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Dime Castle

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Home of Derek Dime, his sister and his sister's son!

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Macy looked around at the front of the castle. "How did......Huh." She muttered shaking her head

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "It's a long story." Derek smirked, "But you and the baby's rooms are already set up. Well I didn't know if it was going to be a boy or girl or there's a girl crib and a boy crib but still."

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She raised an eyebrow and looked at him, "How long did you plan on this?" She asked

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Um, about a week ago." Derek admitted with a grin.

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She chuckled and shook her head. "You are really insane"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Oh I know, but it sure is fun! So come on!" Derek said pulling her towards the castle.

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"Okay." She said following him.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek guided her inside the house, down a few halls to her bedroom. He opened the door and stepped aside to let her see. "How's that for a bedroom?"

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"Oh God. Did I ever tell you you are amazing?" She asked smiling

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Rocking chair, fireplace. That door leads to one of the bathrooms." Derek said smugly, "Well, would you like the tour?"

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"If you wouldn't mind." She said smiling

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "I wouldn't. Just...don't go into labor..." Derek muttered, and took her hand guiding her like a child. "Most the rooms are empty and locked because well...there's so many rooms I don't know what to do with most of them."

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She chuckled. "I have no control of that Dime." She muttered following him, "Makes sense, this is a big place." She said smiling

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "My room is down the hall if you ever need me. The baby's room is the blue painted door across the hall from your bedroom." Derek went on, then lead her all the way into the kitchen, "Most everything it downstairs actaully."

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"Okay. That makes things easier." She said smiling and laying her hand on her stomche with a sigh.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Here is the kitchen, with all the snacks you two can eat!" Derek said, leading her into the kitchen.

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She chuckled. "You really planned this all out didn't you." She muttered shaking her head

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Yep. But I've had this place for about...ten years?" Derek said, walking over and opening one of the cubarts, showing her the boxes and bags of snacks inside. "We could feel a whole army, so eat anything you want."

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She chuckled. "Wow....Just wow." She shook her head and smiled. "You know actually I'm pretty tired.......Could you show me back to my room?" She asked smiling

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Sure." Derek said, grabbing a candy bar for himself before he lead her back to her room.

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she followed him remembering things to help her find her way next time.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Here you are." Derek murmered, stopping outside her door.

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"Are you alright?" She asked looking up at him her head tilted to the side

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Yeah, just got a lot on my mind." Derek smiled softly at her, "Now, don't get to lost in here."

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"Well I'm here if you need someone to talk to you know where to find me." She said smiling, she opened the door and went in. She closed the door behind her and walked around the room with a dreamy expression

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek munched on the candy bar as he walked down the long hall to his own bedroom, the one at the end on the right side, and slipped into his room.

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She curled up on the bed and soon fell asleep. But hours later she woke with a horrible pain in her stomache

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek was dozed off, sprawled across the top of his bed and softly snoring.

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Macy forced herself to stand. She stumbled to the bathroom and ended up sliding to the floor. There was blood on her legs. She wasn't ready....Not yet

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek jolted awake, blinking. He sat up and rubbed his eyes before he remembered where he was. Macy? How you doing? He asked through their mind link.

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Macy couldn't answer. She couldn't concentrate. Everything was just blurred almost like moving in slow motion. She was terified

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek frowned when she didn't answer him, and got up. Macy? Macy? He asked, hurrying out of his room and down the hall, "Macy?!"

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Macy couldn't find a way to move. Pain ran through her again and she groaned unable to manage more. She wished she could yell for him finally she could think. Scared. So scared.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek burst into her room, and dashed to her bathroom, kneeling down beside her when she saw the blood along with water spilt across the floor. "It's alright." He said soothingly, "I'm going to take you to your bed okay? Blankets can be replaced later."

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She nodded and looked at him Her eye wide fear and pain clear in them. She finally spoke even though it sounded choked. "Derek...I'm scared." She said her breathing alittle quick

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "No need to be." Derek murmered, secretly pissed beyond belief at her so called husband. He scooped her up with some effort, and carried her into her room. He laid her out on the bed, and paused a moment to whisper soothing words and stroke her cheek.

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"It hurts." she whimpered as pain shot through her again

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Just hang in there..." Derek murmered, setting his hand on her stomach and numbing the pain.

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"The question is are you okay?" she asked now that she was able to talk

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Why wouldn't I be? I'm not the one in labor!" Derek said, standing up.

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She closed her eyes for a second. "Calm down Dime." she muttered

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek rolled his eyes. "Dear, dear sister. I am calm, this won't be the first time I had to deliver a baby." He said.

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She opened her eyes and gave him a questioning look. "I've missed so much." She muttered She closed her eyes tight and groaned

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Be right back." Derek muttered, going out of the room. Of course he hadn't mentioned he hadn't delivered a baby in quite a few years.

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She didn't want to be alone, but she didn't have the energy to talk anymore. She just hoped her would come back soon

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek returned after a few minutes with towels, and clothes and even a little blanket. "It's going to be okay. Soon you're going to get the urge to push...when you do then push as hard as you can..."

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She gave a very small nodd, her eyes hazy. Her eyes closed then opened slowly. She was losing to much blood right now

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Derek frowned, if he froze her blood wouldn't it stop the birth? "Macy......if you want..." He took in a breathe, "If we want to both survive then we might have to just do surgrey to get him out..."

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"As long as....... He'll be....Okay..." She said slowly almost sleepily

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