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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Here's the topic.

I hope you understand everything I said before well.

I did make a good portion of the boys history yes but you can always add more, like, how the mom died, or I dunno. -shrug-

I'll try to make my characters bio too.

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Jessica | 85 comments Name:Sampson (Sammy is a nickname)
History: Sampson loses his mother when he was 5, and because he looks a lot like mom, after the father drinks enough alcohol after a certain amount of time, the father starts to sexually abuse the boy, his warped mind sometimes believing the boy is his wife. When the father is sober (rarely) he still abuses (physically) cause he blames Sampson for his wife's death. She died in a car crash while going to pick up Samsung from daycare. This starts when the boy is twelve and ends when he's fifteen, where his aunt finds out and takes him in.  Sampson never had anyone to help him actual mourn his mother. He still hides in his closet to cry for her. Instead of praying to God, he prays to her to help him. Samsung has one single old photo of his mother and he keeps it in a cherished spot so not even his father could find it.
Samson has already gone through puberty and that made his miserable life turn into hell. He goes to a school where no one cares about the kids. So he does not always have clean clothes on; has BO, some clothes washed but wrinkled with bleach spots, and his best meal of the day is the cafeteria lunch when he manages to steal a tray.
Personality: shy (but Aunt can get him to open up); hates Dad and alcohol; still mourns mother; stayed sheltered from everything so far (was the boy in the corner at school with holy clothes); the “bad crowd” catches his attention (likes their freedom and confidence)
Appearance: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...
dirty blonde hair; not cut well; deep set eyes; tormented face; usually has a black eye or cut; has many scars all over body from abuse
Status: no friends, considered a complete outcast
Other: is intelligent but makes aweful grades and only been passed cause the school didn't care. He is used to being ignored. Prefers that since when he got attention, it was from his drunken father. The outside he looks like a young man, but still a scared little boy on the inside.

((do u need more? or do u have ideas this charrie?))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Not that I mind, but why is everyone naming this abused character Sam? Is there a reason for that? o_o

And no no, he's fine. :'3

As for how the RP starts, this was my idea. The father has been starting to rape him more lately, which is what pushes him over the edge and so when the aunt comes to visit, he finally tells her what is happening to him, and we go from there.

But its really the only way I thought of to keep the RP clean, and have her find out. 'Cuz the only other way for her to find out is to catch the father in the act and, as much as I personally like that idea, I want to sort of keep this rather clean...so, I figure Sammy can just tell her.

How's that sound?

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Jessica | 85 comments ((oh i am sorry, did he already have a name. Sampson, Sammy, Sam is just what I came up with. And I like the idea how the Aunt finds out. So is the Aunt the father's sister?))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments No no no xD I'm just trying this RP out with a few different people and for some reason they all named him Sam too o_o It was odd but that's okay

The aunt is the mothers sister :'3

I'll write her in a minute

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Jessica | 85 comments ((oh ok! well i chose sam cause i am figuring a loving mother named him but i didnt want anything too showy or confident for this character...and sampson is a bit old fashion....something a mommy would do in naming. once u get ur charrie up, do u want to start or do u want me to start?))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Well, its fine. :'3

I don't have much to say about the aunt yet, she's a farily new character and I learn more about them as the roleplay goes on.

Name: Grace

Age: Twenty Five

Appearance: Long black hair and green eyes. An averagely tall woman with a C cup, and thin body, usually in some what conservative clothes that at the same time looks good. She's pretty, but she doesn't seem to have a significant other.

Personality: Grace is a bit closed-minded at times, not the first one on, "The Alien Boat," or the, "God Boat," but wouldn't reject it if it was in her face. She tends to ignore the bad in the world and just focus on her own life...usually. She isn't normally the cuddly type, and doesn't tend to get attatched to anyone, but she is at heart friendly, and tries to do what she thinks is best.

History: She is Colleen's sister, who bore Sammy, and had married Mason. After Colleen's death, Grace knew something was off with Mason and Sam, but she never asked too many questions, and didn't visit much. She only really visited because she wanted to see if Sam was okay because she knows how much the kid meant to her deseased sister.

Uhm that's it at the moment really but I can start the RP

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Jessica | 85 comments ((good charrie! start away))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments It was a cool winter morning, a light snow on the ground, the light wind brushing against red cheeks and waving hair around. Grace Shade walked up to a house, and knocked on the door before opening it and walked inside. The house belonged to Mason, her dead sisters husband, and their son, her nephew. She knocked again, and waited.

( You can have your boy open the door? )

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Jessica | 85 comments Sammy limped to open the door. He already knew who it was by the sound of the car, it was Aunt Grace. She came by here and there. He didn't really know her. She was from her father's side. He usually just went back to his room, but today he needed to talk to her.

Last night was an excruciating night. His father was sober to begin with and thus hit him like a punching bag. After midnight, the alcohol had peaked in his system and left Sammy with no good dreams. He remembered reading his health book of 7th grade. He was afraid he had actual damage. He was used to cuts, burns, bruises, ect. This time....

If he breathed, it hurt like hell. By what little knowledge he had, either he had broken or cracked ribs. This scared him cause he had seen movies where people died of that. Not saying death didn't seem like a good idea to him.

He had to figure a way to tell his Aunt Grace he needed to go to a doctor. Yet as he opened the door, he kept his head down. Automatically trying to hide the fresh bruises on his face. He mumbled for her to come in and his father was still sleeping (actually still hung over from the night before). Just as he was finished mumbling, his stomach growled.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( She's actually from the mothers side xD; Did I forget to write that? If I did, my bad. x3; I also seem to have failed to remind you that its not just physical abuse, there was sexual abuse involved as well which I said in the request area o_o That's a main point. Sorry. x3; I'm forgetful sometimes but your post is awesome so don't worry :'3 )

Grace waited almost impatiently for someone to answer the door. She had things to do, and she was only really coming by to make sure everyone was alive, as per usual. She knew how much her sister liked these two, especially little Sammy, and lately, she didn't see much of him when she did come over, which was rare, but when she did see him, he never looked particuarly happy and she had to wonder if something was going on here.

As the door open, the faint smell of alcohol entered her nose. It was a common smell for this house and it reminded her that there might be something wrong. She had thought this for awhile, but hadn't ever asked about it, just ignored the feeling. She looked down at Sammy, at his messy blonde hair and wondered if he had brushed it recently. It was rather early in the morning still so maybe he was like most teenagers and slept in till noon.

"Hello, Sampson." Grace said lightly, using his full first name, because she didn't feel any special connection to him, other then he was her nephew...

"May I come in?" Grace asked, adjusting her purse on her shoulder. She wondered how Sampson was doing.

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Jessica | 85 comments ((oh I am so sorry I forgot the Aunt was on the mothers side! and I had put both types of abuses in. Physical when dad is sober, sexual when he is really drunk...which both happened the night before. I didnt think u wanted me to go into detail on it. As for the
Aunt...he doesn't really know whose side she is from for he doesnt know her))

Sammy kept his head down waved for her to enter. The front door led right into the dilapitated kitchen. He offered her one of the cheap, ripped, vinyl chairs to sit it. He began to mumble that dad was still sleeping and leave (for that was his usual) but stopped. He looked at her. I mean he really looked at the young woman in front of him.

He saw a beautiful woman with sensible shoes on paired with slacks and a blouse. Her hair was turned up nicely, but nothing too cheesy. She reminded him of the picture of his mother he had stashed away. He thought maybe he could ask her to take him to the doctors. His father would be out for at least half of the day. Sammy would have time to see a doctor and finish cleaning before his father awoke.

"...Aunt...Grace...." he whispered

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Jessica | 85 comments ((gtg, try to get back on later today...latest will be early tommorrow morning though...looking forward to this rp!))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( That's okay! ^^ And you're free to go into as much detail as you wish. I'm not squeamish but this is fine too. Whichever you want. )

Grace walked in, looking around the house in distaste. It really wasn't any place for a child to live. Sure, the house wasn't completely tight, like her apartment was, but at least her apartment was clean, and what furnishings she did have were all in tact. Grace sat down on the ripped vinyl chair and set her purse down on the table and looked over at Sammy, wondering why he wasn't looking up at all.

Grace looked around the kitchen again, and knew the rest of the house wasn't in any better of shape, and Sammy's clothes looked quite messy, like they needed a serious case of ironing, or a decent wash with high quality soap. She guessed they used a cheaper soap.

"Sampson, sit down with me." Grace said and gestured with her arm to the other chair. "I would like to talk to you about the condition of this house. I understand you might not be old enough to care, especially being a young boy, but do you have any idea if your father is going to do anything about this?" Grace asked, her voice held a business tone to it. It always did.

It probably wasn't her place to ask this, but she didn't want Sampson living here if no one was going to do anything about it. She didn't notice yet that anything was seriously wrong with either of them, otherwise she would have addressed that first.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( That's just my luck. I finally find someone worth my time but ya gotta go xD )

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Jessica | 85 comments ((i'm back!! LOL))
((and will have more detail when he dreams and/or with Aunt or doctors))

((of if my next post confuses u, let me know....i have dealt with abused kids and this is the overall reaction))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( Oh really O_____O I need to learn things from you then, maybe I can message you sometime or something! Cuz I always welcome knowledge in this area, since the future story I want to do, I don't want to get facts wrong or something! So, yeah, just post when you get a chance :'D )

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Jessica | 85 comments Sammy had sat down only because an "adult" told him to. Then he listened only half ass. All he heard was his Aunt talk about the state of the house.....just like his father would when he was about to hit him.

He began screaming, "I clean this whole damn house all the time. I am old enough. I take care of myself and this damn house. Excuse me! But came unannounced and I hadn't started cleaning from last night!" Tears began streaming down his face from anger and frustration. He didn't realize at the moment that his Aunt hadn't hit him yet.

He began to get up quickly to leave before "the beating" started. He was done. He already was making a mental (but very short) list of things to pack and leave. How could any place by any worse than this?

As he hurriedly got up, the chair knocked over and so did he. The thud his malnourished body made him wince in pain. While he laid on the floor,
Aunt Grace got a better picture of him. ((i am going to detail what she saw, but its up to u whether she saw it all or was in shock or anger for his yelling))

What maturity and age he shown was all gone. There was just a small malnourished boy. Ciggerrett burn marks up and down his arms, some old, some as fresh as last night. She could see his breathing was labored and it only caused him more pain to breath. He painted a perfect picture of not just an unhappy teen, but an abused child. His shirt was lifted up a little, and a huge purple, black bruise was on his back...what was seen...it looked like part of a bootprint.

Sammy got up as fast as he could. He learned long time ago to never let "them" see you cry. "Show weakness and it would only be taken advantage of" Without realizing it, he winced in pain now, every time he moved. He moved to pick up the chair and tuck it back in under the table that was full of beer bottles and smoke ciggerettes. He then ran to his room and slammed the door behind him.

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Jessica | 85 comments Chereee wrote: "( That's okay! ^^ And you're free to go into as much detail as you wish. I'm not squeamish but this is fine too. Whichever you want. )

Grace walked in, looking around the house in distaste. It re..."

((thank you for the compliment so much. i just had an rp quit cause all she did was one liners and i got so mad and told her to delete the topic, guess she did. i love to rp and glad i found another that can actually rp! LOL))

((my name is Jessica and am a stay at home mom. When I am home alone...that when I rp mostly. But I do get on my phone sometimes later (just when i do, dont look as spelling, ect.) and lately, I have managed to rp a little here and there while cooking dinner))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Sampson had been a rather quiet boy ever since his mother past, that's what Grace knew, but that was all she knew about him, other then he had messy blond hair, never really cut in any particular style, not since his mom, and her sister, had died. The sudden outburst came as a surprise to Grace, and the tears made her eyes widen more.

Normally, she would have labeled him a trouble-making child who didn't respect authority, and didn't appreciate what he had enough to take care of it, but there was something in his voice---something angry, frustrated, fed up and possibly desperate. The emotion that poured out of him as he screamed, made her realize it was something more. He wasn't acting in a rebellious manner, there was something more to it...the tears were visible on his chin, and she was about to say something, but the lump in her throat kept her from doing so, and when he jumped up, she wondered briefly if he was going to hurt her, himself, or just break something. Only, he didn't quite stand up fully, in his rush, he slipped...or tripped.

Grace couldn't quite tell what happened, but he fell down, and she jumped up quickly, in time to see him, to really, just briefly, see him. How thin he was, the ciggerrett burns, a large bruise on his back...and then it all suddenly clicked. The reason the house was breaking apart, all of the booze in the house...and Sampson's emotional distance and sudden outburst. He was being abused, or bullied, and Grace was sure he was being abused.

"Sam---" Grace started as Sampson ran to his room and slammed the door shut, the noise ringing throughout the house.

In the other bedroom, Mason groaned, jerking awake, his head pounding from the hang over. The world was spinning, and the slam rang in his ears. How many times had he told Sampson to not slam doors? He didn't enjoy being woken up, especially not when he had a horrible hang over like this one that was making his head pound something furious.

Mason got up, stumbling slightly. He caught himself on the nightstand and put a hand to his head, to help steady the pounding, and dizziness. He opened his brown eyes and stomped out of his room, and crossed the hall to Sampson's room.

Grace froze, sensing a huge amount of tension from Mason as he kicked Sampson's door open.

"What the hell have I told you about slamming doors?! Did I not pound you into the table hard enough last night?" Mason screamed at Sampson.

Grace put her hands over her mouth, more then a little surprised at the hostility spewing out of Mason's mouth. He apparently didn't know she was here, which probably meant he forgot that she informed him the other day that she was going to visit.

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Jessica | 85 comments "Fuck you!" Sammy screamed. He tried to grab his book bag but still stay out of reach of his father. Mason was in a nasty state right now...hung over, but still some alcohol laced his blood. Sammy saw the fire in his eyes, the same fire that was there last night. Sammy was afraid of that fire, but wouldn't admit it. As Sammy reached across his bed to grab his backpack, his father began to unbuckle his jeans. The noise of it always sent shivers up Sammy's spine. Hearing the zipper unzip parrallyzed him. His father back handed him hard enough to fly him across his little toddler bed (never got a new one after Mom died). He was beginning to spit blood out of his mouth when his father's weight was on him. Sammy tried to struggle, but his father had always won in the past. For a split second, Sammy remembered the night before. He had thought if he didn't struggle, then it would be less in ways....quicker, less pain, less harsh words, and maybe stop afterwards.

Within mere seconds Sammy went from a mouthy, fighting teenager to a small boy screaming and crying for mercy. He pleaded through his tears "just not this time" He made promises like "I will make you a big breakfast" But ofcourse his father would spat "ha! you can't cook! the only thing I want from a brat like you is my wife back!"

Sammy was still getting attacked from the front, which meant he still has yet to enter the final gate of hell. Then he felt his body thrown to the ground (like so many times) landing on his belly. While spitting up more blood and enduring more pain. He felt the familiar excruciating pain on his back.

Mason had his boot (still on from the night before) holding Sammy down while he finished unzipping himself and getting Sammy's clothes off. He was hard as a rock now and wanted to release. It would be quick since Mason would release so soon. But he jeered when he thought how he could call some buddies over to have some fun too....since Sammy deserved punishment. For now he would be as hard in as he could.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( I guess we're both playing him which is fine xD;; Okay, I don't want to mess what you're doing up or get something confused. This post is current, right? Not a flashback? And, he was being beaten and raped or just beaten? x3;; I just want to be totally sure before I post. )

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( I also was thinking of how to get Grace to get Mason to stop hurting Sam, or from hurting him...)

message 24: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 85 comments ((ummm....maybe begin screaming at Mason to stop and Mason does for he didnt know she was there and stuff and from there takes Sammy out the door to....whereever))

message 25: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 85 comments ((yes, it all is happening in front if Grace,,quickly so she needs to act or be a bad guy and let it happen, ur choice))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments The vulgar language coming from Sampson surprised Grace, and left a bitter taste in her mouth. How old was he and he was using such strong words? She briefly saw fear enter Sampson's eyes as Mason went closer to him and back handed him to the ground. Grace gasped in the doorway, her green eyes wide. Did parents usually punish their child so roughly for such language?

The blood Sampson spit out was a clear sign to her that this wasn't normal. This wasn't right. Her stomach twisted into a hard knot as she watched them struggle with each other and she watched as the child lost his fiery spark, and started to cry, and beg for forgiveness. It wasn't right, what was happening. She began to shake a little. She hadn't ever seen so much violence before, hadn't ever felt so much uneeded tension.

What was he doing? Grace had to wonder as Mason started pulling Sam's clothes off. It all happened so fast, and she wasn't used to this. She had no idea what to do, but an anger flared up in her. How could he be doing this to his own son?

"Mason, what the hell are you doing?! Get off of him!!" Grace yelled, her voice high pitched but firm as she pulled Mason off of Sampson with a huge amount of effort and pulled Sampson up to his feet. "I don't know what you were thinking of doing to him, but it stops now." Grace said firmly, a fire in her own eyes.

Mason was completely dumbfounded over Grace being here, and catching him in the act. His head whirled. What did this mean? He quickly put himself away and zipped his pants back up. "He deserved it." Mason said, and spat at the floor before sauntering off to his room and shut the door, to try to figure out what was going to happen now.

Grace looked at Sampson. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Grace asked.

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Jessica | 85 comments Sammy quickly pulled up his ragged, torn, stained jeans. He barely had them buttoned when he raced out the door.

He was grateful to Aunt Grace for saying something. But now when she left, he knew he would get worse. Ha, what could be worse? Oh yeah, a slow death. This thought made Sammy shake all over and the tears flooding down his cheeks.

He was now in the backyard. What was considered a backyard. There were only a few high weeds and dirt. Lots of trash and beer cans littered it. He was sitting under the only tree on the little postage stamp of land. Under that tree he couldn't count how many times he prayed to his mom to help him live till the next day. Now he saw no way out and was very depressed and in shock.

He was also really embarrassed that Aunt Grace saw that side of his life. Nobody saw that...not even his mom, or she would have answered one of his thousand prayers in the past.

((I figured this is where Aunt Grace would follow him outside and take him away with her...if u want u can first have her scream at the son of a bitch dad, Lol))

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Jessica | 85 comments (( oh and for Sammy's language...he is 15 and it is today....i had to look it up to see what age he was, lol))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Grace wasn't too surprised when Sammy ran away. She looked around the room, and realized it wasn't a room fit for a fifteen year old boy. She wasn't a parent, but she knew that. The bed was too small for Sammy, and the way Mason treated him was horrible. She had a sinking feeling that Mason had been about to rape Sam and that was most unacceptable, and it didn't take a fellow parent to know that.

Grace didn't want to stay here any longer. The house was uninviting. Grace walked out of the bedroom quietly, and looked around for Sam. She wasn't going to leave him here. Grace moved out to the backyard, her feet making a small crunching noise in the snow.

There was no use provoking Mason, when she knew if he got serous, she wouldn't stand a chance, so the next best thing to do is to get Sam out of there. Grace knelt down next to Sam.

"Sam..." Grace said softly to gain his attention. She honestly wasn't sure what to say to him, because she didn't want to upset him further, so she thought for a moment.

"Are you okay?" It was a simple question, and she hoped it wouldn't upset him further, but she didn't know. She didn't deal with regular children, let alone troubled, abused ones, so questions didn't come easy to her.

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Jessica | 85 comments ((I had totally forgot there was snow!!! LOL))

Sammy's shaking became shivering in the cold. He wasn't wearing a coat of any kind, just an thin teeshirt with only one hole. His brain was racing. He couldn't pin down any thoughts or emotions at the moment. Only one thing stayed in the front.....he needed help.

Then he heard Aunt Grace's voice. It didn't sound mad or angry. It sounded concerned...at least what he thought concerned would sound like. Without thinking twice he ran to her and threw his arms around her. He knew he needed help and since she was being concerned, maybe she would help him. Then he could be on his way.

When he hugged Aunt Grace, he could smell her hair. It smelled....nice. It too was comforting. He began to cry again. Now this was odd for he had no idea why he was crying.

(He went to Aunt Grace for help but she is practically a stranger so he still doesnt trust her and plans to be on his own after going to a doctor and forever leaving where his father lives.)

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Jessica | 85 comments ((i have some errands to do this morning, so i will be back on later this morning...hopefully i will be back home in the morning))

((my usual schedule for gr is weekdays from morning till 3; afterwards varies: weekends vary too))

((oh this weekend i wont be on at all...will be deer hunting so no internet....we got today and tommorrow))

((if i can, i will get on gr on my phone later before i get home,,,but my replies may be short due to be on the phone))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( Ah alright. Normally, I work week days, and don't get home till one in the afternoon. ._.; But I'm off today. I'm usually on weekends, all day. But, no one else ever is so that's okay. x3 I'm used to that. And that's alright. I can wait lol and I'm gonna reply to the RP in just a sec~~~ )

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Grace froze a little as Sam ran to her, and stiffened more when he hugged her. Grace didn't do hugs. Never. She looked down at Sam, letting her black hair fall over her shoulder, shaking slightly, from both cold and nervousness. What was she supposed to do? This wasn't her territory. She felt his thin body against hers, and felt the shivering and shaking.

He was cold...she was cold too. Grace watched him for a moment, her mind was going a mile a minute. What should she do? After a moment, Grace slowly wrapped her arms around Sam. It was an awkward hug, because she wasn't used to this, but with how he was shaking, she knew he needed something...something she wasn't sure she could give him, but would try.

"Sam...lets go to my car, it will be warm there. You can talk to me there." Grace said softly.

She didn't want to stay here, not another minute. There was no telling what Mason could do if they stuck around, so she wanted to get to the safety of her Silver Toyota. It wasn't a special car, but it got her places she needed to go, and right now, Grace wasn't sure if she needed to take Sam to the police or a doctor.

"I'll help you."

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Jessica | 85 comments Sammy learned how to read some body language in his earlier years. He was able to stay out of sight reading his father's body language at the time. He could tell Aunt Grace was unsure. Unsure or what, he did not know. He did know what he needed. Despite what his father always called him, he was not stupid.

He let Aunt Grace lead him to her silver car. It was the nicest car he ever sat in. If he wasn't so much in shock, he would have played with the buttons. Instead, Sammy enjoyed the heat pouring out if its vents when she turned it on. Then he began to dry his face and summon his courage.

"Aunt Grace..." he began softly but his teenage bravado soon took place of the "meek boy". "I think you should take me to the hospital..." he cleared his throat from being uncomfortable, "and from there I believe the police will be called....and you can be on your way.."

Sammy was grateful for Aunt Grace, but didn't really know how to show it or say it. "thank you" just didnt seem enough. He also didnt want to "burden" her like his father had told him so many times in his life. He was tired of being someone's burden. He felt he was old enough to be on his own.

He could take care of himself. Then he could have his own rules. He would finally be happy. Well thats what he always told himself.

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Jessica | 85 comments Aunt Grace was just a stepping stone to his freedom and happiness.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Grace slowly led Sam out to the car, almost worried he would fall over. She wondered if he was in pain. It seemed like a stupid question...of course he was in pain, but she didn't know to what level. Children weren't her specialty and other adults weren't any better. She didn't know how to connect with someone emotionally. Never had.

Grace opened the passenger side door for him and let him inside, on to the soft, grey seat. Grace then sat down in the drivers side and closed the door and started the car, turning the heat on.

"Put your seat belt on." Grace instructed as she adjusted the mirrors so she could see.

She paused and looked over at Sam when he started to speak. She nodded simply and pulled away from the side walk.

"The hospital would be best. I'm sure you're old enough to realize that the police aren't going to let you go free, though." Grace said, keeping her attention on the rode.

"If I remember correctly, you're only fifteen, and since they aren't going to send you home to someone who beats you, and if I know the legal system as well as I would hope I do, one or two things are going to happen." Grace started.

"They're going to either send you to an orphanage, or they're going to send you home with me. There's problems with both of these though." Grace said and glanced at him to see how he was taking the news so far.

"If you're sent to an orphanage, its a safe bet you'll be there the next three years. There's not many couples who want to adopt an older boy, especially one who went through what you did, simply because they wouldn't know what to do with you, especially if you decided to act out stubbornly. With me, you won't have to worry about other children, or about being moved around from orphanage to orphanage, but I cannot cook, and I work six days a week. You'll be alone a lot, and I don't know how to deal with any of this." Grace paused for a moment. "Because you're my sisters son, I would do my best like I do with any task, but I can't promise you'll be very happy with me either."

Grace knew it was a lot to take in, and she actually thought that Sam might freak out again. She thought it a good possibility, anyways, and if he did, she wasn't sure what she would do. She did have the financial means to take care of him, but lacked a lot of other things. She actually thought the court would force him upon her, whether either of them wanted it or not.

In that case, she'd hand him money to buy whatever it was kids bought, and hope he would be happy. At least, that was her thoughts right now.

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Jessica | 85 comments Sammy kept his head down but was intently listening to Aunt Grace. He didn't think how he was under age and stuff. All he wanted was freedom away from his father. He didn't want to be a nuisance to yet another family member, though. He guessed that Aunt Grace didn't want him either and wasn't really offering....just felt obligated. With that thought he would rather be in a foster home. At least he wouldn't have the abuse anymore and his own room....or so he thought.

They turned into the local hospital. A place he had wanted to go many times after a beating or sexual abuse, but never could. It was getting harder and harder for him to breath. Each breath was labored now and he automatically winced from the pain. He guessed Aunt Grace had wanted an answer before they arrived, but he just couldn't think past the pain. All he was seeing was red from anger and black dots in his vision. (the black dots are lack of oxygen since he cant breathe properly)

((if u dont mind, he will pass out in the hospital...i can quickly rp for doctor, nurse, social worker (no charries) then he will come too once Grace has a fuller picture of everything going on))

((if u don't mind...exactly where are u getting ur charrie from...a movie, book? Her being so aloof is quite interesting and at one point she will need to be the one stepping up....my charrie is about to become a little boy all over again....unless u tell me ur charrie plans to stay like she is....then i can have Sammy be strong and still be the head of decisions about.....just that in life, social work, ect wont talk too much to a minor about what is best for him. Just asking for a further heads up, thats all.....ur awesome in this rp!))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( I know what black dots are :'3 I had 'em once...twice? And sure, you can be the doctor if you want or something, since, I'd probably lack detail in that area. I actually got Grace right out of my head as I do all my characters. She will be aloof for awhile, but the more child-like Sam is, the more she will change, and the more she'll want to comfort him. Cuz, like, she has a warm heart, it just takes a little time to break through. I figure she'll be more compassionate after she hears everything Sam has been through, and be more willing to hug him and take care of him. Tis was my thought but he can be strong sometimes too. Both work, and thank you. :'3 I love your work too. x3; )

Grace pulled the car into the parking lot, and parked in front of the double sliding doors. It wasn't a very legal thing to do, but with how pale Sam was, she figured this was an emergency, and would pay a fine if she had to. She turned the car off, the warm air shutting off and pushes the door open, shoving the keys in her purse. She walked around the other side of the car and opened Sam's door.

"Can you walk, Sam?" Grace asked and helped Sam out of the car. "Come on, don't pass out yet. Just a few more steps." Grace said, trying to be encouraging as she helped Sam to the entrance, letting him lean most of her weight on him. As she walked inside of the waiting room, she put Sam into a chair. "Rest here for a minute. I'll get a doctor." Grace said, not sure whether he was still conscious or not. Grace then walked over to the reception desk and requested a doctor, explaining the situation to the young secretary who phoned for a few nurses to bring a stretcher out.

Grace went back to Sam and waited impatiently.

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Jessica | 85 comments ((thanks for the xtra background...it helps alot))

By then Sammy was on verge of passing out. He couldn't comprehend what was going on, where he was, or who was talking to him. But his instincts told him to follow the commands so he did as Aunt Grace had said. By the time she came back to where she left him....it was all dark to him.

The receptionist saw the look in Aunt Grace's eyes and knew this was an emergency or overbearing mother. She guessed the first with how Grace looked....not necessarily motherly. Then she had to contact several people. She saw where Grace had sat down, by the battered boy. She placed a phone call. Then she intercommed a nurse to start the routine. Then she had to call billing. She always hated those people in that department, but those were her orders.

Within in a half of an hour, a nurse came out with a stretcher. The nurse took Sammy in the back and asked Grace to stay behind for some "paperwork"

First Grace was bombarded with the billing lady. She wanted insurance information and who was going to pay. Before that lady was done, another nurse came out with a stack of papers for Grace to fill out about Sammy (birth, parents, allergies, ect). Then a sweet social worker came into view.

She noticed that Grace had many people around her wanting her undivided attention. So the social worker took a step back to wait her turn.

((I am putting all this in short short hand....or we would rp the hospital for days, lol. I will do actual rp between Grace and the social worker so Grace learns everything about Sammy's condition...do whatever with the other hospital staff, lol))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments The amount of time it took for them to get a stretcher out seemed a little ridiculous to Grace. To her, the response should have been instantaneous, considering the obvious condition Sam was in, but she bit her tongue back against complaining. Sam was passed out, and Grace could only hope he wasn't dying, if for no other reason then she knew how much her sister had loved the little boy.

Colleen had always wanted a child, boy or girl. Always. To Grace, whom been there on each happy occassion for Colleen, Colleen looked happier holding Sam in her arms for the first time rather then having gotten married, although it had been a close call, really.

Grace smiled tightly at the billing lady. Apparently, this was going to come out of her pocket, and she made a quick mental note at how much money she was going to lose, and how many plus years she would have to work to make it back, plus more. Still, Sam needed help, and this was the least Grace could do so she accepted the bill.

"I'll pay for it." Grace said, and dug around in her purse until she found her reading glasses and put them on, so she could look over the paper work easier and sign her money away. Grace was a little nicer with the nurse, and filled out what she could about Sam, which wasn't much.

"I'm just the Aunt. I'll phone his father, or I'll have to speak with Sam directly later to fill some of these out." Grace explained, though she filled out what she could, such as Sam's name, his date of birth, how tall he was, where he lived...and who he lived with.

Grace knew nothing of Sam's personal interests, none of his smarts or lack of smarts, and knew nothing of allergies or schools, or shots. She doubted Mason would know much more though, but she did give it a try and called him. It was obvious he was drunk, but she was able to fill a little more information out, such as where he went to school over the years, but again, no known allergies. She hated to talk to him, especially like nothing was wrong, but she also hated to leave blanks on a paper.

Finally, Grace handed the current papers she had in, though she knew more people would be around to ask more questions that she probably wouldn't be able to answer completely, but would try. In her head, she already tried to think of what she was going to say, especially to a social worker.

As for Sam, he was taken into a hospital room, where various doctors checked him out, giving him a full body check up, examining the wounds, and how best to treat them, and did a few additional tests to determine his state of nutrition and the like.

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Jessica | 85 comments When the social worker saw an opening, she jumped in line to talk to Grace. She had lots of work to do too! She was nice enough to let Grace have some privacy when she made a phone call....but not too much....for it was in her blood to be nosy. This helped her be a good social worker at times. She noticed Grace had a very bewildered look on her face and the social worker felt sympathy.

If this wasn't one of her days she was needing to impress her new boss, she would have done things different.But fortunately for Grace, her new boss was on a firing rampage....the social worker went the extra mile and got some Starbucks coffee from across the street before saying anything.

"Why don't you join me for coffee in the cafeteria? Its empty right now and you and me need to talk. My name is Amy, I am the social worker asigned to this case." Amy smiled genuinely and hoped this woman would accept and not become angry...like so many women do when they realize who Amy is. but this woman 't didnt seem to be the "mother", but Amy learned long time ago to not make assumptions in this line of work.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Grace took her reading glasses off and put them in her purse before looking at the social worker. "Alright." Grace said and stood up.

Social workers generally took children away from neglectful, or abusive parents, right? That's what Grace thought they were, anyways. Maybe this chat would be for the best. Maybe the woman would know what to do with Sam because Grace surely didn't.

"Lead the way." Grace said, and looked around a little, wondering how Sam was doing. Him being in the care of doctors was only slightly comforting.

"My name is Grace. I'll answer any question you have, as best as I can, but understand now I'm only Sam's Aunt, and I'm not close to what's left of the family. I visit rarely, to make sure both of them are alive, but now I'm starting to think that maybe I should have done more then that..." Grace said, trailing off a little as she wondered if this was somehow her fault.

How long had the abuse been going on? Would she have been able to stop it sooner if she had made an effort to get close to Sam?

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Jessica | 85 comments Amy hated this part of her job, but it had to be done. just a few minutes earlier she recieved the doctor's findings. She had to lay out the cold hard facts to Grace. "I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but your nephew is a victim of some serious physical and sexual abuse. Right now he has half his ribs cracked and 2 of them are broken. Some injuries are severely infected, which he will receieve antibiotics for. How fierce this abuse affected him is only truly known in his head. A guess from scars, is physical abuse started before he was 7...another guess from more scarring is that sexual abuse started by the time he was 12. Both show signs as recent as last night and earlier today. I need to work with him more, but the system works against kids today. Within 24 hours I need to find him a suitable home or he will go to juvenile jail, due to his age. And he cannot go back home till an investigation is done."

Amy sighed audibly. Her smile faded and worry lines creeped back onto her face. "May I be frank with you Grace? You seem to be a woman with a steady head on her shoulders.... The system these days rarely "help" kids anymore. They are pawned into foster homes. I admit there are a few that are good foster homes, but most would only add to the abuse this young man has endured. And Juve....well that definitely wouldn't help him. My guess he still wavers from a scared boy to a young man. He wouldn't last a year in Juve...it unfortunately has many deaths. Is there anyone in the family that would take this boy in?" Amy looked at Grace..hoping Grace would volunteer.

Amy knew it was very hard to take in an abused child, but if Grace stepped up to the plate, Amy would make it her personal agenda to help Grace as much as she can.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments The amount of compassion, yet seriousness on Amy's face made Grace listen more intently, and consider what each word meant in the long run. Grace couldn't hide the surprise that lined her face when Amy spoke of the sexual abuse. For some reason, the mention of sexual abuse seemed more horrific then the physical abuse.

Grace thought back to earlier today when Mason had forced Sam's clothes off of him, as Sam had cried and struggled against him. It dawned on her that Mason had had every intent of raping Sam and for what? Slamming the door? Grace snapped out of her thoughts as Amy spoke about finding Sam a new home. Grace frowned, wondering why the hell Sam would be put into any form of juvenile jail. Weren't children taken to an orphanage? Or was that juvenile jail? Grace wasn't sure but she didn't like the sound of it.

Grace frowned more when Amy talked about how foster homes usually weren't much better then juvenile jail or where he was living now. It really left her with no choice. Grace leaned back a little, and tried to ignore how much money this choice was going to cost her.

"I will take him in. I have plenty of money to care for him. I'll have to move, though." Grace said honestly.

"The apartment I live in is only big enough for me. I'll let him use my bed for now, and I'll start looking for a house right away, where he'll be able to move around in and have his own room." Grace said.

It wouldn't do no good to lie to the woman. Honesty was a virtue, and she didn't fancy lying. The apartment she owned now really wasn't fit for a child, especially of Sam's age, but that was why she was ready to move somewhere bigger.

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Jessica | 85 comments Hearing this made Amy smile big and hope entered her face again."I understand what you are saying, and I am definitely not trying to get you to change your mind. But I will need some personal information about you and give you lots of homework on how to deal with a child of this aptitude. Your thinking of housing is an excellent start, and you will have some more time than you may think. He will not be able to leave the hospital for at least 3 days. he will still need care for his injuries afterwards but you know how hospitals like to move paitients out. I have 24 hours to "find" a home. With you being a close relative, the system won't need to investigate first...just some paperwork. change you So his placement is already been decided, unless you change your mind. But before that, I will let you go see your nephew if you like? I will meet you get in touch with you tommorrow with the paperwork. Thank you again. I promise to not leave you hanging....I just have to go right now. If you have any questions, here is my personal number. Feel free to call anytime." She instantly left due to one of her many beeepers going off.

Before Amy left the hospital, she gave strict instructions that the boy was NOT to see his father and only Grace and whom Grace says is ok till further notice. Amy knew Grace was about to begin to climb a mountain of paperwork, but decided to let her first just be with her nephew. What little she found out, Grace was already feeling guilty for not doing something sooner. The paperwork wouldn't be too hard, just a lot. Courts would want to know where Grace lived (and she would put moving) and her age, birthdate, work, ect.....as well as if she ever been a felon and such. The paperwork makes the system still seems like it cares for the kids, but its a facade. Only ones that care are few and far in between social workers like Amy.

((from now on unless u decided u actually want dialogue from Amy....I can have things wrapped up between Amy and Grace....from the paperwork and if she ever decides to call...you or I can make a synopsis of the call as well))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( We might do a little dialogue, depending on what might need done but pretty much, implication is fine too. )

"Personal information is fine. I have nothing to hide." Grace replied calmly. She was confident that her slate was clean, even back in school she hadn't ever visited detention.

The amount of injuries that Sam had, the news of him staying a few nights came as no surprise to her. "As long as the nurses here care for him while he stays, I have no qualms about this." It would also give her time to think things through.

"I would like to see Sam." Grace nodded and took Amy's phone number and placed it in her purse. "I understand your job is busy. I will be patient about your call so do not fret." Grace said, and wondered about what paper work she would be doing, or if she had time...she would have to take a few days off work to get all the paper work done, she was sure...which meant less income...the thought annoyed her, but she would deal with it later.

Grace figured out where Sam's room was after talking to the receptionist and took the elevator up to the right floor. Grace knocked on the door before opening it and stepping inside the hospital room where Sam was. She wasn't sure what to expect, but she was about to find out.

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Jessica | 85 comments The nurses had bandaged up all of his major injuries, which left an ugly picture of him now. Sammy was laying in a hospital bed with a bandage around his head, on both sides of his face, covering one eye, his right arm was bandaged like a cast, and the rest of him was covered by his hospital gown. he had machines all around him and a couple of tubes coming out of his arm...one for the IV and the other for medicine.

When Aunt Grace walked in, Sammy's eye barely opened. He had no words for what she had done. A kind nurse had let him in on what she and the social worker had talked about. At first he balked at the idea of living with Aunt Grace....he wanted to live on his own. But then the nurse painted a detailed, horrific picture of his future if he didn't start showing gratitude.

He was in unfamiliar territory just like Aunt Grace. He wasn't sure how to say thank you just yet...so he stuck with what he knew.
"Aunt Grace...how are they treating you here? I hear the food sucks." he whispered and tried to smile but stitches on his face prevented much more than a grimace.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments Grace hesitated at the site of seeing Sam covered in so many bandages. She slowly walked over to him and pulled a seat over next to the bed and sat down, trying to think of what to say.

"I have a lot of paper work to fill out." Grace replied, though she didn't share the smile.

"Why did you not tell me he was hurting you?" Grace asked firmly, though her green eyes held concern to them.

"I know we aren't close, but I'm not a cold hearted woman. I would have done something to help you years ago, had I known." Grace added, and slowly grabbed Sam's hand, running her thumb over his knuckles. "So why didn't you tell me? Or...anyone for that matter." Grace asked softly, listening to the beeping and whirrings of the machines.

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Jessica | 85 comments Sammy looked at Grace and her face and burst into tears. His crying contained ragged breaths with a constant flood of tears soaking through his bandages. His heart monitored was beeping in a frenzy. All he could say was "I....I....I'm.......sor...sorrr......yyyyy....I...didnt...didnt...know...." And all he could do was repeat while his face became wet from tears and snot.

((sorry if its short...dialogue makes my posts short))

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 169 comments ( That's okay, I understand. )

Grace froze as he started crying. This was one of the reasons she didn't interact with children. They cried easily around her, or got nervous or scared, or all three.

"Sampson, calm down...its okay...you're safe now." Grace said, thinking maybe she should hold off on such questions until he felt better, since it seemed like he wasn't ready for them. The loud beeping made her worry. She grabbed a tissue off the nightstand and dried some of Sam's tears, gently. She didn't want to tell him to stop crying, not directly, since she figured he might need it.

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