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♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card)

Thor. Norse god of thunder and lighting.

message 2: by James (new)

James | 227 comments Mod
The Thor 2 trailer is available. What does everyone think?

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Same here!!!! Super excited to see this one, and also with the mythical turn where Thor and Loki have to work together XD

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Yes! This is a movie I'm going to go see in the theater XD

message 5: by James (new)

James | 227 comments Mod
Me too - looking forward to the Prelude book first.
And I think that the Junior Novel comes out before the movie too. They tend to leave a lot out, but still... I 'll be picking that up too.

message 6: by Travis (new)

Travis (travisHiltz) | 338 comments Mod
Been very impressed with the Thor movies, as I thought they would be the hardest to sell to the general, non-comic reading audience and they have turned out to be my favorites of the solo movies.

Chris Hemsworth is rock solid casting as Thor and the fact that they play it so straight forward really works. Good stuff.

Now, if they could just do one where Loki is not the bad guy, I'd be happy.

message 7: by James (new)

James | 227 comments Mod
I think that Loki is aweseome, but agree that they need someone else...
Who do you like? How about the Wrecking Crew?

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (LisaDannatt) | 61 comments Loki is just such a good bad guy...
As much as I enjoyed Thor, particularly the Asgard scenes, I found it formulaic. Thor has been involved in the wreckage of three major earth cities, and there's always a big tough hero moment.

message 9: by Travis (new)

Travis (travisHiltz) | 338 comments Mod
Loki is well done in the movies ( little unsure about all the women crushing over a mass murderer, but that's just me) but I don't want him to be the bad guy in every movie.
Same way I wouldn't want Batman fighting the Joker every movie.

Thor has a great rogues gallery: Wrecking crew, Enchantress and the executioner, the Absorbing man, the stone men from saturn..., heck he fought the Stilt man, use the bad guys, shake it up alittle.

message 10: by James (new)

James | 227 comments Mod
And give us Valkyrie - at least a cameo. They missed a perfect opportunity with Thor 2.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Eh, he was ok. To me he just seemed like a bit of a Thor twin and was kinda annoying. But that's all from what I know of him from the Earth's Mightiest Hero's series and my Marvel website browsing.

message 12: by Travis (new)

Travis (travisHiltz) | 338 comments Mod
I love Beta Ray Bill!
Fun character. Got kind of a raw deal because Marvel didn't know what to do with him, so he vanishes and then comes back whenever they do a big space story.

I'd be thrilled if they used his story for one of the Thor movies.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Or they could make a showing in the Guardian's of the Galaxy. But if they make another Thor movie, they should do Beta Ray Bill, because he's always associated with Thor.

message 14: by Travis (new)

Travis (travisHiltz) | 338 comments Mod
Would love to have a Thor in space movie.
Always liked it when they'd do a story like that in the comics.
Fun to see the viking with the magic hammer dealing with space ships and aliens.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Yes, it would be a neat story! And there'd be a lot of comments on him first being in Star Trek, I'm sure ;)

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Let's write Marvel!!! Tell them our amazing ideas!!! XD

message 17: by Travis (new)

Travis (travisHiltz) | 338 comments Mod
I keep telling my kids marvel and DC would be so much better if they would just put me in charge.

for movies, Marvel seems to have gotten their act together, but with DC, there's so much work to be done.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Thor is probably my favorite and I honestly don't know why lol

message 19: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (LisaDannatt) | 61 comments I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. He seems to have done his research and read widely.
He refers to Loki as Odin’s brother, not Thor’s.
So is Loki as Thor’s brother a comics entity or a movies entity?

message 20: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (LisaDannatt) | 61 comments And Freya is not listed as Thor’s mother

message 21: by James (new)

James | 227 comments Mod
Thor's mother is Frigg, or Frigga...

message 22: by Travis (new)

Travis (travisHiltz) | 338 comments Mod
No myths are carved in stone. There's always some variation depending on what version/translation etc you are reading.

Having said that, I've never heard bout Loki being Odin's brother. He was always Thor's when I read them.

message 23: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (LisaDannatt) | 61 comments Found myself a Norse scholar.
Gaiman based his book on Snorri’s Edda

Thor’s mother is Jord

Loki is Odin’s brother

There’s a whole site dedicated to what Marvel ‘got wrong’


I’m enjoying the book.

message 24: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (LisaDannatt) | 61 comments The Norse Scholar had some really interesting info

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