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message 1: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper | 73 comments ... you've not exactly money to spare, but buy

- a 100 years old safety razor, because you need to know how those worked and want to hold it in your hands so you can describe a young man's first shave.

- a photo of an enchanting youth who most likely started rotting away in French soil somewhen after the 1st of July 1916.

- a sheaf of vintage unused paper some 180 years old, just so you know how writing on it feels like.

Yes. That crazy. ;)

message 2: by Alys (new)

Alys Marchand (alysmarchand) | 11 comments I buy the jewelry my characters wear, which so far has included a working 132-year-old pocket watch and jewelry using sapphires, opals, amethysts, peridot, and pearls. I'm making a gown one of my characters wears that has silk charmeuse with gold chain and genuine sapphires on it.

I love really old photos and have some of people who would have died as old folks at least 100 years ago.

I think it's great to want to experience what the characters are. If it helps you learn how something feels, then what's the problem? Better to know and be accurate than to remain ignorance and have it clear you don't know what you're talking about.

message 3: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper | 73 comments Yes, there's something to holding such items with so much history in your hands. ;)

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