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Any recommendations?
Julissa Julissa Oct 03, 2012 01:40PM
I want to become immersed in a really good book that will transport me to another place in another time. Im open to any and all recommendations if anyone has any ideas. Its been a while since Ive gotten into a really good book, and would appreciate the help. To narrow it down my preferences are sci-fi, fantasy, spiritual, and some horror (mostly supernatural thrillers). Thanks :)

i've read cloudatlas and black swan green which i both love! he's such a talented writer.

Ilium and Olympos I thought were really good and immersive. It's the story of a professor who has been resurrected by the goddess Athena during the Trojan War to chronicle it.
You might think it's a Fantasy novel, but it actually is SciFi. There are two more story threads that seems unconnected with each other, but it all comes together.


An Instance of the Fingerpost - fractured narrative like cloud atlas, historical murder intrigue story. quite brilliant

A challenging story I just finished is Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban. A post apocalyptic plot in Great Britain that is totally unique.

Affinity by Sara Waters. Totally engrossing. And twisted.

thank you guys I'm going to look into your suggestions. @Matthew no I haven't but I definitely plan to

Matthew McFarland number9dream is probably the most similar to Cloud Atlas, followed by Ghostwritten. Black Swan Green is his most conventional book, and The Thousand A ...more
Oct 09, 2012 03:17AM

Have you read David Mitchell's other books?

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