon - I want to say the foldaway trebuchet that i have sitting on a little red wagon in the garage, but I just don't think folks will find that credible so I'm gonna go with the 357 magnum cause I can carry it in a (large) purse. Last ditch you can always clobber with a purse full of 357 too, so there is some extra utility there. The iPod is lovingly singing Paul Simon's Graceland cause it always puts me on my toes and makes me move.

message 7: by Mikhail (new) - added it

Mikhail Lerma (MLerma) It is Sunday October 28th 2012, and the 'Zombie Apocalypse Question Contest' is now closed to entries. I want to thank ALL of you who have entered, and there were a lot. Not only here on the Goodreads, but on the Blog as well. And because there were so many, I have decided to take my time looking over all entries before I decide. I will be listening to every single song and looking up every single weapon. Therefore, instead of announcing the winner today, I will be announcing the winning on Halloween. I will send an individual message or email to everyone who has entered letting you know whether you have won or not. I have also decided alongside the cameo prize, I will be sending the winner a signed copy of 'Z Plan:Blood on the Sand'. Thank you again to all that have entered. Stay tuned for the WINNER!

message 8: by Mikhail (new) - added it


I am very excited to announce the winner of the ‘Zombie Apocalypse Question Contest’. There were a lot of great entries, which made it a tough decision. I wanted to thank you all again for participating.


*Michael*(Goodreads entry)

Melee Weapon: Baseball Bat
Reason: Nothing better than blunt force trauma time to roll up the sleeves and get amongst it.. The sound of cracking skulls and the sight of blood spraying don’t get much better
Ranged Weapon: Mossberg 590A1 Special Shotgun
Reason: Once again you got to get close and personal with this bad boy, ranged weapons or for wimps. Pull the trigger and enjoy watching those Zombie son of a bitches heads exploding like a ripe pumpkin.
Zombie Killing Song: More Human than Human – White Zombie
Reason: What’s better then getting covered in Zombie gore than listening to this band. All while wearing my Dre Monster Beats headphones…red ones of course. Yeah that’s right I am BAD!!!!


Gilwilson (Blog entry)

Melee weapon would be my replica klingon bat’leth all the time I’d be listening to Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” on continuous loop…if I got tire by wielding that heavy blade Lemmy and the boys could keep me pumped.

Honorable Mentions

Danielle (Blog entry)

I would use a katana for my close contact work since it has an awesome reputation for “getting the job done.” For a long distance kill, I’d go for a rifle. But if I could scavenge a sniper’s gun, that would be even better. While surviving and kicking ass at the same time, I’d listen to “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

Stewart(Goodreads entry)

I think that given the circumstances, I’d actually go with a compound bow for my long distance weapon because 1) it would be relatively easy to find, 2) you can reuse your ammo. Arrows can be picked back up but when you run out of bullets you’re screwed, and 3) it allows for some stealth. No worrying about attracting other zombies.
For my melee weapon I’d go for a woodcutter’s axe. Once again, it’s easy to find and takes very little skill to use – just start to swing and the sucker does the job for you.
All the while I’d be blasting ZZ Top’s La Grange… “Have mercy. A pow pow pow pow, a pow.”

Doyle(Goodreads entry)

Melee Weapon: Machete
Reason: Utility – useful for chopping wood and materials for survival. Tactical – useful for choppin’ the zombie F’ers cranial regions like tomato’s.

Ranged Weapon: Sniper scoped .308
Reason: Utility – hunting of deer and other small to large game for sustenance. Tactical – hunting/long range engagement of zombie’s and scouting of immediate area.

Zombie Killin’ Song: Black Betty by Ram Jam
Reason: Great beat for gaining a rhythm for shooting. Only to be played when working with the long ranged weapons.

Camille Meador (Blog entry)

I live in small town Idaho, where better to be when zombies start roaming about? So realistically if I was elsewhere and returning home to save someone I love, my melee weapon would have to be the big tire iron already in my truck, my hunting rifle that lives in the back window of said truck, and since I’m a rock & roll kind of country girl my fight song would be “Pain” by Three days Grace.

Chris Verstraete (Blog entry)

I’d prefer a smaller metal ball and chain with spikes, not too heavy so it can be swung without getting too close; a repeating rifle ( though a semi-auto may be better for this), and I’d have to have a good beat to z-slay to like MJ’s Thriller or how about Donna Summer to get the blood pumping?

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