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 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica walked into her cabin "Wow," She thought to herself.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica walked out of the cabin, she saw someone who looked knew "Hey," She said waving "What's up? I'm Jessica," She said.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) "Jessica," She said smiling.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) "Yes," She said. "Like... half-hour-ago, new," She paused. "i already got orantation... kind of?" She said tilting her head a little.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) ((Ok :)))

"this camp is SOO Cool," She said "it's like kick but action," Se smiled "Well.... it IS cool," She said toning it down a bit.

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Kassandra Patti Crimson walked out of her cabin sheathing her trustee sword, just as she saw two girls talking.

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Kassandra Patti Crimson walked towards them feeling like she wanted to be nice today she stopped infront of them "You guys gunna come practise or stand here all day?" she asked witha grin

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Kassandra Patti She looked at both of them with a raised eyebrow "Then how about you come show me, at how good a shot you are." she challenged

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Kassandra Patti "Good enough." she shrugged before turning and walking towards the training arena.

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Kassandra Patti (Ya it would be easier to rp snd it'd be funner(even though its not a wordXD))

Crimson looked over her shoulder "Coming or not?"

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Kassandra Patti She turned her head to be looking forward and walked into the arena where people where already practising.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica quickly sped up and went to Taylor

((Hey hey :)))

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Kassandra Patti "Sow who's up first?" she asked turning around to face them

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Kassandra Patti Crimson moved aside and motioned her hand to the target dummy.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica smiled. This is gonna be good. She thought. Not in a making fun way, but in an encouraging way.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica laughed "Well.." She said encouraginly.

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Kassandra Patti "Todaayy...." her voice trailed on rolling her eyes.

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Kassandra Patti ((Hhaha it's okay i've read longer))

Crimson darted off to the sied as the arrow shot near her head. "Impressive." she said walking towards her

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Kassandra Patti She took her sword out in one swift movement, "prepare to be impressed." she said giving them a cocky grin. A dummy poped up a few feet away from her and she sprinted towards it other dummies getting in the way, she sliced ones throat the other she slashed and stabbed them wherever she could find and when she finally got to the last one she stabbed it in the middle, turned her sword and split the dummy in half, all kinds of stuffing falling out. She pulled her sword out and she waved it around for good effect and sheathed it.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica laughed "Well" She said "Good thing none of us are dummies, or targets. Why do they put so much fluff in the dummies? I mean they know that we're not gonna clean it up most of the time." She paused. "Oh well." She shrugged.

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Kassandra Patti She gave a crooked smile "I bet the stuffing is to see how good the trainee is doing, the more stuffing the better." she assumed

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Kassandra Patti Crimson walked back and stood next to them.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica ws staring form across. She shifted her weight from foot to foot.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica paused. She wasn't the best with a bow and arrow. But she at least ought to try. She pikced up her bow in her hands. She aimed at a target, thinking about what to do. She thought ofr a second. Using her powers (Being daughter of Hestia had it's privlages) SHe set the bow on fire.

She aimed it at the heart of the dummie. Just as a test shot. On impact the dummy exploded. She laughed a little bit. She then aimed her bow (Which was on fire) At the target. Once it hit it, it didn't explode. But the smoke made it hard to see. She fires again (Again on fire) hitting the previous bow which was in the center snapping it in half. This time, it did explode. It was in a million peices.

She had one more idea. When the center of the target (Which had someohow stayed in one peice) Was in the air she aimed her last bow at it and it exploded... again. SHe sighed. "I know that was more of an explosion," She said "But I gues it counts." SHe smiled and put her bow and arrows down.

((Talk about a long post :)))

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Kassandra Patti Crimson snorted they probably wouldn't survive in a realy fight with real monsters.

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Kassandra Patti "We can be grateful, to real heros. Who's to say she can do that again in a battle hmmmmm." she snapped back

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) She ducked down a little bit "ok, I guess." She said. She shrugged. "hey, I'm no pro though."

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Kassandra Patti "I'm off to prctise with Leo and the others, have fun over here." she huffed and walked away to join the others from the Ares cabin.

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Kassandra Patti Crimson laughed along with the others and she started sparing

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Kassandra Patti Crimson finished her little battle with Leo and poked him lightly in the stomach with the tip of her sword, "don't mess." she joked with a grin.

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Kassandra Patti Crimson turned around and held her sword up to Taylors throat, "want to refraze that by anychance?" she grumbled

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica took a step back. "Umm...." She said "Really now. It's camp halfblood. We're all related in some distantway. Do we HAVE to fight?" She asked

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) She nodded ok "ok then..."

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Kassandra Patti She huffed but sheathed her sword "you have a point, but the only thing that stopped me was that i just bought this shirt and i don't want to get it covered in blood."

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica just shook her head."Are you guys EVER going to get along." She rolled her eyes again.

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Kassandra Patti Crimson shook her head, "I know we won't get along." she huffed

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Kassandra Patti "Frienemies?" she said questioning it. "I guess." she shrugged

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Kassandra Patti "Spare?" she asked a wicked grin forming

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Kassandra Patti She pulled out her sword and positied herself "Let's do this."

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Kassandra Patti Crimson rolled her eyes, "On the ground."

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Kassandra Patti "You can't spare in a tree!"

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Kassandra Patti ((It is nowxD))

She rolled her eyes, "the branches are going to break under the pressure do you want to reall die by falling out of a tree sparing?" she put her hands on her hips

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Kassandra Patti She ducked "That is so not fair," she climbed up the tree and swung her sword cutting off a branch above them

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Kassandra Patti She rolled her eyes and went after her.

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Kassandra Patti She blocked it creating a shling when the swords met

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Kassandra Patti "I'll get you tomorrow first thing in the morning be ready." she said turning and going with the others

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Lily walked to the lake and sat at the shore.

 Celia (Menel-Char-Pippin-Ronald-Sasha) Jessica wa tired of the fighting, so during there spare, she had remained silend, when she saw Lily, all she could say was "Please tell me you get along with people well,"

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Kassandra Patti Crimson left after a while and ventured off to the water

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"I'm Lily, daughter of Poseidon." She said.

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