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Alessia (siriostars) Start

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Alessia (siriostars) To August’s dismay they were the only people there along with one waitress and the visible cook in the kitchen. He was only a few steps into the café when he feels someone yank his hood off and pull him backwards.
“Augustus…” His dad growls.
“Hi dad!” August tries to say cheerfully.
“What the hell are you wearing?”
“A hoodie…”
“This is a girl’s hoodie!” He snaps.
“It’s Vienna’s.” August answers, softly walking toward the table Vienna was sitting at. He sits next to Vienna. Their dad sits across from Vienna. Vienna keeps glaring at him, while he looks at August with an amused/disgusted face. August was looking down at the table. They ordered food quickly. Vienna and their dad, order a cheeseburger. August orders a salad, not really hungry.
“Why’d you get a Cesaer Salad?” Dad asks, scrunching up his nose. “You turn vegetarian or something, son?”
“I’ve been a half-vegetarian since forever dad…” August mumbles.
“That’s disgusting. You’re way too sensitive, Augustus.”
Vienna doesn’t say anything.
August doesn’t reply and there’s silence until the food arrives. August barely touches his food.
“August!” Dad growls at him while leaning across the table to slap him. Vienna winces while August sits there. His cheek is bright red after the slap. “You’re horrible! You ordered that food now eat it! You’re wasting my money!”
That you’ll lose to gambling anyway… August thinks. Apparently he said it allowed though.
“I NEED THAT MONEY!” Dad yells at him.
“Why do you waste it then?”
“I don’t!”
“How is using it for gambling money not wasting your money?”
“’Cause I get free alcohol.”
“You’re on bail! You’re not supposed to be drinking alcohol!”
“Shut up! Do you want to get me sent back there sooner? It’s horrible there! No good food!”
“That’s the worst thing, huh? How about being an orphan!”
“You’re not a effing orphan!” Of course he doesn’t say “effing”.
“Yes I am! You’re not my dad! You’re not the dad that I played catch with when I was 5! You’re not the one who told cheesy jokes!”
“Hell no!”
“That’s all you have to say?” August was about to continue but his dad had gotten up and around to him. He lifted him up by his collar and punches him in the nose. He drops August, Vienna catching him, grabbing a napkin to wipe up the blood from his nose. It was probably broken. Or maybe bruised.
“There that shut you up.” The father growls and continues eating.
((Rest will be posted on streets))

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Courtney walked into the Diner.

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Holly walked in with her cheer uniform on

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Courtney saw Holly walk in, and regonized her from Cheerleading. She walked up to her casually. "You're on the Cheer Squad too, right?" She asks in a friendly tone.

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She flipped her hair and nodded.

She LOVED being remembered as one of the most popular girls.

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"I am too. What are you here for?" She asked, acknowleding the slight arrogance of Holly.

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She simply said.

She had Madonna running through her head.

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"Date. Well, kind of."

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"WIth who?"

She siad.

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"A boy at school." She said simply. "I don't really know him to well, so were kind of getting to know each other. He plays Soccer."

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She said, thats what she was expecting

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((I don't think He's even an official charrie, but he's Sal's friend and is a popular jock that most girls are crushing on, or that's what bookhog1 says.))
"Um.... Hudson." She said, now a little shy.

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"You won't tell anyone, right?" She asked.

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"Of course!"

She said, lying through her teeth

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"You better not. Wer'e totally not a couple. We just had a common interest, and he gave me his number!"

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She continued nodding.

"Anyways, Are you in glee?"

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"No, but I do theatre and singing. I'm hoping to be in the school play this year."

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"Glee, is SO much more fun!"

She said, getting her latte and going to Glle pratcie

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Bookhog1 Hudson finally walked in.

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"K, whatevs. Bye." Courtney sat down at a table, waiting.

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Courtney looked up when the door opened and smiled and waved, seeing Hudson.

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Bookhog1 Hudson slid down. "Hey."

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"Hi." She said.

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Bookhog1 Hudson gave her a dazzling smile.

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Bookhog1 ((gt take shower brb))

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((I will to then lol))

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Courtney smiled sweetly. "So....... what subject or class do you hate the most? "

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Bookhog1 "English..."

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Bookhog1 Hudson nodded and flipped his bangs.

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((wait neva mind!!!!))
"I hate English too..... I'm sorry if I'm being random..... but, I wanna get to know you."

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((what do you wanna happen between them and stuff? ))

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Bookhog1 ((idk....what do YOU want?))

Hudson ran a hand through his hair. "English is terrible."

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"I hate it so much......." ((idk you control Sal and stuff so your decision))

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Bookhog1 ((ugh I gtg to sleep...and idc if u have ideas tell me....)) Hudson nodded appreciatively. "Finally! someone who understands me."

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((k and AWW! XD))
"I know. My mom makes me do cheerleading just so I can get extra credit. Plus I don't think the coach would let me quit anyways."

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Bookhog1 Hudson laughed. "Well that's certainly a good thing."

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Courtney smiled. "yes, yes it is."

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"so do you have any siblings? " she asked.

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Bookhog1 "I have a little brother. How bout you?"

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"younger brother and sister. They're twins."

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((I'll do one more reply then i gtg so make it good, lol))

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((I gtg now.....))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Sakura walked in with Kang, hand in hand. She was positivly raidiating happiness as she scanned the room, waiting to be taken to their seats.

(( What she's wearing..
(view spoiler)

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((OMG SO CUTE!!!!! What Courtney is wearing :
So yeah... wanna RP?))

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((NEVER MIND about the pic.... it doesn't work. I'll find another one.))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) ((Ok And IKR! Its adorable, I love looking up dresses and clothing for my charries, although it does make me want to go shopping :3 And i would love to RP :3))

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((KK I found an okayish outfit..... the other one was so cute! *Sobs* This one is ok. like whatevs.
So yeah.... hope it works. Can you make Sakura and Kang see them first?))

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