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We'll be reading The Crisis Caravan: What's Wrong with Humanitarian Aid? by Linda Polman through the end of November.

This thread can be used to give book reviews as well as for a general discussion of the book. Please feel free to start a new discussion in the book club folder if you'd like to focus on specific aspects of or ideas from the book.

The Crisis Caravan What's Wrong with Humanitarian Aid? by Linda Polman

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Katie (Katidid) | 3 comments I recently read this article about NGOs in Haiti: which made me motivated towards this book we're to read here. This is an issue I hadn't really thought of before and looks like it could be a revealing problem.

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Robert Zwilling Not another governmental organization, these practice the the failed politics of appeasement paying what amounts to enormous bribes to ruling factions so a small trickle of supplies can reach those in need.

When the UN (UN-helpful) caused the the world’s largest cholera outbreak in Haiti where there had been no cholera and dragged their feet for 2 years and still won't accept responsibility, instead blaming the severity of the outbreak on the terrible sanitary conditions of the country, without reading a book you knew then that humanitarian aid had become just another business venture that people like to put on their resume where the name is more important than the consequences of the actions taken.

When it quacks like a business, walks like a business, acts like a business, it is a business. The nature of business is rescue itself first.

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