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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Not sure if there is a better place to mention this, but for our November's Science Fiction selection, Eon by Greg Bear, you can buy the unabridged audio book for $1.99 if you've already bought the Kindle version. I'm pretty sure you have to be an Audible member to get the deal.

Now if only Amazon would have sales for Kindle edition of my audio books -- there would be a money trap.

message 2: by Donna (new)

Donna (DonnaHR) Kindle and audiobook version both for less than $10? That's a screamin' deal and I just bought it. I'm with you, Greg, I have often wished I had a print/Kindle version of an audiobook, mainly to see how names are spelled!

message 3: by Eric (new)

Eric (ProggyBoog) | 82 comments And, I already had a $10 credit with Audible for using up some extra credits I had... So effectively a free audio book for me.

I could really get in to these bundle deals.

message 4: by Eingang (new)

Eingang | 1 comments The Audible/Kindle thing requires you to have an Audible account and link it to your Amazon account using Audible's new "VoiceSync" thingy. Audible was bought out by Amazon ages back but this is the first real cross-promotion they've done. I'm not sure how it works if you're an international subscriber (I'm in the UK but have an account).

If you already own the e-book, I don't think you can just tack on the Audible version for $1.99, but the VoiceSync thing should work, provided your e-book was a Kindle version.

Actually, I'm surprised people are so enthusiastic about the pairing. When Audible announced the program, I was dubious many people would want to pay full price for an audiobook and then pay for the same book as an e-book, but maybe I was wrong!

message 5: by Donna (new)

Donna (DonnaHR) I am a member of Audible but I didn't have to do anything special to link the accounts. I'm pretty sure you can add the $1.99 audio if you purchased the ebook awhile ago--I have seen this on some other books I already own, the link to add the discounted ebook shows up.

The advantage to the program is that if you buy the ebook at the regular price you get a discount on the audiobook; many of them are at $9.99 (which is still discounted although not as good a deal), but the $1.99 for the audio of Eon is a great deal. I wouldn't want to own the audio and ebook for most books but for something you might want to re-visit, it's nice to experience it in a different way.

Another area I have used this for is some classics. There are a number of classics where you can get the ebook for free and then get the audiobook for $1.99.

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