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Thurman (nycblkboy) | 145 comments This is a spoiler for the entire Foundation and Robot series. It covers all books from both series.

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Sean O'Hara (SeanOHara) | 2334 comments Gaia made me feel stupid for reading the book. I can understand the Mule -- Asimov was writing for John "Whackadoodle" Campbell who believed psychic powers were real and wanted all his writers to use them in stories. But Campbell was dead by the time of Foundation's Edge, so why did he feel the need to compound the stupidity of the Mule by creating an entire race of space-hippie-psychics who are one with nature? Just writing that sentence makes me angry.

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Rasnac | 336 comments (Because of the subject of the topic, I believe it is o.k. to give spoilers about Foundation and Earth. But just in case, BEWARE!)

Honestly, when I first read Foundation and Earth, I thought it was an intentional decision on Asimov's part to write downer ending, with humanity becoming a hive mind thus forever denied individuality and free will, which, I believe, is the one true things that defines us. And the worse part is, main character Golan Trevize made his decision not based on some higher ideal or philosophy; but based on fear from a hypothetical outer, non-human threat(in form of alien invasion etc.)to humanity. And, to add insult to injury, Asimov hints in the very last pages that non-human threat does not have to be alien; it can very well be Daneel himself. Daneel is already controlling Gaia paternally and when he merge with posthuman Solarian child's brain, he will no longer a robot thus free of Laws of Robotics that make him "help" and "protect" humanity.

So practically when Galaxia is completed he will be a "god". And I must add while controlling Galaxia, Daneel is free of its will; so any possibility of a "composite free will" is out of the question. He will order and galaxy will obey completely.

I must say existing as a part of a living galaxy, under supreme control a posthuman god is not a my understanding of an optimistic, idealist utopia. I always thought Asimov wrote Foundation and Earth as a cliffhanger and meant Daneel and Galaxia to be the greatest threat to humankind's future. But there are no sequels...

Evgeny The Gaia is the reason I recommend reading Foundation books until it is first mentioned (in the middle of Foundation's Edge). I have yet to see lamer excuse for creating hive mind collective: to defend ourselves against aliens whom we have not encountered yet and have no clue where or what they are, but we are somehow sure whey are coming and they are bad guys.

KevBayer (SporadicReviews) | 491 comments Wasn't there a short story that takes place shortly after Trevize makes his decision?

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