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message 1: by Spandana (new)

Spandana | 7 comments I think the details make the book what it is...without the endless detail on the endings of all four books, there wouldn't be anything unique. I think what brought people into reading the series is the unexpected turns all throughout the books.

message 2: by Spandana (new)

Spandana | 7 comments I haven't read her autobiography...I think these kinds of books shouldn't be read by people under like 7th grade because of all the shouldn't be followed too strictly still has some bad messages...I did like how they made the movie gave everyone a picture of how she wanted things to look..similarily....

message 3: by Spandana (new)

Spandana | 7 comments Uhhh. my mom, my neighbor, and a few of my friend's mom liked it but she was kind of bored with it...

message 4: by Spandana (new)

Spandana | 7 comments She liked the 1st 3 books, then she got kind of bored with the last book because it was so long...

message 5: by Brooke (new)

Brooke (SeriKasper) | 5 comments The Twilight series was a definetly good read... looking at all of your interactions was also refreshing...I enjoyed this series as a whole because of the intricate peices that wove together to create a complete story.The details the action and the romance all pulled the readers in.The thing that bugs me is the fact that after the twilight series became a big hit, many other authors thried to copy thier sucess, It's hard to walk into a book store without finding a vampire book...
thanks for listening....
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message 6: by Spandana (new)

Spandana | 7 comments :)

message 7: by Brooke (new)

Brooke (SeriKasper) | 5 comments wow.....btw bert the duck says hi!!!

message 8: by Mikaela (new)

Mikaela (spazzie246) | 7 comments I would have to say that the reason young females are attracted to this book it because they want what Bella had. It is very commen in a teenage girl to find their truw lover, have their frist kiss, blah, blah, blah... And when it is felt in the book is what they feel and ounce they have it they start to they crave it. (I would know, thats how I got hooked on to romance novels) I believe this is why girls love the books so much at our school, because they don't know any other books that give them that feeling so they hpld on to the book and pretend that Edward is real. Those who don't like it so much aren't into the loving of two people and wanting that as much as the people who love it. This is just my philosophy on it.

message 9: by Brooke (new)

Brooke (SeriKasper) | 5 comments That's very true mikaela. I definetly agree with that.

message 10: by Mikaela (new)

Mikaela (spazzie246) | 7 comments Although, I have to admit, at times the book was too predictable, way way too predictable but even then I wanted to know what happened.

message 11: by Brooke (new)

Brooke (SeriKasper) | 5 comments I breaking dawn you just knew she was going to turn vampire, but she took way to long to get around to it, I was bored almost halfway through untill she turned vamp..... :(

message 12: by Mikaela (new)

Mikaela (spazzie246) | 7 comments Although most people found the 4th book was disturbing, the fourth one was my favorite one(even though the action was really slow, and I'm not talking about the action in the begining of the book :D. I guess it is because I have always wanted a child of my own, for when I am older. I can't wait to have my hold my own baby in my arms!! So when the baby got threatened I could understand the deep protection that she had for her child, because if I had one I would have felt the same way. Also, I would of given my life for my child.

message 13: by Mikaela (new)

Mikaela (spazzie246) | 7 comments Also, you could tell like a hundred pages before Bella did that Jacob was a werewolf. Really she was way too oblivious.

message 14: by Brooke (new)

Brooke (SeriKasper) | 5 comments her style is a little bit strange as well. to me she takes to much time describing than actually moving the story along. any opinions??

message 15: by Mikaela (new)

Mikaela (spazzie246) | 7 comments What do you mean? Like in describing the scene or the love. The love needed all that describing or else it wouldn't be pronounced as well

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