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message 1: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) HEY! I'm amanda and.... roleplaying is cool? i guess yeah! Well my favorite color is black (sooo creppy! oohhh be afriad jk) and i LOVE to read! how bout you?

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) Hai peoples ^_^ You can call me Nichole, and I'm an avid reader who loves to write and roleplay. Oh, and I like darker colors as well, hehe. :P

P.S., thank you, Amanda, for the invitation! :D

message 3: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) :P no prob... this group isn't near the biggest one on one yet.... too bad not a lot of people are on. If someone declines i've got the devilish plan of just keep iniing them until the join! yaaaah! don't worry i hope this group'll be awesome soon.

message 4: by Janelle (new)

Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 63 comments Hi i'm Jasmine!(:

message 5: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) HEYYY! haha

message 6: by Janelle (new)

Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 63 comments Hey ahah

message 7: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) Whats up?

message 8: by Janelle (new)

Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 63 comments Nothing what about you?

message 10: by Janelle (new)

Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 63 comments Hi

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) How're you?

message 12: by Janelle (new)

Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 63 comments Good How are you?

message 13: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) YAY! an actual conversation! i am NOT a fail

message 14: by Janelle (new)

Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 63 comments (:

♥Beauty With a Brain♥ (Imagination_blinds_my_eyes) Haha, of course you're not a fail, Amanda :P

And I'm pretty good, thanks. :)

message 16: by Janelle (new)

Janelle (JanelliePatellie) | 63 comments It's true Amanda.

(: Wanna do an rp?

message 17: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) YAY!

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Yo! I'm Neesh! Not Artemis, but call it me if you like ;) and I'm kinda hyper right now...

YOUNG JUSTICE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


message 19: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) oh neesh...

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade I joined. Thanks for spamming me with group invites Amanda. :P

message 21: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) NO PROBLEM!.... told ya'll it would work.... :P

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade >.< I could keep ignoring it, but it was getting on my nerves.

message 23: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) I knew it would... :P I can get annoying.. can't i...? LOL :P

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade Yeah... Lol XD

message 25: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) :P I KNOW SO!

message 26: by Lena (new)

Lena | 1 comments Hey, I'm Lena... HI!!

message 27: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) Haha it worked ona nother victim

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade Wow Amanda, way to be convincing. LOL

message 29: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) :P:P:P! IKR! hhaha!

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade :P You're silly.

message 31: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) THANKS! haha ever try a bacon and cheese muffin?

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade No I have not. Sounds rather weird, if you ask me.

message 33: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) yeah... i ust thought of that and had to say it... :P

message 35: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) ANOTHER ONE! hiiiiiiii!

message 37: by BvbArmette (new)

BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) XD

message 38: by kuseyo (new)

kuseyo Heylo everybody~

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey people!!!!! I'm utterly addicted to Rp and in love with Gerard way! :)

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