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Mostly  Books (MostlyBooks) | 112 comments Mod
Feel free to leave comments. I will post a few questions in a couple of days.

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Mostly  Books (MostlyBooks) | 112 comments Mod
Here are a few questions for you. Feel free to post for any or all. Caution for those of you who haven't finished reading yet...spoilers.

1. What effect did the photographs have on how you experienced this novel? In fact, what was your reading experience of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children? How did it make you feel? Were you disturbed...or fascinated...or something else? Did the book hold your interest?

2. Talk about the house in Wales. When Jacob first lays eyes on it, he observes that it "was no refuge from monsters, but a monster itself." Would you say the house serves as a setting to the story...or is its role something else—a character, perhaps?

3. Are you able to make sense of the "after," the time loop? Can you explain it? Do you enjoy the way Riggs plays with time in his novel?

4. Some readers have complained about the inconsistency of the narrative voice, that it was perhaps too sophisticated for a young boy, even an adolescent? Do you agree, or disagree? Does the narrative voice change during the course of the novel?

5. Does the end satisfy? Are loose ends tied up....or left hanging? This is the first book of a planned series. Will you read future installments? Where do you think Riggs will take his readers next?

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Sherry | 19 comments 1. The photos are what first drew me to the book. They are fascinating, bizarre and a little creepy...I like that. It made the book more interesting (not that it needed them) and it helped to imagine the different abilities of the children.

2. I loved that house...felt it was almost a character unto itself. The fact that it changed with the time loop helped bring the story into focus.

3. I liked the time loop aspect in the book...the fact that the kids all kind of celebrated each time when the bomb would stop at the topiary...and the bomb bursts like fireworks...it made the end when the bomb actually 'hit' more devastating.

4. The voice was fine...remember Jacob is 'different' too and the others have been in their time loop for a loong time. I Jacob's voice did change in the book depending on the circumstances and the character he was talking to.

5. Well...it's as tied up as it can be to allow you to want more. It does leave you hanging, but that's why I can't wait for the next book!

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