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message 1: by Shishir (new)

Shishir Srivastava (shishir4287) | 2 comments okay... so this discussion is about what we can have in the bibliofiles newsletter...

Since i'm the one managing it... i'm assuming the position of Editor-in-Chief... [:P][:D]

now... before you post any comments or ideas... please wait for one more post from me so that i can outline what i have in mind...

message 2: by Shekhy (new)

Shekhy | 4 comments Mod
Mr, Editor in chief

Respected sir ,
Please allow me small space in your esteemed newsletter . awaiting a favourable reply


message 3: by Shishir (new)

Shishir Srivastava (shishir4287) | 2 comments lol... [:D] you dont have to call me sir... [:P]

but it does have a nice ring to it... [;):]

about the space... absolutely...

i spent some time at home yesterday thinking about the newsletter and also spoke to a couple of friends with relevant experience...

heres what i have in mind.

1. Cover Story:
Highlight of the month. Example: perhaps a new author won the booker or something... or an event from our daily happenings, etc.

2. Review Page:
Book reviews, with small columns for maybe the latest movie and music review for entertainment.

3. Creativity page:
Creative inputs from members or non members (Newgenites). Examples: Sketches, paintings, poetry, articles, etc.

4. Member Columns:
Interested Bibliofiles members can get their own space on the newsletter. A column of their own that will have its own name.

5. Guest Writers:
Non-Newgenites who have an interest in writing can have their articles or other content published here. Examples: any member who has a writer friend can contact him/her and if they're willing, they can submit come content.

6. Upcoming Books:
Information and details about any upcoming books that might be of interest to members.

Basically, i think 8 to 10 pages should cover it. And its not a big task cos it comes out only once a month. Originally i had planned for more pages, but i could'nt come up with relevant content for them.

I think its not the number of pages thats important. It can vary from time to time, but the columns and placement and setting should be consistent.

What do you think? Lets have a discussion on this. I hope all members will actively contribute to the newsletter.


Editor in chief

message 4: by Amit (new)

Amit Kumar | 2 comments Mod
Hi Shishir,

nice ideas.... keep up the gud work dude... m being a bit tied up for last couple of days, couldn't contribute actively.....

I am all game to contribute in whichever way for the newsletetr...


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