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"I still recall with delight as a teen-ager making the earth-shaking discovery that many of the great “serious novelists,” classical and modern, were as entertaining and interesting as the crime-writers I already loved. But it took another decade of maturation to reverse the equation and understand that many of the crime writers I had decided to grow out of were still as interesting and entertaining as the “serious novelists” I now revered."
-Reginald Hill

One of the legends of British crime writing, Reginald Hill passed away this year in the month of January on 12th of the month.
He was suffering from a brain tumor at the time of death.
Hill, was perhaps best known for creating the characters Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel and his sidekick DI Peter Pascoe.
Unlike other series, where the sidekick is normally perceived to be a person with less intelligence, here both the protagonist were on the same level when it came to insights on solving the crime.
Dalziel and Pascoe (BBC TV series) was broadcasted from 1996 to 2007, with Warren Clarke as Dalziel and Colin Buchanan as Pascoe.
Here is the obituary for the writer, in THE GUARDIAN< with tributes from Ian Rankin and Mark Billingham.

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Smitha have never read Reginald Hill. Will try out one of his books as a tribute to him. Any suggestions?

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Smitha wrote: "have never read Reginald Hill. Will try out one of his books as a tribute to him. Any suggestions?"


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Smitha thanks

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