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Giulia Louis ran up to the correct corridor and waited for Sarah to catch up.

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Giulia "Alright. You know how to get in right?" he asked, looking at the correct section of the wall.

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Giulia "Alright. Just think about what you need. Desperately. And it'll appear. Come on." he squinted his eyes shut and thought.

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Giulia Louis thought about large bookshelves and armchairs.

Eventually the door appeared and he dragged her through.

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Giulia "It's great in here. As always." he grinned, walking among the large and spacious room.

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Giulia "Just to check it out. Sometimes, students leave age old things up here, from years and years ago!" he smiled.

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Giulia "I know. Okay, spread out!" he said and quickly rushed over to open cabinets and drawers.

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Giulia "Look for any memorabilia! Photos, books, anything!" he told her excitedly, looking through stacks of papers.

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Giulia "What?" Louis asked, bemused.

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Giulia "My goodness he had a nose?" Louis joked, looking at the photo.

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Giulia "Got anything else back there?" he asked, rummaging through the shelves.

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Giulia "I think I have an old wand." Louis stepped out and presented the plain stick.

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Giulia "Lumos!" Louis cried and the old wand flickered to life, a small, weak light appearing at the end. "Definitely been unused in a while."

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Giulia "Collect it. Or just keep it in here for future generations?"

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Giulia "Exactly. We could tell our children to go searching up here for it even." he shrugged, putting it back into its place.

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Giulia "I heard that once you leave school, this strange thing happens. You get," he took a step back and gasped "married! And I hear kids follow too!" he then became serious "Yeah. You know. Future generations in general. Depends whether I'll even have them, but I'm a 14 year old boy. Not like I'm thinking about that part of my life yet."

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Giulia ((Going to sleep!))

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Giulia "Basically, let's leave it here for the future generations to find. It'll seem magical to them you know. Like we did." he reached over the cabinet and placed the wand in the back.

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Giulia "Boys aren't allowed up to girls' dorms remember?" he reminded her.

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Giulia "There's the magic? Try to go up and the stairs turn into a slide?"

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Giulia He sighed and was resigned to follow after her.

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Giulia ((sure))

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