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Noa (shimmeringstarlight) | 31 comments Mod
Hello! I just wanted to add some quotes that you can put on your profile.

"Who is left in the ghetto is the one man in a thousand in any age, in any culture, who through some mysterious workings of force within his soul will stand in defiance against any master. He is that one human in a thousand whose indomitable spirit will not bow. He is the one man in a thousand whose indomitable spirit cannot bow. He is the one man in a thousand who will not walk quietly to Umschlagplatz. Watch out for him, Alfred Funk, we have pushed him to the wall."

"Today a great shot for freedom was heard. I think it stands a chance of being heard forever. It marls a turning point in the history of the Jewish people. The beginning of the return to a statues of dignity we have not known for two thousand years. Yes, today was the first step back. My battle is done. Now I turn the command over to the soldiers."

"'Who here wants to be a writer?' I asked. Everyone in the room raised his hand. 'Why the hell aren't you home writing?' I said, and left the stage."

"All you have the right to ask of life is to choose a battle in this war, make the best you can, and leave the field with honor."

" To me, a writer is one of the most important soldiers in the fight for survival of the human race. He must stay at his post in the thick of fire to serve the cause of mankind."

"All men have a measure of cowardice in them. I learned that love of one's mates can overcome your fears. I learned that every survivor of this horror must try to live a good life because he lives for many men."

"Love can't mature in one room. It has to come out of the full sharing of everything: joys, aspirations, downfalls, all of it. That's the only real path to love."

"Too many writers start with a good idea and carry it through the first chapters, then fall apart because they had no idea where the top of the mountain was in the first place."

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Noa (shimmeringstarlight) | 31 comments Mod
My friend Renesmee and I found this one in Exodus:

" 'Anything to declare?' the customs inspector said.'Two pound of uncut heroin and a manual of pornographic art,' Mark answered, looking about for Kity. All Americans are comedians, the inspector thought, as he passed Parker through. A government tourist hostess approached him.'Are you Mr. Mark Parker?' Guilty.' ''

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Noa (shimmeringstarlight) | 31 comments Mod
Okay, one more. This is from Battle Cry. In the book, a recruit accidently calls his rifle a gun. As punishment, the drill officer makes him unzip his fly and hold his "gun" in his right hand and his rifle in the left. He is then made to say:

"This is my rifle.
This is my gun.
This is for fighting
This is for fun."

I feel really bad for him!

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Beverley (beverleyongoodreads) hahahahahahahaha

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Noa (shimmeringstarlight) | 31 comments Mod
"Huxley: "Tell me something Bryce, do you know the difference between a Jersey, a Guernsey, a Holstein, and an Ayershire?"
Bryce: "No."
Huxley: "Seabags Brown does."
Bryce: "I don't see what that has to do..."
Huxley: "What do you know about Gaelic history?"
Bryce: "Not much."
Huxley: "Then why don't you sit down one day with Gunner McQuade. He is an expert. Speaks the language, too."
Bryce: "I don't..."
Huxley: " What do you know about astronomy?"
Bryce: "A little."
Huxley: "Discuss it with Wellman, he held a fellowship."
Bryce: "This is most puzzling."
Huxley: "What about Homer, ever read Homer?"
Bryce: "Of course I've read Homer."
Huxley: "In the original Greek?"
Bryce: "No"
Huxley: "Then chat with Pfc. Hodgkiss. Loves to read the ancient Greek."
Bryce: "Would you kindly get to the point?"
Huxley: "The point is this, Bryce. What makes you think you are so goddam superior? Who gave you the bright idea that you had a corner on the world's knowledge? There are privates in this battalion who can piss more brains down a slit trench then you'll ever have. You're the most pretentious, egotistical individual I've ever encountered. Your superiority complex reeks. I've seen the way you treat men, like a big strutting peacock. Why, you've had them do everything but wipe your ass.""

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Beverley (beverleyongoodreads) nice

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It's cool.

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Jim Sards (HATEtwilightloveHarryPotter) | 1 comments Its cool. GREAT vocabulary. LOL

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