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message 1: by Harmony (new)

Harmony | 1 comments Name: Lux Darrien

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality : sweet and cunniung. if shes quiet shes planning something, and thats never good. shes outoging and loud ALOT.

History: TBRP


Flower Darien: mother
Dallas Darrien: father
Zoe Darrien: sister, younger
Tye: Darrien: brother, Zoes twin
Other information : shes very abnormal and different from other shapeshifters

message 2: by Regan (last edited Mar 25, 2013 04:51PM) (new)

Regan  Carson | 4 comments Name: Araleigh James
Gender: Female
Species: Reaper
Age: Doesn't actually know
Personality: Araleigh is strong. No matter what the situation, she will take you if it is your time. She's seen too much to let fate go out of whack. Outside her job, she's quick to conclusion and can be a little offensive. Araleigh doesn't often think before she acts. But that doesn't bother her. She's proud of who she is, and she enjoys her job
History: When she first died, Death fell in love with her. He didn't want to take her away, but she actually wanted to go. (She killed herself) So, Death gave her the offer of being a reaper. Araleigh wasn't sure at first, and in the first few hundred years, she wasn't liking it very much. But eventually, she realized what good she was doing and even began to enjoy her job. She has not yet met a soul who refused to go with her.
Family: She hasn't seen her parents since the day before she died
Other information: None

Name: Damien
Gender: Male
Age: OLD
Species: Leviathan
Personality: Damien is MEAN. He's constantly hungry and always on the prowl for flesh. Ever since his leader was killed, Damien has been trying to get to the top job. He's powerful, smart, and courageous.
History: He escaped purgatory through an unknowing human and has been haunting ever since
Looks: When threatening:
Other information :

message 3: by Regan (new)

Regan  Carson | 4 comments Name: Carter
Gender: Male
Age: As old as the King of Hell himself. Carter was the King's favorite pet.
Species: Hell Hound
Personality: Carter is fierce. He will not hesitate to take your life. If you've made a deal with a demon, and your years are up, he will be one of the first Hounds at your door. He wants his favorite part of the kill... The human's heart. And he will do anything to get it. Carter is a little spoiled, and he knows it. He's always been the favorite and he always will be. Some think he may be the Alpha of Hell Hounds.
History: The King of Hell created Carter out of curiosity. When the King found he liked what he saw, he kept the beast, training it to capture the souls of those pesky humans who happened to make a deal. Carter grew up with the King and they are inseparable. Carter really enjoys his job.

Hell Hounds generally look like that. They have evil red eyes and are black. Carter is the biggest Hell Hound, though. He has a huge jaw and a wicked bite. His eyes are completely blood red.
Family: The King of Hell. And all of Carter's children
Other information : Hell Hounds are invisible unless you have special glasses.

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