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the daughters (spoilers)

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Dennis Cronin So the discussion notes at the end of the book suggest that there are indications early on that the boyfriend's daughters are imaginary. Outside of the bit about the Junior Mint, which didn't feel entirely real, I couldn't figure out what else might have been a tip off. Ideas?

MaryBeth Isaac I think the conversation between the two girls was very odd, especially the bit about the wizard of oz and the smaller child being afraid of the woods. Also the focus on the older daugther having her picture taken and the fact that this never happened. The older girl may represent Lauren prior to the attack and the smaller child may represent her afterwards.

Emily I feel like it was weak, maybe to keep readers off track but that part I was actually surprised about (the girls being imaginary).

betsy I was sort of baffled by this revelation because of the scene at the movie theater between the Lauren's boyfriend and boss. How is it the boss's companion can be talking to the girls if they aren't there? Is he imaginary too? If the girls were a figment of Lauren's imagination how could they be on the other side of town overhearing a conversation about her?

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