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message 1: by David (new)

David Gooch | 3502 comments Mod
The first of our October Book Reads is Prague Fatale by Philip Kerr.

Philip Kerr (born 22 February 1956) is a British author of both adult fiction and non-fiction, most notably the Bernie Gunther series of thrillers set during the Weimar Republic, World War II and the Cold War.

This October read is one of the Bernie Gunther series and can be read on it's own.

message 2: by David (new)

David Gooch | 3502 comments Mod
Downloaded my copy today from Kindle books to read next after my current read.

message 3: by David (new)

David Gooch | 3502 comments Mod
I will set up a discussion and some questions on the book later.

message 4: by David (new)

David Gooch | 3502 comments Mod
OK then lets have a discussion on Prague Fatale.

A few questions to help it along.

1) How did you rate the book (1-5 stars)
2) Is the Nazi regime/war a good area to set a detective in?
3) How good a character did you find Bernard Gunther the SS Captain/detective?
4) Given a strength of Kerr's Gunther series is the Nazi theme how strong and realistic did you find the descriptions and settings?
5) The book is split between Berlin at the start and then Prague. Did you find this ok and was the split between the two right or should it have been different?
6) Was the killer predictable or did it keep you guessing until Gunther exposed them?
7) Was the ending good or bad and was it the right length?
8) Finally having read this book would you firstly buy /read another Gunther novel and secondly would you buy/read a non Gunther novel by Philip Kerr?

Please feel free to answer the questions or right or copy your review of the book into this thread as part of the discussion.

message 5: by David (new)

David Gooch | 3502 comments Mod
OK I'll start then by answering the question from my reading of the book.

1) I would give it 3.5 stars not quite 4 for me but better than a three. I know you shouldn't give half stars but it just wasn't a 4.
2) I thought the Nazi regime/war was a good twist especially as this is the first Gunther novel I've read.
3) I really liked the character he's my kind of guy, likes upsetting authority and calls a spade a spade.
4) The descriptions are really good and describe Berlin in the war really realistically.
5) I thought too much was spent on Berlin and I know bits tied in with later in Prague but the murder in the locked room did not take place until well into the book which surprised me and I expect and felt the Prague part could have been more.
6) I guessed the killer reasonably easily but if you've read Agatha Christie then it wouldn't have been hard. That said it didn't detract from the book.
7) I thought the ending was too long and not needed. I can't say too much here without spoiling the book. But the capture of his new girlfriend and taking him to see her getting beaten was superfluous.
8) Yes I'd like to read more Gunther books and would probably start with the first. I think another Kerr book other than Gunther would depend on what type of book it was eg thriller/murder etc.

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