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What are you reading now?

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message 1: by eLiZaBeTh (new)

eLiZaBeTh | 3 comments What are you reading right now? I'm reading Little Women and Pardon My french.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

im not reading any thing right now. got any thing for me to read?

message 3: by eLiZaBeTh (new)

eLiZaBeTh | 3 comments i think you should read the twilight series. i read them and there my favorite books now!!!

message 4: by Erica (new)

Erica | 1 comments Alex wrote: "im not reading any thing right now. got any thing for me to read?"

hmm well that depends...what kind of books do you like to read? i might have to really think a bit to remember books i liked at your age (and they might seem waaaay old to you, ha!), but i bet i could recommend something. also, the kids/ya section of the bookpeople website has some great ideas by age and interest.

message 5: by Bobbie (last edited Feb 18, 2009 03:15PM) (new)

Bobbie (bobbiesquares) im re-reading the harper hall triology by anne mcCafrey (Dragonsinger).... its good fiction, w/ dragons. anne mcCafrey also writes another series called the dragonriders of pern.. much more dragons. equally good, but i got tired of the dragons after a while.

message 6: by eLiZaBeTh (new)

eLiZaBeTh | 3 comments now im reading uglies. its pretty good, even though im not that far into it yet.

message 7: by Sketchy Z (new)

Sketchy Z Right now, I'm rereading the princess bride.

message 8: by Bobbie (new)

Bobbie (bobbiesquares) really??? the book??? i have never read it!! i've just seen the movie fifty kajillion times.

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