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erinbobarin94 like at the beginning when joe was singing "i'm hot, ur cold" he did this amazingly quick hand movement, i was like GAH!!!! did u c it???

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I was really bummed that they didn't win though. But I thought it was really cute how Nick messed up and he was SOOOOOOO hot! I told all of my friends, they needed a fire extinguisher because Nick was too hot!

It's awesome that they got to perform with Stevie Wonder too! And they were awesome at it!!!!!!!!!

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i know! Stevie Wonder is like one of their idols. Kind of like u singing with the Jonas Brothers. What a sensation?!

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but their performance was sooo AWESOME! (as usual)

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Have you ever seen their YouTube video of them singing Superstition with Jordin Sparks? It's amaaaaaaaazing!

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erinbobarin94 i love that video!

joe was amazing!!

but i hate that they didnt post the entire song, only part. :(

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i now. they show only part of it. i wanna c the whole thing!!!

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Yeah! Me tooooo! I love it so much especially Nick's part in it and guitar and stuff!!!!!

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ya totally. i luv the way he plays the guitar. tis beyond awesome!

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I know right! <33333333

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P.S. Happy Valentine's Day to all u JB fans (oh, and the jobros themselves)

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I hope they enjoyed their V-Day! Too bad Nick spent it single.

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erinbobarin94 OMG I JUST HEARD ABOUT THAT!!!! do u think he really broke up with her/ or her with him the day b4 v-day? or mayb thats just when the news was released, they probably broke up a while ago. not my business anyway, but i loved selena and nick together.

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aaawww! they were such a cute couple...sad.

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erinbobarin94 i know, im upset, 2. and i STILL wish joe and taylor were together, even tho she deserves so much better. u know?

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ya i know waht u mean. but still... nelena is no more? thats kind of a shock to me. is there like some article online or something? can u send me a link if there is?

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erinbobarin94 sorry, my computer has blocked the site for some unknown reason, i just saw the headline.

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erinbobarin94 apparently they broke up... :(

but joe and camilla r still dating. actually, i didnt believe they were 4 a while but i just saw pix of them together from very recently. i saw them n the photo gallery of or .com or whatever. and they aslo went on vacation n mexico together... so taylor was right, he broke up with her 4 the camilla girl!! ugh!!!

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really?! i thought they made a cute couple.

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erinbobarin94 well, we can choose 2 believe what we want 2 believe. i think shes very genuine. unlike miley cyrus.

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erinbobarin94 they broke up, i know. so sad. :(

but its their decision.

apparently he was 2 busy and she missed him a lot.

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erinbobarin94 idk. they just broke up. im guessing selena broke up with him bcuz he was so busy.

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erinbobarin94 yeah. thats definitely a possibility.

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erinbobarin94 wrote: "well, we can choose 2 believe what we want 2 believe. i think shes very genuine. unlike miley cyrus."

i totally agree with u!

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i luv demi. i can join!

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hey! im sara, im new and i love! the jo bros!! nick is my fave!! they were soo goodd att the grammys!!

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hi! i like joe to but nicks my fave!! by far! they sang w/ stevie wonder at the was really good!

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i agree, Sara!

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you can probs find it on youtube

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this isnt the best vid but its ok

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