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School Bullying

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message 1: by erinbobarin94 (new)

erinbobarin94 so im reading this amazing book called Please Stop Laughing At Us... and it is the sequel to a book about the author's personal experiences with school bullying thru out her entire school years. she was harassed, teased, and even physically abused by her peers. its amazing 2 read about her journey as a person, and this book is about how she goes around to schools teaching more effective ways to prevent bullying and how 2 handle it. i dont have this problem @ my school, but does anyone know of anything?

message 2: by ♥KASSIDY♥ (new)

♥KASSIDY♥ wel not 4 me at my school

message 3: by erinbobarin94 (new)

erinbobarin94 thats good. not 4 either.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

no not really

message 5: by Tay (new)

Tay Jackson (qtsk8rgrl) | 5 comments ummmmmm..... i cant say

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