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message 1: by Ghilimei (new)

Ghilimei | 39 comments Hi there!

I though we could use a book swapping corner so here it is. One of the things I'm sad about is that I don't know anyone who shares my taste in books so I can swap with them, so maybe by having a book swapping corner in the group there's a chance. If you like the idea maybe we can each make a wishlist of books we'd like to read but can't reach and see if anybody in our area would like to swap or lend that book. What do you think?

message 2: by Ana , compulsive dreamer (new)

Ana  (anavladescu) | 275 comments Mod
I'm perfectly happy with this idea, just that we aren't all from the same country! :))

it will be interesting to try and swap a book with UK or USA people. phaha

anyways this is a great idea, I'm glad you posted here!

message 3: by Ghilimei (last edited Oct 04, 2012 04:14AM) (new)

Ghilimei | 39 comments In connection with this month's read, I can lend or swap Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Romanian edition, paperback) if you're from Bucharest or passing by. I don't own Everything is Illuminated.

message 4: by Ghilimei (new)

Ghilimei | 39 comments I forgot to mention this: if anyone from Bucharest is interested, today there's a book swap happening in the centre of town. Here's the Facebook event:

message 5: by Ghilimei (new)

Ghilimei | 39 comments Hello guys! Is there anybody from Bucharest who can lend me any Banana Yoshimoto books? Except for Kitchen. I'm sure I can find some nice books to lend you in exchange :)

Merry Christmas!

message 6: by Laurentiu, Acta non verba (new)

Laurentiu Lazar (Laur1989) | 172 comments Mod
I've got none of Banana's books. Sry!

message 7: by Ghilimei (new)

Ghilimei | 39 comments Laurentiu wrote: "I've got none of Banana's books. Sry!"

Well, thank you anyway :)

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