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This is Thomas' folder and anything written here by him is to be considered copyright. Comments are allowed but be kind and considerate when considering and commenting the work posted here.

Thomas (Marimbapanda) | 5 comments Thanks!

Thomas (Marimbapanda) | 5 comments Whisper of the Heart

The faintest of all whispers,

One from the heart,

Vibrates every chord in the body,

Right from the start.

It wavers between reality,

And the state of being unreal.

It grows with every beat,

And responds to what you feel.

It is a statement of hope,

Quiet and unsure.

It fuels your every action,

Shameless or pure.

The Whisper of the heart,

Should never be lost.

A life without a goal,

Is what losing it will cost.

The Whisper of the Heart,

Now proud and strong.

Has found its place,

The place that it belongs.

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Props bro this is good

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Pretending this is facebook... "Like"

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) Any connection to / inspiration from the studio ghibli film of same name?

BTW "Like"

Thomas (Marimbapanda) | 5 comments Oh... i didn't know I got any comments!


Uh... yeah. The title I stole from Studio Ghibli. You caught me.

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) Worthy of it though

Thomas (Marimbapanda) | 5 comments Thanks!

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The Phantom (ZeroSummations) Your welcome

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