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<.b>Type of Magic Used:<./b>





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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (LissyGoode) Name: Altce (Alt-si)
Age: 17
Type of Magic: Energy
Race: Trackers
Job: Bounty Hunter
Weapons: Altce uses her magic for distance attacks, but is also skilled in knives, sais, and daggers. Her preferred weapon, though, is a deck of playing cards.
History: Raised from birth to only be a hunter, Altce has had most emotion beat out of her. She won't stop until her mission is done.
Weakness: She will not harm children, and she doesn't like to be touched with kindness.
Other: Altce took her signature move (explosive cards) from an old earth comic character, one of her only indulges.

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Sage of Souls (SageofSouls) | 44 comments (( I'm assuming the "Energy" you refer to is Arcane Energy and not Nature Energy, correct? XD ))

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (LissyGoode) Energy is energy. As long as there's something, she has power.

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Sage of Souls (SageofSouls) | 44 comments (( ... Nevermind... In most fantasy things, energy is divided into two sections, that's why I assumed you you were referring to a specific one, but nevermind... ))

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 ṨΣЯЄℕṨ  aKa ♛Hazuma♛ ~Vivicus Lunais~ Name:Regis Kertia Gejutal Landegre
Type of magic:Warping of Space
History:Unknown for now
OtherHe is known by many soldiers as the Terror of the Veil.

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