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message 1: by Rabeea (new) - added it

Rabeea Nasser First of all, sorry for my bad English language
But Its very important children and adult story as its Cornerstone of education and upbringing.
Since I read this book when I was working as librarian in kindergarten library until now l have obsession about the fate of the children growing up in homes with their families ..and this parents does not know how important to make the child feel safe by contact their children by eyes and listen with care, not only ears only ..
And now I see the problem grows more and more with the means of technology .. Mobile .. IPad .. TV .. Internet
At least Bernard and his father were preoccupied with the concerns become accepted now and no longer read the newspaper or watering house plants is part of the new concerns of families .. Only their problem, they were of non should consider in his face and his eyes to see panic and fear ..
The problem has become even consider the parents to the child, .. Because they are busy telephone call or iPad
I still remember this story that I read by more than 15 years everytime I see children hurting by their parents .. ..
I'll try to get it again although it is not in my possession now
However, I wish if that there is a new version, This is an important book for adults than it is important for chidlren

message 2: by Tom (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tom Richards I found this book an interesting way to do a psychological experiment on my children. Once they had got used to the story, I would read it again but transposing 'Bernard' and 'the monster' in every instance. At a very young age, they didn't notice at all. As they got older, this resulted in confusion without them fully realising what was going on. A little older again, and they figured it out and protested, making me read it the 'right' way. I wish I'd taken more careful note of their ages at the various points, so a flawed experiment unfortunately. But a lot of fun of course.

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