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Yosef Goldgur A good many Religious Zionist Rabbis pointed out in retrospect that the reason for the explusion, even if in an indirect way, was the lack of communication between settlers and the rest of the nation, the former being concerned with their affairs and enclosed, subconsciously mimicking the path of Charedim Orthodoxy. The latter, as a consequence, were indifferent to them.

This book is an attempt to bridge that wide gap, and at least from my standpoint it exceeds expectations. For, even if one does not agree, he at least understands, raising the dialogue from cheap slogans to intellectual discussion.

The pure faith expressed in the book brings to mind heroics and self-sacrifice that are to be found in the birth-pangs of the State, and indeed there is an attempt in the book to draw a parallel between the two. Whether you agree or not to the ideology, the question appears; will I go to such lengths for MY ideals?

As one who is acquainted with both book and author, I would definitely recommend this book to all. This review, though short, is admirable and it is to be hoped that in the future works as "Grains of Sand" would promote greater understanding between the different sections of the nation.
Yosef Goldgur

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