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message 1: by Melki (new)

Melki Halloween is coming, so let's celebrate with some fun-sized candy bars and a scary book. If you don't like horror, try a thriller or a cozy mystery - anything that will give you goosebumps, and put you in a spooky mood.

message 2: by Annika (new)

Annika Oh Oh - I just finished one!:) Today I finished Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain. I think it's classified as a thrilled/suspense, but I think it's creepy enough to dip into horror. I listened to it on my commute and I was riveted!

message 3: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen (gkonkler5) Think I might Try my first Chelsea Cain this month Heartsick.

Lynne - The Book Squirrel (SquirrelsEnd) I am currently reading The Collector by John Fowles and Under the Dome by Stephen King, both pretty scarey when you live on your own!

message 5: by Liz (new)

Liz I think I'm going to try The Passage

message 6: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen (gkonkler5) Liz wrote: "I think I'm going to try The Passage"

Good choice Liz!

Lynne - The Book Squirrel (SquirrelsEnd) Finished The Collector by John Fowles yesterday - very good!

message 8: by Theresa (new)

Theresa I'm finally in the mood for something scary. Now I have to get to the library!

message 9: by Kel (new)

Kel | 34 comments Finished "Flower Town" by S.G. Reading on 3 OCT. It fits in the thriller genre. It involves conspiracy theories and quarantinning a disease spread by an accidental spill of experimental pesticides. Unfortunately believable for the most part.

message 10: by Caroline (new)

Caroline  (Caro7) Liz wrote: "I think I'm going to try The Passage"

You will not be disappointed!

message 11: by Caroline (last edited Oct 12, 2012 02:11PM) (new)

Caroline  (Caro7) Reading The Long Walk. Enjoying it except for the dialogue. This is supposed to be dialogue among a group of 16-year-old boys. Instead, it sounds like the way grown men would talk. (I taught 16-year-old boys; I know how they talk, and it's nowhere close to this.) It grates on me, but not nearly enough for me to stop reading, because the story is too compelling. I think King's ear for dialogue has improved a great deal over the years as this is one of his earlier works.

Lynne - The Book Squirrel (SquirrelsEnd) I have nearly finished Under the Dome by Stephen King which I am listening to on audio. The reader is so good and has given me the shivers at a lot of the places in the book!

message 13: by Annika (new)

Annika Oh - I'm glad to hear that Lynne. I've seen the audiobook at my library and have thought of getting it a few times. Now I definitely will because the narrator makes all the difference!

message 14: by Melki (new)

Melki I really liked Under the Dome - such a page-turner, and at over 1000 pages, that's a good thing. Audio book or e-book is probably a good idea. I recall it being very HEAVY!

I read a zombie book called Autumn and Blue World, a book of mostly scary stories.

message 15: by Cyndi (new)

Cyndi (BookChick64) I just finished The Woman in Black which was a pretty good ghost story told in the British vein. Currently finishing The Stuff of Legend Book 2: The Jungle which has horror/thriller elements; The Boogeyman, The Dark, kidnapping, and toys come to life, all beautifully rendered! I also have The Silent Girl andAmerican Vampire, Vol. 4 on tap. I love October!

message 16: by Kel (new)

Kel | 34 comments Liz wrote: "I think I'm going to try The Passage"
I just downloaded an e-version of this book. After reading everyone's comments about this book, I couldn't resist.

message 17: by Cyndi (new)

Cyndi (BookChick64) I am trading in The Silent Girl for Let the Right One In. I just wanted a real 'horror'

message 18: by Annika (new)

Annika Loo Cyndi- I can't wait to hear what you think!

message 19: by Caroline (new)

Caroline  (Caro7) Cyndi wrote: "I am trading in The Silent Girl for Let the Right One In. I just wanted a real 'horror'"

I read Let the Right One In earlier this year. It wasn't my favorite; it has some definite plot problems, but it IS creepy, and I was never bored while reading it, that's for sure!

message 20: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen (gkonkler5) Well The Twelve showed up on my kindle so think I'll be reading that.

Lynne - The Book Squirrel (SquirrelsEnd) Gretchen wrote: "Well The Twelve showed up on my kindle so think I'll be reading that."

I read this for a review at my sci fi group and loved it - enjoy!

message 22: by Liz (new)

Liz Finally finished The Passage which I thought was really good. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm on the hold list with the library for it. But I have a lot of books to catch up on first. 3-4 library books here at home & 5 holds that have come in!

message 23: by Cyndi (new)

Cyndi (BookChick64) I just finished American Vampire, Vol. 4 and was most excellent, that Skinner Sweet is a bad-ass! Now onto Let the Right One In.

message 24: by Buffy (new)

Buffy (Buffywuffy) I've recently finished The Woman in Black. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of watching the film first. (To be fair, I only realised that it was a book from watching the film.) Anyway, it was difficult to read it and not compare it to the film so that was really annoying. Usually for me it's the other way around, which I don't mind as much because everyone knows that the book is always better!

So, I liked the book but I think that I would have liked it much more had I not seen the film first.

message 25: by Melki (new)

Melki I've not been reading as many spookers as I'd planned, but there are a few days left in October.

*Just realized I did not create a November Genre Challenge. Does anyone care? Should I make a poll for this weekend?

message 26: by Cyndi (last edited Oct 24, 2012 07:28PM) (new)

Cyndi (BookChick64) Just finished The Stuff of Legend Book 3: A Jester's Tale. Working through Let the Right One In. And Annika, so far it is different, but I like it...many elements...I want to see how they play out :)

message 27: by Cyndi (new)

Cyndi (BookChick64) I wouldn't mind a poll :).

message 28: by Cyndi (new)

Cyndi (BookChick64) Finished Blood and Chocolate. Nice little YA loup-garou horror/romance...nobody sparkled...continuing Let the Right One In. Might get one more in, might not, we shall see.

message 29: by Cyndi (new)

Cyndi (BookChick64) Let the Right One In will be finished tomorrow...appropriately enough. Really enjoyed this month's genre :)

message 30: by Melki (new)

Melki I finished Latter-Day of the Dead and Hauntings: Tales of the Supernatural. I'm reading a good vampire book online - Revamp, but will not finish it by the end of the month.

Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

message 31: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (odamom) | 18 comments I finished my book for the October challenge. I read City of Night by Dean Koontz. Not too horrific, but interesting none-the-less. What is the November challenge?

message 32: by Kel (new)

Kel | 34 comments Happy Halloween. I started "The Passage" but won't finish it tonight. I did read "Carpe Jugulum" by Terry Pratchett--not scary, but does involve vampires and witches, etc. Also read "Candle Man," which is like a Batman comes into power kind of book.

message 33: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (odamom) | 18 comments I just finished Resistance by Anita Shreve. It was not anything in the challenge, but needed to read something.I had read a couple of her's before and liked what I had read and was not dissapointed this time either. I sad tale about WII in Brussels & Germany. I plan to read more of hers as time permits.

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