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Cait Sith Fairy (WillowKeeper) | 855 comments Mod
This is where all the students learn english/language arts/literature/reading

message 2: by Onyx (new)

Onyx Onyx , still looking like crap, sat down and opened her book. She read about a herione in love but someone else loved the boy she loved Onyx closed the book and read a boring nonfiction book

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Onyx the bell rings she goes through school normally then heads to her dorm crying

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Serena went into the English classroom and was told to read. So she opened up her copy of Tom Sawyer that she had read as soon as it came out, cause she was born in 1012.

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Caramel Cat Universe Megumi and Kei read Tom Sawyer. Kei dozed off with his book in front of his face, so the teacher didn't know. Megumi wached outside the window, and she watch a bird fly away. Megumi wished she was free like that bird.

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The teacher, Miss Hamadryad, entered, carrying a hefty stack of heavy books.

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Caramel Cat Universe This is great thought Megumi.

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