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Adelaide Blair | 684 comments Mod
I can't be the only one tempted to watch the movie after reading the book. It will be interesting to compare the two. I've seen the movie 5 or 6 times, but I've only read the the book once, a long time ago.

Adelaide Blair | 684 comments Mod
Here is a link to a very interesting article about the movie version. It deals with the patriarchal control of the female body in the story and other readings of this film. (Since the film and book are so similar, a lot of this applies to both.)

message 3: by Kylie (new) - added it

Kylie | 4 comments The 1968 version is the one, right? I just put it in my Netflix line up.

Adelaide Blair | 684 comments Mod
Kylie wrote: "The 1968 version is the one, right? I just put it in my Netflix line up."

Yes! From what I remember, it is very close to the book. I'm gonna dig out my VHS copy and give it a look this week.

Adelaide Blair | 684 comments Mod
So, I closed out Halloween by watching this movie and it was good. It follows the book pretty closely, so there were no big surprises, but very well done. I'm not a Polanski fan, but this is one of the two or three movies of his that I think is great. William Castle was the producer for this, and I have this fantasy that if the studio would have let him direct like he wanted, this could have started him down a serious career path. (Although I deeply love his other movies. 13 Ghosts scared the crap out of me as a kid, although it is just a humorous bit of schlock to me now.) It would have not been the same movie at all, but I would have loved to see what Castle would have done with the material.

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