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This Thing of Darkness
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message 1: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 05:41PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments In the longlist for The Man Booker Prize in 2005. When I read the first few sentences of the book summary, I did not want to read the book. Why would I want to learn about Charles Darwin and his adventures? I thought it would be a boring story about digging for fossils. As I continued reading the summary, I became intrigued and realized that my view towards this book was biased due to a boring documentary I watched regarding Charles Darwin. How would the captain react to the archaeological findings of Darwin? I am drawn to the idea of seeing Charles Darwin and the captain in a more personal and perspective through this book and discovering how each fairs in their faith as the existence of dinosaurs becomes more evident through Darwin's findings.

message 2: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:08PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 10%

"They most certainly are men, just as you or I. Unfortunate men, maybe, forced by accident of circumstance to inhabit this Godforsaken spot, but they are our brothers nonetheless." (Thompson 59)

young man's adventure
capturing my attention
i think i'll read more

message 3: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:18PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 20%

"You have power to give them life - eternal life - where once there was only misery and suffering.'" (Thompson 115)

action, suspense, plot
enjoying every second
great protagonist

message 4: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:23PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 30%

"'Mr Darwin, I often feel there is an underlying simplicity to God's plan that continues to elude us all.'" (Thompson 139)


not much action
characters develop slow
i am really bored

message 5: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:27PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 40%
"What is this antiquated world of peremptory justice and sadistic medieval vengeance that I have joined of my own will? he asked himself. A world where men take floggings with equanimity and are as like as not to end their lives drowned in soft brown mud? I must have taken leave of my sense." (Thompson 202)

fitzroy and darwin
clashes are not fun to read
too repetitive

message 6: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:30PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 50%

"'In God, Don Carlos? There is no God. As you saw yourself - if you give your most precious thing to God, you might as well throw it away.'" (Thomas 302)

like a side story
presents darwin as manly
its not convincing

message 7: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:42PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 60%

"The mountains were indeed rising from the sea. But they weren't doing it gradually. They were doing it in a series of violent lurches...FitzRoy was wrong. The Bible was wrong. He - Charles Darwin - had the answer. " (Thomposon 346)

few observations
concludes he has the answer
whats wrong with this guy

message 8: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:38PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 70%

"I was brought up to obey orders, Fitzroy told himself. to do my duty. But increasingly I am being given orders that do not tally with natural justice - with God's justice. Orders that I cannot in all conscience accord with. These people should be helped...not plundered, as if the Royal Navy were little better than pirates." (Thompson 414)

they face troubles
dark mood depressing events
suspense is building

message 9: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:45PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 80%
"The weakest go the wall, thought Darwin, angrily. Your kind shall be swept aside like the great beasts of old. Scientists, industrialists, enterprises, inventors, businessmen, these are the ones who shall inherit the earth. Your species has reached the end of its natural lifespan." (Thompson 451)

alone by himself
the world against fitzroy
you can feel his pain

message 10: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:48PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 90%

"'As long as you do not reject the prospect of salvation, for that might cause the most terrible consequences on the Day of Judgement. It is the day when I know I shall see my dear sister Fanny once more. I should be most unhappy if I thought that we should be parted on the same day. I so want us to belong to each other for ever.'" (Thompson 513)

can't do what he loves
how sad can fitzroy's life get?
end the pain quickly

message 11: by David (last edited Jan 17, 2013 09:53PM) (new)

David H | 22 comments 100%

"Would Mary be waiting for him there, he wondered, wreathed in a golden light on that distant shore? would Jemmy be there too...and dear Johnny Wickham? Or was Darwin right? Was he just another monkey, too highly developed for his own good? there was only one way to find out. The razor felt cold against his throat."

protagonist dies
appealing storytelling
tragic good ending

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