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WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D And on to another roleplay!! woot woot

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Yaaaaayyyy!! Let's do this thing! Okay, so any ideas? :D

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Gyahh I don't know! hmmmm.... I really love doing doubles with you! But I would like to have two different plot lines for this one :) Maybe realistic this time?

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Okie doke, sounds good to me! Now for the ideas...hmmmm

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hmmmm..... Let's see...I'm up for one of them to be maybe like a crime scene one...I don't know... there could be some sort of killing by the guy for some kind of reason and the girl witnesses it...LOL I feel so unstructured right now...derp.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments :D I know right, me too. It's like my brain is dead right now lol :P

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments But I do really like that idea. We could tweak it up a bit, but it sounds pretty interesting. :)

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Yeah it just something we can grow you have any ideas or something you've wanted to try out? :)

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Well we could do a modern day Romeo and Juliet roleplay, even though that's sort of cliche. Haha, I'm sorry I don't have any really good ideas right now.

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Nope that's fine with me :) hmm how shall we add the modernist to it? What would the parents be rivals in? :)

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Maybe rival businesses? :)

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Sure :) that sounds fine :D hmm what kind of business....?

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Hmmm....a publishing business maybe? And could I be the girl in the crime scene one? :D

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Haha okay sure :) sounds good! Want to make your charries first?

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Sure!

Name: Tessa Brown
Age: Eighteen.
Appearance: (view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Personality: Jennifer isn't necessarily shy, but she does have a bit of a problem with her communication skills and isn't a very good conversation starter. Around her friends, though, and once you get to know her, she is very outgoing and talkative, like the usual teenage girl. At times, she can get pretty feisty and defensive and thinks boys are a waste of time.

Name: Austin Princefield
Age: Twenty.
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Personality: Austin is usually a very kind person. He is very trustworthy, but finds it hard to trust other people. Once you get to know him, he will keep any secret and tell you anything. In some ways, he can be found sarcastic or arrogant, but has a soft side that shows through quite rarely.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Helllloooo? :D

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Ah sorry! I'll reply really soon I just gotta eat my dinner :P

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Okie doke!

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Name: Katie Flinser
Age: 17
Appearance: Katie has dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes. Her hair comes down to a medium length but she usually has it in a tight high pony tail and rarely let's it down. She really short with a small body. Although she gets frustrated when people call her small or short.

Personality: Katie is strong willed and sort of does her own thing. She likes to get the job by herself or she just won't feel satisfied. Which can make her seem very stubborn to others.

Name: Neil Homes
Age: 20
Appearance: Neil is one of those intimidating looking type of guys. With large muscles and a tall body. He has short dirty blonde hair and green eyes with a tan body. He has a large tattoo on his back of a cross and initials on it.
Personality: Neil is arrogant and believes everything he does is the right way. Which gets him into trouble easily. Though, he loves a challenge. He loves the thrill of the dangers in life and takes huge risks.

I'm so sorry it's short I'm just really tired :P

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments No, it's okay. Would you mind starting? :)

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Sure thing :)

Neil was on the streets with another man who he was following. He was wearing a dark hoodie as he followed the man into a dark ally. It didn't seem like anyone was out tonight. Most people wouldn't be in this type of neighbor hood at this time of night. Neil had been working for the head boss of a gang for a while now and his plan now was to leave it...tonight. He didn't want in anymore. It was a rush...but too much with his circumstances. Soon he arrived in an ally where he the man who lead him walked to the corner and his boss stepped up. "Neil, I hear you're thinking about leaving. Hmm?" He said very lowly. Neil stepped up confidently. "Not thinking about it...I am tonight." He said just as lowly. "Well, my boy, I'm sorry to here that." Was the last thing the boss said before two other men stepped up to attack Neil. ( Sorry I'm so tired I'm not going to describe every detail for this part :( )) Neil fought back easily before knocking them out quickly. Then the boss stepped in holding a gun out with an evil laugh. It only took Neil two seconds to rip out of his hand before taking it and pulling the trigger causing the bullet to go right through his thick head.

Katie made her way downtown before stopping in front of a large building. She sighed looking down to her manuscript she wrote up herself. For years she'd wanted to publish her story and now today was the day she would walk right in and give a publishing company....rather, her family's rival publishing company her story. And why wouldn't she just ask her father to publish it? Well, she didn't need the whole because we're family, of course she would get it published rumors. She wanted to know if she was really good enough. If she had what it took. She stepped in with her head held high into the reception area. "Excuse me? Where could I deposit my manuscript?" She asked confidently and professionally.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments The receptionist looked up to see a well-dressed girl standing in front of her. Managing a tight smile, she pointed to a door down the hallway from the main entrance. "Mr. Princefield's office is down there, if you take a left, it's the first one in that hallway," she instructed with a curt nod.
Meanwhile, in his office, Austin, otherwise known as Mr. Princefield was shuffling through and reading some manuscripts, throwing out the terrible ones and making edits on the okay ones. Work nowadays was the same old thing, and now that his father had died, he practically had control of the whole company. Aside from his mother who was like his second in command. Startling him out of his stupor and thoughts, he heard a knock at the door. Suspecting it was another client, he looked up and called out professionally, "Come in."

Tessa made her way through the dark alleys after a long day at work, throwing her hood over her head to shield her eyes from the cold wind that was whipping around. Startling her slightly, she heard the sound of gunshots and loud voices just around the corner she was about the turn. Biting her lip a little, she couldn't contain her curiosity as she rounded the corner of the alley, stopping dead in her tracks at the sight of a dead man lying on the cracked pavement. Gaping slightly, she looked up to see another man that looked around her age standing over him, a gun held in his hands. Backing up from the scene a little, she realized she really had no way out, which made her eyes widen more. What if the man shot her as well. Just to take precautions, she held her hands up in a defensive manner, "D-Don't hurt me. P-Please," she stuttered uselessly, her voice weak and strained.

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Neil was breathing quickly as he watched the lifeless body start to drain out all the blood in his head. While the other guys were knocked out cold at the moment. He jumped as he heard footsteps and a small voice. He didn't even think as he pulled the trigger at a brick post 20feet away from her. "Shit." He muttered under his breath. He looked to the girl who looked scared for her own life at the moment. Was it sick of him to see that she was rather beautiful looking? He swallowed just staring at her. "What is a girl your age doing out here?" He asked in a rather angry sounding voice.

Katie nodded to the woman giving her a polite smile before going over to the office door. She knocked hearing a mans voice...a rather young man's voice at that. When she was called to come in she did so very confidently. She took one deep breath before speaking up to him. "I'm here to give you my manuscript." She said with perfect posture. But she lost her cool for a second as she noticed how old the guy looked. He couldn't have been any older than 20.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments "A girl my age?" Tessa started, gaining some confidence, "I'm eighteen, thank you very much, and you don't look much older than me. Besides, I could ask the same question about you," she said, taking a deep breath as she tried to block out the dead body practically in front of her. "W-Why did you shoot him?" she asked, biting her lip a little as she noticed how. . .good-looking he was. No, she could not think he was attractive now, not after he had just shot and killed someone for all she knew, no reason at all.

Austin looked up and tried to keep himself from gaping at the girl in front of him's beauty. Biting his lip a little, he tried to keep his professionalism and took the manuscript from her, taking a few moments to read through it. Slightly impressed, he looked up and met her eyes again, managing a small smile. "This is really good, you're very talented. I'm glad to see there's at least some talent in this town," he joked weakly, laughing a bit to himself as he set the manuscript down on his desk in the accepted and to-be-edited pile.

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Neil looked at her strangely. She seemed so much more confident now even while could practically kill her right there with his gun. His brows furrowed at her question. He didn't exactly expect to have that question asked him today. He swallowed glancing over at the other bodies that were starting to move now. Although, they hadn't gained full consciousness yet. He thought quickly and walked over to the girl still ignoring her question. He grabbed her arm. "Come with me." He said in a whisper and pulled her along quickly but started to actually run as he heard the voices of the men waking up.

Katie watched him look over some of her first page and she felt rather anxious about it. Someone reading her work and all. But she held her hands into fists straightening herself out looking over to him. She was rather ecstatic to hear his compliment. It felt real this time. She couldn't help but let a small smile spread across her lips. "Thank you." She said trying not to let too much excitement seep out of her voice. She watched him lay her story onto a pile and she had a questionable look as to what that pile meant. "Um. When can I expect to be notified about whether I'm able to get published or not?" She asked trying to sound confident.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa's eyes widened as the mysterious boy grabbed her by the arm and dragged her further down the alley, despite her protests. "Get off of me!" she yelled, trying to shake from his grasp, but no matter how hard she tried, he had a very firm grip on her. "What do you want with me?" she questioned finally, her voice rising with frustration and confusion. Even if she tried to stay confident, it was slipping fast due to the fact that he still had a loaded gun in his hand and was practically kidnapping her. Glancing behind her, though, she realized why the boy was dragging her away from her recent spot. If she listened closely, she could hear the faint voices of men waking up. "What is going on?" she asked, deciding it was better if she just pushed all of her questions out at him all at once.

Austin met the girl's eyes and smiled politely, but formally, "Oh, they're already approved. I think the story has high potential based on what I've read so far, and it could turn out amazing if we tweak it up a bit," he clarified, glancing over to where her gaze was fixed. "And don't worry, that pile of papers is for manuscripts that are going to be sent on to be edited. As you can see, there aren't many, so congratulations," he said, standing up to shake her hand. "By the way, I never did catch your name," he started, the smile widening on his face as he met her eyes.

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Neil kept walking quickly with her arm in his hand tightly. He needed to find somewhere they could go quickly where he could explain...or at least figure out she could keep her mouth shut with this incident. Sure, he did fight in defense but that wouldn't stop the police from looking at his other files for the business he did for his now dead boss before in. He had to ignore her questions until he finally stopped in a broken down apartment he used to hide out in. He opened the door looking behind him before pulling her into the dark room. "Okay." He started as he locked the door. "You have to forget everything you just saw." He said seriously with a hand on her shoulder looking into her eyes.

Katie opened her eyes wide from the news that her story would in fact already be published. She would have jumped for joy right then and there of not for her trying to act professionally. "R-Really?!" She asked with a pearly white smile. Then he started towards her taking her hand in his to shake. She looked down to it feeling the warmth of his hand seemed to spark something inside of her. "Oh.." She started looking back up into his eyes. He really did have a great smile. She was a sucker for a smile. "My name....Right.." She said realizing where she really was. She couldn't just tell him her real name. It would give away she was the daughter of their competitor. "Katie...Katie Erm.. Nickle." She lied.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa still tried desperately to break from the boy's grasp, but still couldn't shake him, "What the hell do you want from me?!" she yelled, finally turning and pulling out of his hands. She grimaced when he set his hands on her shoulders and stared coldly into his eyes, "No. I will not forget what I saw. I swear, I am going to report you to the police and you will be arrested," she said, her glare burning into his eyes. What was his problem? What did he want with her? And worst of all, why had he shot an innocent man? Or at least, Tessa thought he was innocent...

Austin grinned at the girl's obvious excitement and shook his head, laughing a little. "Really," he clarified with a small smirk. Looking at her expectantly, he smiled wider at the mention of her name. It was a pretty name, a common one of course, but it fit her seamlessly, "Well, it's nice to meet you Katie," he said, trying to ignore the fact that she was utterly gorgeous so he could concentrate on being professional.

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Neil was a bit taken a back by her coldness towards him. Although, who wouldn't be cold to the person who dragged you into an old apartment against their will? Not to mention the fact she'd seen him kill a man. The sick part of it was for some reason he would have rather any other person see him do such a thing. He didn't mean for his voice to now sound aggravated or cold but it ended up that way as he spoke. "Listen, you can't. Do you think I wanted to kill him? Huh? I'm not sure who in their right mind would want to kill someone like that." His voice suddenly becoming louder but then it started to soften again as he banged his fist against the door. "I don't kill. I was only protecting myself."

Katie swallowed a bit as her name rolled right off his tongue. It sounded quite nice. Even if he'd probably said it before due to how common her name was." Nice to me you too." She replied. Their hands seemed to linger for a bit before she pulled away. Her eyes were looking into his and it felt like some pull between them. And it scared her. "Um ...well th-thank you for your time." She said politely. What was she doing stumbling over her words? That wasn't her at all. She was usually quick witted and confident.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments "Protecting yourself from what? Or who?" Tessa shot back, raising her eyebrows slightly as her gaze didn't waver from his face, "No one just goes out and shoots someone for the hell of it," she said, her voice growing quieter and quieter somehow. She didn't know why, but her confidence was slowly dissipating, and fast. There was something about this boy that scared her and maybe she was just imagining things, but he seemed like he had a big secret. Something that he had never shared with anyone. Hesitating for a moment, she spoke her thoughts, "I know you're lying. You have a secret, a deep, dark secret that you've never told anyone about. So spill it. Now. Either that or I'm telling the police."

Austin nodded, feeling an odd sort of pull between them as he met her eyes again. He didn't know why, but there was a part of him that didn't want this girl to leave. Trying to play it cool, he flashed her a quick smile and began to talk again, "Hey, could I get your number, please?" he started, trying to keep his confidence and cool. "I mean, just in case I need to contact you about editing your manuscript or anything like that," he continued on, not wanting to sound suspicious or anything. The truth was, he only wanted her number so he could call her up sometime and see if she wanted to hang out sometime.

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Neil was looking straight back into her eyes as she spoke to him like she did. She was quiet but it still sounded like she had complete confidence in what she was saying to him. Which astonished him, frankly. Usually he asks someone to keep their mouth shut about something and they do it. And if they didn't... He used force. But that was very rare for him. Now, here she was, a beautiful girl before his eyes asking, more like threatening him to tell her his secret. "Listen. You... You shouldn't know anything about this." He told her firmly. And he was telling the truth. If she knew, she might be in as much trouble as he is in now. And not with the police. "Because I don't think you're willing to run for the rest of your life." He said seriously, but also trying to persuade her.

Katie blinked at his question for a moment. He had wanted her number? She had to admit she was surprised and unsure how to react for a moment until he explained himself some more. She nodded pulling out a pen from her purse. She always had a pen and notebook with her at all times in case any story ideas clicked into her mind. She ripped a tiny piece of paper out of the notebook and wrote her number down for him. "Here..." She said giving him the paper with a small smile. She glanced down at her watch on her slender wrist then looked back up to him. "Well, I really do need to go....But thank you so very much...Mr. Princefield. " She said giving a polite nod before heading out of the door quickly.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa threw up her arms in frustration, trying desperately to keep her cool, "Why not?" she pushed on, trying to see if she could get some actual information out of him. Why was it so important that he didn't tell her his secret? It wasn't like anyone could overhear them, they were in a broken down apartment, no one would want to venture down here. And what did he mean about running for the rest of her life? Who was she going to have to run from? So many questions swirled through her clouded mind as she kept her gaze steady on his. "What's your name?" she questioned after he didn't respond to her first question. She didn't really know why she wanted to find out what his name was, but figured it would be worth some kind of value in the long run.

Austin walked Katie to the door and opened it politely for her, flashing another one of his flawless smiles. Gazing at her a bit longer than necessary, he decided to walk her down through the lobby and to the front doors. When they reached it, he smiled at her once more and opened his mouth to speak, "By the way," he started hesitantly. "Austin. You can call me Austin. The truth is, you look around the same age as me and it just feels. . .too formal, if you know what I mean," he finished sheepishly, looking up and catching her eyes with his.

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Neil could clearly see her frustration in the whole situation. Was it wrong of him to find it rather....adorable? He shook that thought that he assumed was indeed wrong away for now. He couldn't tell her why...clearly it would only do what he was trying to prevent if he explained why. Then another question was asked of him. His name...should he even give her his name? She already knew enough so it can't do much harm at the moment so he cleared his throat running a hand through his hair. "Neil." He answered then raised his eyebrow curiously at her. "And yourself?"

Katie was a bit dumbfounded at his small acts of being a gentlemen. She had to admit for the moment it was nice to have a boy hold something open for her. Even if she was one dead set against such acts. She usually wanted to feel like she could handle her own self...but a simple opening of the door wasn't any harm right? Especially someone with a smile like his. Her eyes locked with his not really hearing his statement for a few moments but she cleared her throat softly as she spoke up. She thought she was right about his age...but he looked so young for his job. "Okay, but do you mind me asking or how do you have a job like you do?...You're so, young."

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa couldn't believe that the boy still wouldn't explain his secret or what was going on. It was starting to make her even more frustrated, which went on to make her face turn red. She sighed, closing her eyes for a moment before answering hesitantly, "Tessa." she responded, she'd never heard a name like Neil before, but to be honest, she sort of liked it. On the other hand though, she could not be having these kinds of thoughts about this person she hardly knew.

Austin looked up as Katie asked another question of her. Biting his lip a little, he managed a smile down at her, "No, not at all," he started with a deep breath, "I-um, my father died last year and I've taken over his job for him. Now it's just my mom and I running this place," he explained quietly. He usually didn't like to talk about his family, especially his father, since the subject was always a touchy one for him, but he figured Katie had a right to know.

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Neil let a small smirk spread across his lips sexily. Tessa. He found the name fit for her and actually quite attractive. But he had to push those thoughts away for what he hoped not too all. Even if that sounded sick and twisted. She was the that just saw him murder a man for all she knew, he could be a complete psycho. Which in all honesty, he hoped she didn't think that of him too much. "Okay, Tessa" he started letting her name roll of his tongue. But he looked back through the curtains seeing the men searching through the streets aimlessly. "We'll have to wait it out for a while." He explained plainly.

Katie swallowed at his confession. She wondered why her dad was so...happy not too long ago. Gently but hesitantly, she placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm so sorry." She told him softly with sympathetic eyes. It was hard to imagine, him having to take control over the company so young in place of his father. If her father had died so soon would she be able to take over the company? It would of had to of waited until her 18th birthday though, but still.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments "Great, just great!" Tessa started, running a frustrated hand through her hair. "You do know that I have a life outside of whatever this is, right? I have friends and family as well and what are they going to say when I come back days later with no factual explanation for this?" she added, her voice growing louder and louder. "Plus, you won't even tell me what's going on and why you shot that man! I don't know about you, but I don't find it that safe to be stuck here in an abandoned apartment with a murderer!" she said, trying to contain her anger, but it just all came tumbling out.

Austin shook his head, not wanting Katie to feel sympathetic for him. Pausing for a moment to regain his composure. "No, it's fine. He's in a better place now, I know that for sure," he said, nodding as if to assure himself once again that his dad was fine and that life was alright now. "But thank you for actually caring. Most people just pat me on the back and tell me everything will be okay." he said, smiling appreciatively down at her.

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Neil was rolling his eyes as she kept going on and on. He was watching out the window and he suddenly saw two of the men looking around. And her she was about to blow their cover. He stepped over to her placing his hand on her mouth leaning down a bit to look her dead in the eyes. "Please. For the love of god. Shut up." He said in a low intimidating sounding whisper. He took a deep breath glancing back at the window seeing as the two men were still searching every inch of this little abandoned part of the city.

Katie thought that was just horrible. No one actually caring about the death of his father? And just nudging it off like it was just some expired milk that needed to be thrown out. "Well I'm sorry to hear that." She said trying to give him comforting smile. She looked down at her watch then to him giving him a apologetic look. "I'm really sorry but I have to go. Now." Was all she said before taking off out the door stealing one small glance back at him as she quickly walked off.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa removed Neil's hand from her mouth and stood up straighter, her face determined and irritated all at once. "Make me," she said a bit too loudly for the crowded room they were in. Quite honestly, she didn't see why he didn't want her to speak. There were so many unanswered questions she need answers too and clarification for what was going on and when she could actually get back to her family.

Austin shrugged and nodded when Katie said she needed to go. "It was nice to meet you," he said gratefully, the smile on his face not faltering at all. Smiling wider to himself, he watched her walk out to her car and drive away, leaving the window and heading back over to his office so he could get some more work done. He had quite a few more papers to edit and draft and he figured he would be in his office for at least three more hours. Great, he thought hastily to himself.

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Neil glared at her with frustration as she spoke ever so loudly. "Shu-" he started but heard the men coming closer to the apartment. If he didn't do something idea came to mind though and he looked to her taking in a deep breath. They would be looking through the window any moment now. "Do not move until I stop." He whispered very quietly. And before he knew it he put his lips to hers pulling her over so he was against the wall and she somewhat hid him. "Nope...just some couple getting down." Neil heard one of the men say to the other. Neil kept his lips to hers holding her in place before he finally heard the men leave. Neil pulled away taking a deep breath. "Okay. You can move." He said letting her go.

Katie rushed quickly to her family apartment that happened to be empty most of the time. But today she was going to babysitting there for one of her neighbors. She felt relief rush through when she saw the little girl hadn't arrived yet with her mom. So she went ahead inside dropping her bag on a table finally sitting down. She thought back to what had happened...she would have her novel...published. Published! It made her all giddy inside. (Fast forward to later that night with a call or see each the next day by coincidence?))

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa shoved Neil away and gaped at him, "What the hell was that for?!" she questioned, running her fingertips across her lips. "Why did you just kiss me?" She continued on, so many questions needed to be answered, and now one more just got added to the list. "I can't believe you just kissed me," she muttered under her breath and bit her lip, still slightly shocked.

The next day, Austin wandered through the main square of town, bored out of his mind. He contemplated calling Katie, but then decided to wait. Looking around, he spotted someone familiar and noticed it was actually Katie. Smiling widely, he headed over to her, "Hey stranger," he teased as he neared her.

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Neil was practically ignoring her as he looked outside making sure they were gone. When he figured they had made it a few blocks away by now he turned to look back at her. "Okay. Well, to answer the question, that was ploy to keep the men out there from noticing who I was." He told her nonchalantly. Then he ran a hand through his hair walking over to a roughed up couch and sitting down. He glanced to her. "Okay... Now hit me with all your questions...I can answer some not most. But you're going to hide out here for the night."

Katie had been sitting down at one of the public benches while she was enjoying herself in a book. But she was startled and she jumped up from hearing his voice so close. She turned to see him placing her hand over her heart. "Geez you scared me." She said taking in a deep breath.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments "I'm pretty sure you know what my questions are," she started, sitting down beside him, but making sure to stay the farthest away she possibly could from him on the small couch. "Who are those men and why are they after you? And why will I have to hide out here for the night, can't I just go home?" she pushed on, slightly annoyed that there were so many unanswered questions he had yet to answer.

Austin laughed and sat down next to her, a smile lighting up his face. "Sorry, I just saw you and thought I would say hi. I've already sent your manuscript to a few different publishers and I think it should be picked up sometime soon," he said, glancing over at the book she was reading. "How long have you been writing?" he added questionably and somewhat out of the blue, looking out at the bustling people in front of them.

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Neil raised his eyebrow as she spoke quickly. He leaned back a bit more comfortably in his seat waiting for her to finish. Then when she finally did he considered all of her questions. He could just come clean and tell he everything...but the less she knew the better. If someone were to ever question her about this night he wanted her to be as innocent as possible. "Well, those men are after me because I shot a man. "He said plainly then continued. "You're here because it's not safe for you to walk back home when people like those men are out and about. But the only other thing I can tell you is that I'm not some regular murderer." He told her with a serious low tone.

Katie blinked a bit as he took a seat right next to her. She slowly moved an inch away. "Oh well then hello." She said in response but her eyes brightened at the mention of her book being sent out. "Really?!" She said with a wide smile. But then she was taken by surprise with his question. "Oh...well I...I've been writing ever since I can remember. Even when I didn't know how to father wrote down the stories I told him." She said placing a strand of hair behind her ear with a more meaningful smile on her lips.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa sighed, her mood lightening once she knew the answers to at least some of her never-ending questions. "I'm still confused. And I'm not really fond of the idea that I have to stay overnight in an abandoned apartment building. . .with you," she said, biting her lip a little as she stared off at the graffiti covered wall in front of her. She should have taken the safer, longer route home instead of taking the shortcut through the sketchy part of town. But no, she just had to get home right away. Stupid, she thought to herself hastily, biting down harder on her lip until she could taste a tiny bit of blood.

Austin noticed Katie inch away from him a little bit, but didn't protest. After all, they barely knew each other, "Really," he responded as clarification for her question. "And it really shows in your writing. You're naturally talented," he complimented swiftly, another soft smile lighting up his face. He didn't know why, but whenever he was around Katie, there was something in him that made him want to compliment her about everything; the way her dark brown hair fell effortlessly down her shoulders, how her ocean blue eyes sparkled in the sun, and whenever she smiled, it made him want to kiss her. But why was he feeling this way already? The two had practically just met..

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Neil raised his brow as he leaned back against the couch setting his leg comfortably on the old worn down coffee table. "How so? It's not like I bite.....much." He said cooly letting a smirk spread on his lips. Maybe it was a bit cruel to mess with her or tease her within the circumstances. But she seemed to make it too easy for him. He watched her, studying her every facial expression. There was still that warning sign in the back of his mind that she would go to the police by tomorrow.

Katie's eyes brightened at his words. Her dreams were finally going to come true. And it would be real not fake. She smiled warmly at him tilting her head slightly. "Thank you...That's really nice of you to say. It means a lot."she said softly but honestly to him. But the way he seemed to look at her made her feel a small spark at the pit of her stomach. Maybe even butterflies. She shifted a bit pulling a strand of hair out of her eyes unsure of what to say.

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Kiersten  (kie_elyce) | 26 comments Tessa rolled her eyes yet again and leaned back further into the sofa cushion, biting her tongue a little to hold back a snide comment. Why did Neil have to be so damn. . .annoying and arrogant and self-centered and-and, so many things. It made her want to get up off of the couch and punch him hard on the face, which was out of character for a girl like her. "Ha-ha, very funny," she said, pursing her lips as she waited for the room to go silent, which she knew wouldn't happen since he never seemed to want to shut up. Stupid boys. Stupid Neil.

Austin smiled, noticing Katie's excitement just by looking at her. Somehow when she was excited, it radiated from her and made him happy, even a little excited as well. "Well, you don't have to thank me, but you're welcome. The story was incredible anyways so I know it will do extremely well market when it becomes available," he said, the smile still not fading from his youthful features. Running his hand through his hair, an annoying habit he had picked up when he was younger, he bit his lip, trying to enjoy the silence instead of thinking of it as awkward.

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