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Name: Aaron
Occupation: Prince
Age: 19
Looks: think of Zac Efron
personality: you will find out

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Name: Aria
Age: 22
Occupation: Activities Director

she was born as an eight, and orphaned at age 4. When she was 10, she met Aaron. they became good friends. The Queen took a liking to her, and brought her in.

she can make a lion give up its only meal. she never backs down, and you really don't want to be on her bad side. she may not be the biggest girl, but she can pck a really mean punch.

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Name: Madiline
Age: 19
Occupation: Run away royal from England

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Bam (bam_bam) | 76 comments Name: James Goldman
Age: 19

Was born as a three and was spoon-fed by his parents for the entirety of his life until he turned 17 and from then on he chose his own path and he wanted to create a life of his own. Thus becomming a part of the caste staff as a tutor teaching the Italian language and often teaches basic English to any foreign people. He often translates for the king of many languages but he knows Italian the best.

Is he allowed to do that? :-)

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