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message 1: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
I personally write whatever I feel like writing,I don't lend to one school or another. Though I certainly have my tastes,so with the holidays season soon approaching the thought came to mind. I do understand of course greeting card poetry is an entirely different monster. Just for example,there are only so many words for magic and sometimes it suits the poem.

That said,I haven't written much for holidays. It just came to mind suggesting some
holiday writing for any of the upcoming three might seem a little too greeting cardlike.

Any thoughts?

message 2: by Bryana (new)

Bryana Johnson (Bryana_Johnson) | 12 comments Interesting subject, Beth.

I don't think it's the subject matter that makes poetry cliched -- it's cliche-laced writing that does it, or two dimensional, unimaginative, overtly abstract writing with little imagery. Greeting card "poetry" is cliched because it incorporates these attributes, not because it is about holidays. I do think that you have to work harder to write fresh holiday poetry because of the stigma surrounding it and because so much of it has already been written.

message 3: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
That kind of clears up another wondering about cliches having multiple meanings. It seems sometimes people say cliche when they really mean not academic. Pedestrian when they really mean not on and so forth. I am straying from the point though,what you say makes sense.

Perhaps I'll try it for a challenge of myself. I try to stay accessible to the common person without being greeting card simple.

message 4: by Mahala (new)

Mahala | 1 comments I don't know about holiday writing, but seasonal writing has been around forever and I love reading it. So if you want to fill the air of your poem with the aroma of pine needles, spiced wine and roasted chestnuts, I'm absolutely going to cheer you on.

message 5: by Beth A., Head Hostess (last edited Oct 11, 2012 05:58PM) (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
Sounds good to me! Well except I prefer spiced apple cider...but otherwise anything traditional is what is most precious. " Tradition! " We lose them all the time it seems.

message 6: by Megan (new)

Megan (Mifalda) | 6 comments I love seasonal poems, and that is what most holiday poems end up being anyway. Well, excepting Valentines poems, which are nearly always cliche. Winter and fall poems that really portray the atmosphere of the time are a real treasure, I think.

message 7: by Beth A., Head Hostess (last edited Oct 20, 2012 05:41PM) (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
I agree,it's probably since love is such a challenging topic to address positively while still remaining memorable in a interesting way.
Plus with wintery and fall themes there is just so much more great imagery you can come up with without having insight into people's feelings yada yada. I mean you do still to some degree with any poetry but not in the same way.

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