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Winter Garden
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Cold Distant Russian Mother Tells her Grown American Daughters Tragic Story about her Life under Lenin(?) in Russia [s]

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Cari (cari_berry) | 2 comments I cannot remember the title or author of a book I read. In it, two grown sisters in America lose their beloved father and try to understand/help/connect with their very cold and distant Russian mother. They finally get their aged mother to tell them about her life in Russia during the Siege of Lenin (not sure I have my history right?) SPOILER ALERT: when a young woman there she fell in love with an important man and they had children together but he went off to fight the war. She is ordered by Lenin (Stalin?) to send her children out of Leningrad (location may be wrong) on a train, but at the last minute runs away with them and hides out in an apartment with the kids and her mother. They endure incredible hardships, and she actually watches her mother and her children starve to death. She eventually marries an American (soldier maybe, liberator?) and moves to the States where she has two daughters but remains distant from them because she has sealed herself off after the trauma of watching her entire family die in Russia. I loved this novel so much. Would like to re-read it and maybe recommend for book club. Can you help me find it?

Cari (cari_berry) | 2 comments Never mind!! I finally found it on a google search. Just needed the right combination of details! It is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

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