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List and describe the characters in your SSR book.

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Liemberger | 9 comments Mod
Be sure to tell us what page you are on and how many total pages are in your book.

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Joshua Torres | 5 comments I'm currently reading the book Pop by Gordon Korman. I am on page 61 and there is about 260 pages in the book.
The main character is Marcus Jordan who is trying to join a solid football team with many seniors. He faces a difficulty from Troy the starting quarterback for the team. Troy dislikes him from the start, the only reason because he doesn't want to lose his spot.
Marcus meets someone named Charlie who is a guy in his 50's who he has a catch with and trains with to get better. He finds out that Charlie is Troys dad...
Charlie is actually a former NFL linebacker who was known as Charlie Popovich. He was an extremely athletic man who loved to hit people thats why they put the word pop into it. Marcus meets troys ex girlfriend who is on and off with Troy and he starts to like her. She loves getting attention from Troy so she starts to mess with Marcus to make Troy angry and it causes a problem for Marcus... they are mainly the only characters that have been stated for now.

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Kim | 6 comments As a big fan of zombie, thriller books, I'm reading a novel called "Allison Hewitt is Trapped" by Madeleine Roux. I'm currently on page 72 out of 288. The story is well written in my opinion, and it develops and portrays the characters reactions to the situations they are forced into very well.

The main character, Allison, is trapped inside a book store along with five other people. I would say that Allison is like a mother to everyone else even though she might not even be the oldest in the group. It is also mentioned later in the book by another character that she is like a "mother hen" by the way she shows leadership and watches out for her friends. However, like any and every human, Allison is flawed, even more so since she is trapped in a room with five people for a long amount of time with death waiting outside. In one scene in the book, Allison risks her life just to grab some books. Boredom is just another thing that is torturing everyone and she was desperate enough to drop the bag of food to grab a couple of books. In this stubborn act, Allison is almost killed by a few zombies, but her friend saves her just in time.

Another character in the story that I admired is Ted. Ted is an exchange student who doesn't seem much in the beginning. He is described as skinny, but with the limited food supply, he is almost skeletal. Although he may not seem much, he volunteered to go outside with Allison for food supplies. This gives him a bit of courage even if it was written in the book that he did not seem very eager to go. Ted was also the one who had saved Allison while she was being attacked.

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Bryan | 4 comments Im currently reading the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I am on page 19 out of 276.

The main character, John is very intelligent and have a very unique bond with his father. John and his father collects coins for a living and spend mostly all their money on coins, John live with his father only because his mother left before he was even 1 years old. John family near poor since his father is a mails man and spend most of their money involving coins. As i read further into the story John started to get in trouble such as cutting class , drinking, failing class, then John's father grounded him for coming home late escorted by a police officer. Then John Raged at his father and told him he want nothing to do with coins again, then John and his father grew apart. After graduating high school John decide to join the military.

Those are the characters i came across so far.

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Joseph Martorano | 6 comments I am reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I am on page 37 out of 328. The main character is Susie Salmon. She is very wise and smart. Susie is strong willed and can endure lots of pain. When she was living on earth she was a fun and loving girl. She was a down to earth person with a great personality. But after she died all she cares about now is vengeance and killing her murderer. She misses her life on earth. And Susie wants to be able to live her life and experience all the thrills of life. But now she can't and she is a different person completely. She has and all new personality and is ready to kill her murderer anyway she can. Susie wants the police to find her killer so bad and all the evidence is her little bracelet that fell off when she was killed.

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Kareemah Ingram | 2 comments I am reading Go Ask Alice by an anonymous author. I am on page 91 out of 212. The main character is Alice who is 15, she is going through all types of " teenage phases ". Alice have done all types of drugs, she even sold some to a few students at her school and others. Alice and her friend Chris, who is also 15, decides to run away from home and give up drugs after getting into a scuffle with the people they have recently sold drugs for. Alice and Chris found some clothing stores to work at to save up money when they finally came across an apartment that they use for living and their show work. After a couple months of running away they decided to go back home during the holiday. Everything is going well for both of the girls at home and their parents are glad to see them.

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Elizabeth | 6 comments I am currently reading "The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald." I am on page 53 out of 180.

Nick Carraway is one of the main characters in this story and also the narrator. Nick is a young man from Minnesota,served his time in the military during World War I, after the war he went to New York to learn bond business and graduated from Yale. Nick is honest,tolerant and not judgmental. He soon meets new people but never had the thought to judge them until he seen their true colors. He moves to West Egg in Long Island that is home to the newly-rich. His neighbor is Jay Gatsby,all Nick knows is that he is very wealthy, throws parties every weekend and see people dressed up, come and go out of the house. Later on he's been invited to Gatsby's party and soon meets him.

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Destini Curry | 4 comments I am currently reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. I'm on page 148 out of 230. The main characters so far in this novel is Arnold(Junior), Roger, Penelope, and Gordy. Junior is student- athlete at Reardan High School who transfers from Wellpinit High School. Junior is a shooting guard for the basketball team and plays as a freshman. Roger is Junior's ex-bestfriend who goes to Wellpinit High School.Roger is a bully outside, but a good friend in heart. Penelope is Junior's crush who is the most popular and prettiest freshman at Reardan High School. Lastly, Gordy is a good friend of Junior at Reardan High School very intelligent but weird person.

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Paige Williams | 7 comments I am currently reading "The Secrete in th Shadows" by Anne Schraff. I am on page 53 out of 124.
The main character and narrator of this story is Rolin who attends Blueford High School. Rolin is a young man stuck in a big situation. Rolin was trying to impress a girl by giving her the necklace she alwas wanted but he has little money and problems of his own at home. So he decides to go to his old friend Mr. Miller to see if he can borrow some money, but Mr. Miller was sleeping at the time. So he dicides to just take the money and pay him back later. A little while later the mantnence man Tuttle told Rolin that Mr.Millier had died of shock. Tuttle was a whitness and saw that Rolin took the money. So now Tuttle is tourturing him by telling him to do favors for him or he will turn Rolin in to the police. So now Rolin has to live with that on his conscience forever.

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Andrew Rohrbach | 4 comments I am currently reading Lemony Snicket the reptile room. I am on page 66 out of 168.
In this book the characters are sunny, Klaus, violet, uncle Monty and count Olaf. Now sunny is like 2-3 years old so whatever she says they say!" She probably means this or that". Now Klaus is like a Carefree type of person. He also doesn't respect count Olaf cause the way he gets treated. Klaus is also an orphan and violet and sunny is his siblings. Violet is a pretty teenager who wants to be treated right, cause count Olaf treats her like a maid. She is also very courageous the way she stands up to people. Uncle Monty on the other hand is worried about himself and his research and reptiles. He always brags and talks about his work. But surprisingly the kids actually think its cool. Now count Olaf is a mean person who wants to kill the kids and steal their fortune. So he goes in disguise but the kids recognize him and threatens them with a knife he if they told uncle Monty.

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Shamell Isles | 6 comments I am currently reading dirt bike racers The Main character Is Ron Baker, the whole Book forms from Him & his friend Tony going Scuba diving in a Lake, & he See's something shinny, So him & tony swim down & once they bring it up they Notice it's a dirt bike. Ron is very eager he will keep trying till he gets what he wants. his friend is scary and acts like a punk when the found the dirt bike he was afraid to help get the bike and when he sees the older kids ride bye he is suddenly intimated because they are older and more agressive the book has 149 pages I am on page 40

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Bajahbarnes | 6 comments I am reading this book named who's afraid of the fourth grade. the main character is katie. she is staring fourth grade but she is ow afraid because she realize that her bestfriend suzanne is no longer in her class. but the person that she doesnt want ends up in her class whom name is zoe. she doesnt want her in her class because zoe is the pretty girl and gets all the attention. but her other bestfriend ends up in her class whom name is jeremy. they all been bestfriends since pre-k. i am on page 86 chapter 12, and my book stops on page 198. the author of the book name is Nancy Krulik

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Alexandria Bartello | 7 comments I am reading this book called The Dark Dreamweaver by Nick Ruth. The main characters are David, a young boy who raises monarch butterflies with his father, and Houdin, a magicoal wizard from a place called Remin City. Remin City is a place were dreams are. David met Houdin one day but Houdin was a caterpillar. Houdin is a caterpillar now because of this wizard named Thane. Thane was a dreamweaver but then turned evil. Thane has been messing up all dreams espcially David's. That is why Houdin has come to the human world. So Houdin goes there and David finds him. Then David went to Houdin's world, Remin City, to help him defeat Thane. But going to Remin City they have to pass the gate and when they get there the gate does not let them pass therefore the must pass the lake which is like a whirl pool. I am on page 33 out of 219.

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Malesa | 7 comments I am currently reading The Hunger games. The main characters are Peeta and Katniss. They are the main characters that were chosen to go in the hunger games. The hunger games is a event that people go to fight till the death until someone wins, if they win they'll get wealthy. There are 12 districts, and two people from each district are randomly picked to attend this event. People in the first districts really want to attend and been planning to fight from when they were born while in district 12 nobody wants to attend. There names gets picked out randomly. I'm almost done this book.

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Liemberger | 9 comments Mod
Kim wrote: "As a big fan of zombie, thriller books, I'm reading a novel called "Allison Hewitt is Trapped" by Madeleine Roux. I'm currently on page 72 out of 288. The story is well written in my opinion, and i..."

Great post, Kim!

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Liemberger | 9 comments Mod
Kareemah wrote: "I am reading Go Ask Alice by an anonymous author. I am on page 91 out of 212. The main character is Alice who is 15, she is going through all types of " teenage phases ". Alice have done all types ..."

I read this book when I was in ninth grade, and I really enjoyed it.

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Liemberger | 9 comments Mod
Elizabeth wrote: "I am currently reading "The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald." I am on page 53 out of 180.

Nick Carraway is one of the main characters in this story and also the narrator. Nick is a young ma..."

This is a very ambitious choice for an SSR book. My pug is named Gatsby after this book.

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Fnan Tsegay | 4 comments I am Currently reading "the Breadwinner" by Deborah Ellis. The main characters of this are Parvanna, father, mother, Nooria, Maryam, and Ali. They are a family in Kabul, Afghanistan. At this time this is when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. They didn't allow women to come outside without a man and that their faces had to be covered. They banned books , school for women even men.

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Paige Williams | 7 comments I am Currently reading "a child called it" by Dave Pelzer. The main Characters in this story are David, his mother Catherine, his father Stephen, and his four brothers which are Ron,Russel,Kevin and Stan.David is a young boy who is being abused by his mother because his mother is depressed.Catherinetreates dave as if he is not part of the family so she makes him do chores,gives him no food,and everyday she takes out her anger on him. this story to me is very depressing

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Alexandria Bartello | 7 comments I am currently reading "The Dark Dreamweaver" by Nick Ruth. The Main characters are Thane, a dark wizard, Houdin, a good wizard, and David, a normal boy from the real world.

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Alexandria Bartello | 7 comments I am currently reading "The Dark Dreamweaver" by Nick Ruth. The two connections in this book are this book and another book called "Immortal" the connection is they are both fiction and they both involve magic. The second connection is the book and another book called "Harry Potter" the connection is they are both fiction and they are both about magic and spells.

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