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message 1: by Marni (last edited Jan 01, 2013 09:11PM) (new)

Marni (WonderWmn999) | 3771 comments The subject is Silence.

message 2: by Emily (last edited Oct 27, 2012 10:40AM) (new)

Emily | 277 comments Title: Earthquake
Genre: Poetry

The troublesome quarreling
breaking out at six in the morning
the snickering laughter
when your pranks escape my warning
and love

Stolen kisses around the table
and food fights when I'm not looking
your conspiracy excluded me
when you complained about my cooking
and care

School, you say, proved unbearable
some Ms. or Mrs. had no sense of humor
it was only a joke, nothing more
but intentions got mixed with rumors
and responsibility

Mom, you plead, believe me I'm not lying!
I didn't do it! I didn't say it!
Every new day brought a new story
Every new day wore me into a fit
and disgust

Then you wouldn't talk to me
when I saw my mistake
you wouldn't answer my approach
from your sleep you wouldn't wake
and no trust

But I would take rebellion
I would take your anger and defiance
I would do anything to bring back
what the earthquake set to silence
My boy
My son
He's MINE!

Written by: Emily

message 3: by Georgia (last edited Oct 02, 2012 08:48PM) (new)

Georgia | 24 comments Title: Passion
Genre: Poetry

Thy passion burns my soul,
Thou knows not how it overwhelms,
Love conveyed through silence,
Hath more sway,

When eyes meet eyes,
Speaking infinite thoughts,
The heart knows the quiver,
Letting out the cadence loud & clear,
The dawn & dusk alike,
A treat for my soul,

The night as deep as you,
Convey as deep as your eyes,
Arousing the senses within me,
Touching the most beautiful vision,
Untouched by the lovers love,
As you lusciously envelope me,
Fructifying my yearning soul

Written by: Georgia

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (Embria) | 6 comments Title: Hang
Genre: Poem

Words left unsaid
Hang in the air
Like a suicidal bridge jumper
Clinging on to the edge.

I slam the door.
Leave the house.
Block out the memories of you.

Your smoky kisses.
Your strong arms.
Your scruffy beard.

You left me hanging…
After the flood of emotions.
The warm intimacy on a cold night.
The promises you made…

You wanted me
But you told me we could never be together
Because you believed you would unintentionally hurt me.
Yet you chose her
Petty excuses.

I channel my pain into something tangible
I hurl my silent phone across the road.
I’ve been gone for a while.
Yet no missed calls or texts from you.
Clearly, I meant a lot to you.

Communication is overrated
When no words
Can express how deeply you’ve wounded me.
And I’m too exhausted to text, “I love you. Fuck you.”

I don’t hate easily.
But I do hurt.
Too many scars are still unhealed.

The voice that used to sing lullabies to you has fallen silent.
Broken telephone.
My muddled mind sends you telepathic messages
Asking for help and comfort.
Begging you to love me the way I love you.
I’m messy. I’m mourning.
I cling to the edge.

Written by: Kristen

message 5: by Brittany (last edited Oct 01, 2012 10:51PM) (new)

Brittany | 111 comments Title:Don't Say A Word

Be silent, disappear.
Know your place and stay clear.
Keep quiet, but alert.
They're on their way now,
DON'T say a word.

*Never, Never! Quite a stir...
Pick a few pockets to infer.
I know that man with a light
in his hands...

Shush now! They'll hear.
Mute yourself and understand.
It's YOU they want dead.

*Hmm, I know the number
between one and ten...
They will wonder
and try to plunder.
But they'll never know!
Because I won't say.
NO, not one word.


Written by: Brittany

message 6: by Yejoon (new)

Yejoon Kim (azure_1395) | 16 comments Title: Suppressed Voice
Genre: Poem

Words swirled inside my head,
Thoughts that you could never comprehend.
Silently watching as days go by,
Dying inside to see myself try.

But how could I speak,
When I am nothing but a freak?
Someone who lives
To question the Kings.

And now I lay,
Frightened and disarray,
Only because I break
The silence in this state.

And the last hope I had
Before I crumbled with fright
Was that someday, they realized
That it's time to speak up.

By: Lyra

message 7: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 2 comments Title: Silence
Genre: Poem

There is no music being played,
No voice to drown out the nothingness.
Nothing but my own thoughts running through my head
Crushing me with everything they have got.
Does he love me?
Will I find a better way?
Is there something more I should be doing,
Than just sitting here each day?
All alone I sit and think,
I have nothing else to do.
My mind keeps counting numbers,
My eyes keeping counting the time.
While my fingers keep on typing,
My heart yearns to fly.

Written by Lauren

message 8: by Sara (new)

Sara Shrieves (SaraShrieves) | 8 comments Title: Rain
Genre: Poem

There is never a time in one's life that's so clear
As knowing when a cloud filled with rain is quite near
It clashes around
With a thundering boom
It raises your hair
Makes you hide in your room
It scares and it thrills
It sometimes gives chills
There are times
In the night
It can even fulfill
A hope that the wind
Will go still while you're sleeping
Some peace for the ones
Who are silently weeping
There are times when the sky
Won't listen at all
Times when your thoughts
Start to tumble and fall
Time for the rain
To wash all things away
Times when it's hard
To just try and stay
Awake all alone
In your little room
So you can ceaselessly hear
The thundering boom

Written by: Sara

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura (Laura_35) | 10 comments Title: The Only Time For Fear
Genre: Poem

It sneaks, it creeps
Always when you least expect it
But one thing is always clear
The only time for fear.....

Fear is a funny thing
Everyone's is different
But one thing is always clear
The only time for fear.....

In the dead of night
Fear is always on your mind
But one thing is always clear
The only time for fear.....

It freezes you, it clutches you
Fear holds you in its grasp
But one thing is always clear
The only time for fear.....

Others cannot help
It's entirely up to you
But one thing is always clear
The only time for fear.....

When it nears the end
Fear finally relents
But one thing is always clear
The only time for fear..... Is silence

Written By: Laura

message 10: by T.J. (last edited Oct 19, 2012 03:37PM) (new)

T.J. | 128 comments Title: Its Name Is Silence

It cannot hear the chimes of a lullaby
Cannot make noise with its feet
cannot murmur a goodbye to its loved one
or feel a drum's creaking beat.

It cannot sing to its Juliet
cannot make out the thrumming of rain
Cannot hush a crying child
or feel his aching pain.

It cannot dance on the wind
or comfort the living
Cannot laugh like a fool
or partake in any giving.

It cannot give the hands' time
and can't whisper a Shakespeare play
cannot beg to be alone
or plea for its love to stay

It cannot smell a flower's fragrance
or feel the shaking cold
cannot say the words "I love you,"
or hear them being told.

Not a soul knows it's there
for they cannot hear it or feel its presence
for how can't it change or make any noise?

Because its name is Silence.

By: ME! (Hatter's Girl)

message 11: by Lacey (new)

Lacey Galicia (laceyjoelle) | 1 comments Title: The Place of Rest
Genre: Poem

Unto the deep the deep heart goes,
It lays its sadness nigh the breast:
Only the Mighty Mother knows
The wounds that quiver unconfessed.

It seeks a deeper silence still;
It folds itself around with peace,
Where thoughts alike of good or ill
In quietness unfostered cease.

It feels in the unwounding vast
For comfort for its hopes and fears:
The Mighty Mother bows at last;
She listens to her children's tears.

Where the last anguish deepens -- there
The fire of beauty smites through pain:
A glory moves amid despair,
The Mother takes her child again.

Written By: AE (George William Russell)

message 12: by Ailyne (new)

Ailyne Title: Confessions of a Writer
Genre: Poem

I don’t want to rhyme today.
I just don’t want to write today.
What god-forsaken words,
Created first,
Rehearsed and rehearsed,
And versed in thirds,
Like dying birds…

But NO!

I don’t want to rhyme today.
Tell me! Damn it! Tell me!
What could I possibly say?
I just don’t want to write today.
Because, no, it’s not okay,
What tattered words display.

But oh! Look.
I am not rhyming today
Cause even though
Say and today rhyme perfectly with okay
Those simple words don’t seem to flow today

Like cottage cheese
And dancing bees
And memories
And fantasies
And big green trees
And boundaries

I don’t want to rhyme today.
I just don’t want to write today.
Because today

All I wanted
Was the Silence.

Written by: Ailyne

message 13: by Sandeep (new)

Sandeep (sandeepdshenoy) Title: My Love
Genre: Poem

Smile;like the morning sun which makes your day bright,
Eyes; like the due drop which reflects the light,
You came into my life like a dream, made it flow like a stream.
Your smile always make me happy, because you are soo cute as a Puppy,
You are charming, you even make your friends Rhyme;
You always fill my heart with joy, i with you could be my Barbie Toy,
I want to talk to you all the time, can't even stop that Onetime;
You are like that Rain, which will ease all the Pain;
When i think about you , I smile without a Clue,
I dont like to bluff,but to describe you a poem is not enough;
This is a Gift , to a friend who is perfect;
I love her you much, i can't explain with words such,
I will remember you ever , until i am gone from this world forever;

Written By :Sandeep

message 14: by Sophie (last edited Oct 20, 2012 02:29AM) (new)

Sophie (AngelSaint) | 1 comments Title: Liars
Genre: Poem

They tell you to speak up
Say you'll always be heard.
They tell you they want what's best for you
To help be rid of the pain.

They tell you it's all right
That it will all work out okay.
They say they'll make them stop
To leave you forever alone.

They tell you they'll be punished
That it won't ever happen again.
They tell you you’re doing the right thing
Stopping others from getting hurt.

They tell you to be honest
To just let the words flow.

They tell you they care
Until the time comes.
For them to actually react
To the actions that occurred.

When it time for them TO speak up
No words can be heard.

All of their promises to stop the ones in the wrong
Fly out the window shattering the glass on the way past.

When words are needed most, nothing can be heard
For those who are meant to protect
Choose to stand and do nothing.

Leaving you wishing that you hadn't said a thing
That you didn't trust, in those who only lie.

That silence would be better
Then to get your hopes up that something could be done.

For those who are victims
Suffer in silence.

Written By: Sophie

message 15: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) | 1026 comments Title: Just So You Know
Genre: Poem

I like you

But you didn't mind

We talk about anything

Hearing your voice is like music to my ear

Making me happy each day

Your smile

Your laugh

You're everything that I love

You hold my hand with your soft, gentle one

as if you don't want to let me go

Seeing you cry hurts me

Like a mirror shattered into pieces

I want to hold you

Cradle you

Embrace you

Wipe your tears with my own hands

Comfort and make you smile again.

I'm holding back..

Keeping in mind

You're not mine

This heart of mine aches

Knowing that I'll never be yours

I try to stop caring about you

Thinking you

Talk about you

I want to stop loving you

But I can't

I just can't

Everytime I see you

I always wear my mask

A mask that covers my feelings

True feelings

I'm afraid this mask can't hold on too much

It will break soon

Uncovering what I feel towards you

But your heart is taken

This silent heart of mine cries

Just so you know I want to tell you

Just so you know I want you

Just so you know I need you

Just so you know I love you

Just so you know........

I can't let you go.

But I can't let you know

or I'll lose you....


Written by: Beatrice

message 16: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Title: Too much to say
Genre: Poem

The peace is gone
but I don't really care

Fancy words are spoken
but they don't mean a thing
They are empty
and come without end
Hanging pointlessly around
floating on anger

Halfhearted statements
They don't hold passion
They don't hold love
I am searching for silence
but am afraid of the pain it holds

Facing each other
So much anger
Having not much to say
Using far too many words

Written by: Avalon

message 17: by Uvi (new)

Uvi Poznansky | 19 comments Title: Be Still
Genre: Poem

Be still, a poet's heart, this moment is rare 
Stop this hammering, why would you dare   
To set up a challenge, to write your own fate
Be still and accept, perhaps it's too late

Unlucky the number, unlucky the day   
Still, welcome the future, come what may
Set yourself free, apart from love
Change whatever was decreed from above

Sing out a ballad of passion and hate
Sing it out as you drown, and ignore that date
Someone may notice, may listen out there
So quicken the pounding, sing out with a flair

The flood is abating, release the dove
Pray to find yourself a part of love

Written by: Uvi Poznansky

message 18: by Petra (last edited Oct 20, 2012 06:28PM) (new)

Petra Title: Shut up!
Genre: Poem

Downing in noise
Believing the whispered lies
We hear so much and yet,
We hear nothing
Distant sirens blocked from our minds,
Spelling trouble in all languages of the universe
But why should we mess with the perfect bubble we live in?
We’re protected, we’re lucky
But it’s never enough
We demand, we complain
If you want the truth
For once in your life just

Written by: Petra Williamson

message 19: by Violet (new)

Violet  Musonda Winchester | 100 comments Title: Whispered Silence
Genre: Poem


Written by: Violet Musonda Mwape.

message 20: by Page (new)

Page (NeverEnoughShelfSpace) Title: The Sowing Kit
Genre: Poem

You ask me what’s wrong and the effect is immediate,
It feels like as if trapdoor has slammed shut in my mind,
I press my lips together, painfully so, and you recognize the symptoms,
Panic fills your eyes but it’s too late.

A thimble, a needle and silken thread,
A construct of my mind is all that keeps you from the truth,
Shakily, a phantom hand threads the needle and lifts to my lips,
For every answer that you demand I feel the thread pulling tighter,
My lips, torn and bleeding, but mending together anew,
The new skin, waxy and pink and tender to the touch,
Unbreakable, I am made silent.

Your eyes bore into mine,
Begging for me to speak, pleading for the truth,
Though, in this desperation, I think you’d even accept a lie,
Some words, any words, to ease your mind,
Just say something, you eyes demand,
And still, I remain silent.

I do not know how I appear to you but on the inside,
My stomach churns, tears burn and my own breath suffocates,
I want to tell you how I feel,
But the adrenaline pumps and I feel the urge - fight or flight,
No, I scream inside, as I feel the thread pulling tighter and start to turn away from you,
Your eyes widen, my tears fall,
I wonder if I’ll ever speak at all.

My back is to you now and I hear you take a step toward me,
I feel the warmth of your fingertips as reach out to me,
Hovering so close to my skin and then you touch me,
My eyes close and I shudder but I don’t turn around,
A moment or minutes or even eons pass; exasperated you sigh,
Your hand falls and I hear you walk away,
Still silent though we’ve both said too much.

Written by: Page Amber

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