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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
((Well, I actually haven't posted any of MY story, but lets do Roleplay anyway))

Lela ran out of the forest and back into her town. She was the only one who was brave enough to go into the woods. "Where is everyone?" Lela called as she walked the empty streets.

((Y'all know how 2 roleplay, rite???))

message 2: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 10 comments Ooc: So what kind of RP is this? Just normal?

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
((yeah, I guess I sort of made it Fantasy Roleplay, though))

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
"Come out!" Lela shouted. Lights where on in the cottages, but no one came to Lela's call. "I'm not going to hurt you, the forest hasn't done anything to me!"

message 5: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments oh. I've never played RP before. Sorry.
"Lela? Is that you?" Jew peeked out her window.

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
"What a relief, I thought this town had died!" Lela ran towards Jew's window. "Can I come in?"

message 7: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments "Sorry." Jew quickly looked around, and sighed, "I'm not allowed. I'm not even supposed to be talking to you right now." Then she quickly closed the window.

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Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
"I knew it." Lela scrambled down a side road until she reached her own cottage, and banged on the door. It began to rain. "Open up! It's your daughter! I'm not a Shifter, I'm not from the forest, let me IN!!!" The door didn't budge. "Stupid. This is stupid. I can't believe she doesn't even trust that I'm her daughter after dusk."

message 9: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments "Spp! Lela! Come over here!" Jew was standing outside her cottage waving Lela to come over. "Hurry! Come here! Don't let anyone see you and hurry before my family notices I'm missing" Jew looked very nervous and scared.

message 10: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
"Thank goodness you came back!" Lela ran to Jew's side, looking gratefully into her eyes.

message 11: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments "I have to be quick!" Jew pulled something out of her cloak. "Here." She handed Lela a bag. Inside the bag was a clean dry set of clothes and a key. "Go to the barn. Hide there till I come to see you." Then she gave Lela another bag, smaller then the first. "Here's some food. I don't know when I'll be able to see you. But stay hidden. Don't let anyone see you. If you caught we both in grave danger." She gave Lela a quick hug. "I'll miss you. Stay hidden!" Then she ran back into her house.

message 12: by Amanda (last edited Feb 12, 2009 04:00PM) (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
Lela frowned. "This is definately bigger then the villagers thinking I'm a Shifter. It's not really like I am, I mean I can only change to a. . . Hmm. . ." Pulling her traveling cloak around her to keep out the rising wind, she headed for the barn behind Jew's cottage.
CREAK! The door opened and the sweet smell of fresh hay filled Lela's mouth. "Ahhh, warmth." Shutting the door securely, Lela changed her clothes, then sat down and ate contentedly.

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Meghan | 97 comments One Jew returned inside her cottage her family all rushed to her side.
"Where have you been?" "Where you outside?" "Are you all right?" She was aked this and many other questions like by her family.
"I'm fine. I was just in the kitchen. Getting some food."
"No you weren't! I was just in there!" Jew started to cry. She was never good with punishment, that's why she didn't go in the forest with Lela. "Jew! Where were you! Did you go outside? Did you talk to Lela?" Jew didn't even have to answer these questions her father could tell by the look on her face. "Jew leave."
"What?" Her and her mother asked in unision.
"She's only a girl." Her father didn't replie.
"George." Her mother looked worried.
"She broke the rules she must be punished."
At this Jew ran out of the house and ran to the barn.

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Jenna | 10 comments A wolf slunk through the back of the barn. Her silvery pelt glimmered in the dim lighting. Slowly she crept up to Jew and Lela. Slowly the wolf's form shimmered and became a human. Rain clamped her hands over her friends' mouths as they noticed.
"It's just me," she hissed impatiently, keeping her hands still firmly over their mouths.

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Meghan | 97 comments Jew sighed. "What are you doing here?"

message 16: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 10 comments "Well," Rain smiled lifting up her hands. "I'm of course a so-called creature of the forest and I didn't feel like standing in the rain so... here I am!"

Rain was a shapshifter and her looks, well.... lets just say she didn't look human. At all.

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Meghan | 97 comments "You're the reason why we're in hiding?!?" Jew just shook her head in disbelife. "Why would you come here, if you ruined our lives? Do you think we want you here?" Then Jew stopped and broke into tears. "I can't go back home. Why are you here?"

message 18: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 10 comments Rain flinched. She hated herself. She'd never revealed her true identity to anyone. This is how they really feel about her.

"I just... um... I..." she stammered. "I'm here just because I have nowhere else to go. I'm running away too. I'll leave though." She morphed back into a wolf, because supposedly, animals can't cry. Still a tear trickled down her fur. She let out a piercing mourning howl. If they didn't want her, let them e revealed.

message 19: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jew felt horrible about herself. "Wait don't go." But it was too late. Rain already left. Then she rain out of the barn, "Hello? Are you still out there?" She started to ran. Then she stopped and started back since she saw no one. "Please come back. Come get out of the rain." Jew wispered, but she didn't think anyone would hear.

message 20: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
Lela woke with a jolt. "Rain was here." She said instantly. "I can smell her still. She smells like coconut. Jew, I'm going to find Rain. You don't know her, you don't ever come with me into the Haven. You'll get even worse if you come with me, stay here, there's still some food left." Lela patted her friend's shoulder. "And DON'T worry. I'll be find. Don't forget that some of Rain's blood runs through my veins."

Without another word, Lela vanished into the sheets of water, her ebony hair swinging behind her like a black wolf's tail.

message 21: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
Dropping to all fours, Lela scrambled through the underbrush. Her features where strangely twisted, not quite human and not quite wolf. Her nails scrabbled the ground, taking up dirt, while her long snout sniffed the wind for Rain's scent. She could almost catch it, it was drifting just out of reach. "Why can't I be one or - " Her sentence broke off into a howl, "-the other!" Her tail flicked irritably, and a pale splotch on her shoulder shimmered in the shape of a crescent moon.

message 22: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jew watched Lela leave the barn and she sighed. "Why... Why must this happen to me? I didn't do anything wrong." Jew asked her self. All of the sudden she got really lonely. "Why do I have to wait here. I'm not going to get in anymore trouble, my family already kicked me out, what eles can go wrong?" She got up and walked to the door. "Lela?" SHe began to walk towards the woods. Once at the edge she called for Lela again, "Lela? Where are you? Lela?" She began to shake, since it was getting colder. "Lela? Come out!"

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Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
The distant call of Jew's trembling voice flickered on the edge of Lela's attention. "I told her to stay - " Her wolfish mouth let out an annoyed bark, "- in the barn!" Her muscles rippled in strange formations, half of two species doing there best to come together when she transformed. Lela leapt off the ground, morphing into human form again. "Rain! Come back, please come back!" She cocked her still conspicuosly pointy ears, awaiting a reply. "Darn it, Rain, you can't just run away from your own sister," Lela kicked a tree in crazed anger and mumbled to herself, "and please, please, tell me you have enough sense not to go to our decrepit old dog of a father."

message 24: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
((just so everyone knows: Lela and Rain are sisters. There mom is a werewolf but she lives as a human in the village. Their dad is a Shifter of the forest (Haven). When their mom and dad had them, their parents where both in wolf form, which is why Lela can only turn into a wolf, and Rain can turn into whatever she wants. Hope yer ok w/ that, Jenna?))

message 25: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 10 comments ((sure))

Rain stopped. She let out a low whimper/growl, "Fine." She flicked her tail and turned back to her human form. Still, two silver ears and a long tail poked out. Her amber eyes flashed with anger, annoyance, and sadness. "I'm coming and I heard that. You shouldn't call Father that."
Rain had never been a big fan of her father but she still looked up to him and his great dark magic.

message 26: by Meghan (last edited Feb 12, 2009 05:48PM) (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jew hear a bark and got scared. "Lela. Come out of there! Please. I heard something! It's not safe in there! Lela!" Jew knew it was against her better jugdement and Lela told her not to, but she started to go farther into the forest. "Lela! Please come out! I'm scared!" Then she heard a scream. It happened to be her own.

message 27: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
A scream pierced the night. Lela swore under her breath and leapt to the ground, racing to her friend's rescue. "Hurry up, Rain, or your beloved jackal father will have torn up my friend!" Lela yelled to the wind. She skidded to the edge of the forest. A dirty gray wolf had just pounced on Jew. Lela could see his yellow teeth stained with human blood. "Get off her, demon!" She sank her teeth into the dog's forearm, kicking him backwards in the process. Lela spluttered, the sticky taste of blood sinking into her still all to human taste buds. "Run, Jew! Tell Lela's mother that the one she once loved is getting braver in his attempts!" Lela howled as her father gouged her flesh. "Go!" Keeping the fight under the shadows of the forest, Lela concealed her voice and features as best she could - what would happen if Jew found out that her best friend was this creature?

message 28: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 10 comments "LELA! FATHER!" Rain morphed once more. "Stop it!" she howled. She couldn't decide which side to take. She ran straight in the midst of the fighting, sinking her teeth into whatever she found first. It happened to be Lela's leg. Rain randomly scratched and bit, hoping that something would happen to pull her family together. Of course, this only made it worse.

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Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
"Get off of me, Rain!" Lela barked and tustled with her father, biting his snout. "Run, coward! And don't come back to us, lest this town becomes your grave!" She howled after the shape fading into the cover of the trees and rain. "What was that for?" Lela asked pitilessly. She stood up on her back legs and shimmered into her human shape. "He is a crazed, rabid dog, and he deserves none of our respect, Rain. None of it!" Lela turned and ran back to the cottage, vaguely wondering why her sister had not been shifting into different animals as of late. "She can be whatever she wants to be. Completely." Lela mumbled to herself. "And yet she chooses to be a wolf-human, copying my chains!"

The sun had set about and hour ago, and Lela was glad when she found her mother at the door of her home. The next few minutes went by in a haze, and the next thing Lela was conscious of was her head sinking into a warm feather pillow.


message 30: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jew tried her best to run, but she couldn't. Her body was drenched in blood, and hurt. She couldn't tell how much she was bleeding since the rain was making it worse. Plus she could help but think of the 2 wolves that saved her. one look like the wolf Rain that she meet earlier, and the other one reminded her of Lela. This made Jew even more scared. But it gave her more motivation to run faster.

Once she got to Lela's house she banged on the door. "Let me in! Let me in! It's Jew! Please!" Lela's mother opened the door.
"What is it? You should be at you own house! Lela's not here!" The she looked down at Jew. "OH dear! Honey, what happened to you?" Jew the told her the whole story, as she fixed Jew all up, then told her what she heard in the woods.
"My dear, it's going to all right. Lela's going to be find, same with Rain. I'll explain everything, lets just wait till they come home."

But once Lela got home she went right to sleep. So Jew was told she would have to wait till moring. She she went to bed in the guest room right next to Lela, but couldn't get much sleep. For some reason she was scared, even though she was told everything was fine. She just knew something was going to happen.

message 31: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
As the crisp, white winter sun rose over the far-off snowy mountaintops, Lela's eye fluttered open. She moaned as the sunbeams hit her eyes, momentarily blinding her. She sat upright in bed, and remembered in a flash the events of the previous night.
"Mother!" She said. It was only half a scream - she was trying to keep herself under control. "Mother, what did Jew tell you last night?" Lela flung the covers off as her mother came through the door, her nightdress still on.
"Oh, Lela, stop worrying. . . she told me that 'the one I once loved was getting bolder'."
"How is that not important?!" Lela cried in disbelief.
"Lela, Marcus is your father. He may be crazed at the moment, but he wouldn't hurt me, or you and your sister." Her mother yawned.
"He fought me last night." Lela said defiantly. "He scraped my shoulder. Look," She pulled down the shoulder of her nightshirt, revealing three deep cuts matted in dried blood.
"Oh, my dear! I didn't even see those last night! Come in the bathroom and clean that up, you are right, this is dangerous." Lela allowed herself to relax. Her mother knew how dangerous the situation was, so everything would be alright. She crossed the hall into the bathroom, and began taking out the bandages.

message 32: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jew walk up to the sounds of talking. She could brefly make out the words that were coming from Lela and her mom. Something about her father, but she wasn't sure.
Jew never really know much about Lela's family besides her mother. It always seemed like a sore subject. When Jew asked Lela about her father once, Lela just sighed and said it was complicated. Jew wasn't one to prey so she left it at that.
She decided it wass time to get up, so she started to walk towards the kitchen, when she saw Lela and her mom in the bathroom. "What's going on?" Jew asked, then she saw the cut on Lela's shoulder. It looked pretty bad and she started to freak out. "Lela are you ok?" She asked as she ran to her friends side. "What happened?"

message 33: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (ninjedimel) | 29 comments Camellia poked her head out of her tree. Slowly, she melted out of her tree that sat in front of the small cottage where Lela lived. Camellia stretched. "Oooooh, I haven't been out in ages. I wonder if any of the other tree nymphs are awake? Oh, well... I'll look later." She brushed off her green, leafy leggings and fixed the small dagger that hung on her side. She looked around. Her eyes passed a camellia bush. "Oh, camellias... my favorite." She looked at the house. "But they're not mine." She looked at the bush. Her stomach grumbled. She looked at the house. "Let me ask whoever lives here for permission... these camellias are just to tempting." She walked up to the door and began knocking. "Hello? Is anyone in there?"

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Meghan | 97 comments As soon as Jew asked she heard a knock at the door. She looked at Lela and her mother. "What do we do?" she wispered.
"Stay here." Lela's mother said. "I'll go check the door." Then she left.

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Melissa (ninjedimel) | 29 comments Camellia shifted from foot to foot impatiently. She looked at the door. It had opened a small crack. "Who's there?" a voice said.
"It is I, Camellia, tree nymph and forest warrior. I was wondering if you could possible spare some of those camellias that you have on that bush over there." She pointed to the bush. "I'm very hungry, and could use some food to strengthen me. Then I promise I will leave."
The door opened, revealing a woman with a kind face. "But the tree nymphs haven't been out in ages." A skeptical look crossed her face. "How do I know that you really are one?"
"I shall prove it to you." Camellia looked around the yard. Her eyes crossed a small bush that had long been dead. She walked over to it, and touched it with the tip of her finger. Immediately, the bush sprang to life, and little purple buds opened up on it's large green leaves. She turned back to the woman and put her hands on her hips. "Do you need any more proof?"
The woman's mouth was open with disbelief. "I don't believe it..." she murmured. She ran to the camellia bush and picked four or five off of it. She ran back to the doorway. "Come in to eat, please. I'm sorry for not believing you. In times like these..." her voice drifted off.
Camellia nodded. "Thank you." Then she walked into the house.

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Meghan | 97 comments Jew sat down while she waited for Lela's mother. "Hmm." She sighed. Jew got a good amount of sleep, but was still quite tried. All of a sudden she heard a nosie. "Hello?" Her and Lela gave each other a nervous look. "Who's there?"
"It's just me." Lela's mother said as she entered the room. Both Jew and Lela sighed in reilf. "And a tree nymph."
"There's such a thing?" Jew has been through so much in the past 24 hours. Her villages was very supperstitius, but she didn't belive in 1/2 of what they said. "I thought they were a myth."

message 37: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (ninjedimel) | 29 comments "Do I LOOK like a myth?" Camellia walked in the doorway. "Geez, does NOBODY believe in ANYTHING anymore?" She sat down at the table, directly across from Jew. She pulled out her knife and began dissecting one of the camellias. "Well... tell me about yourself." She prompted Jew.

message 38: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jew gave Camellia a look. She though Camellia was being very blunt, but she told Camellia about how she lived in this town her whole life. "I though it was just at boreing old town, with boreing old peolpe. Nothing has ever happened here. I'm we are very supperstiouse, but I thought it was all notsence, but I did as I was told any way, cause I did believe in some things." Jew wasn't sure if she was making any sence. "Look, I'm not very interesting.... And everything is all messed up." Lela's mother walked in. "These things aren't real. They're just not... They're stories told to scare little kids."
"Jew. Sweetie. I think it's time to tell you about the magical world that lives right in you're backyard. And why we're all in hiding." And then she started to talk about the magical and mythical war, Jew would soon learn the name, that happened when before she was born.

message 39: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
Lela drifted into the dining room, letting her eyes sift through her mother telling Jew of the war, Jew's transfixed expression, and a strange tree nymph all gathered around her table. Lela felt like she was walking in a waking dream. 'It must be my loss of blood' , she though to herself. Silently, she sat down by the tree nymph, throwing her a pleasant smile. Lela listened politely as her mother recounted the war against the villagers and the shifters of the forest. Because Lela was part wolf, she held the memories of the war in her mind - like a bank of thought all her kind shared. The shifters - shape-shifters, actually - had been aided by the animals to try and take over the humans' village. It had been a long, bloody battle, and humans had never been completely welcome in the forest again. Thankfully, the nymphs had kept themselves separate from the war, and therefore where not enemies to the humans. However, it had been so long since a nymph had visited a human, they had faded into legend.

Lela shifted her leg, trying to shake out the pins and needles. "Why have you woken?" She whispered to the nymph.

message 40: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jew was so lost. She learned so much that day, she swear she was having a infomation over load. She just sat there though, despite her confusion. She didn't what to inturput. She started to listen in to Lela and Camellia conversation.

message 41: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (ninjedimel) | 29 comments "Well..." Camellia started. She sighed. She didn't want to betray the tree nymph's largest secret, but she felt she had to. "Tree nymphs have been disappearing. We think it's the shifters, but no one is brave enough to go find out. That's why," she turned to Lela, "I have come out. To prove myself."

message 42: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
"What?!" Lela couldn't believe what she was hearing. The tree nymphs were ancient and respected, she just couldn't bring herself to believe that they were being KILLED OFF. "What are you TALKING about?! No one is BRAVE enough?! You're a nymph! You have the unrestricted access to the Forest's very BEING!" She was on her feet now, despite her tired state, ranting. "Camellia, I have the greatest respect for you and the rest of the nymphs, but only if you show what all your race is capable of!" Then Lela collapsed in her chair, glaring at Camellia, awaiting her response.

message 43: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 97 comments Jewl couln't take it anymore. "What do you mean race Lela? You're talking as if she's human. She's not! She's a fictional myth. I don't to be rude, but I think you'll have lost it"

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Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
Lela tried to ignore Jew, but with a wave of her hand she said, "Jew, she's right in front of you. LOOK AT HER! Does she look like a myth?!"

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Meghan | 97 comments "But... But" Jewl didn't know what to say. "She can't be real. I understand that she is right in front of me, but there is no way that she is a tree nymph! If there was such a thing,it wouldn't look like that!" Jewl always pictured tree nymphs as tiny little things that could fit on the plam of your hand and had wings. Camellia deadiently couldn't fit in your plam and did not have wings.

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Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
Lela rolled her eyes. "Alright, Jewl. If she's not a tree nymph, where did she come from?" Lela smiled kindly at Jewl's confused expression. "It's okay. You don't have to believe in Camellia."

message 47: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (ninjedimel) | 29 comments Camellia sighed. "Humans..." she muttered under her breath. She looked at Jewl and said, "Look at me. Look right at me. Do you still believe this," she waved her hand over her body, "is a myth? You see it right before you and you still don't believe. You've never seen a tree nymph before, so how do you know that I am NOT one? You know nothing of our culture." Camellia knew that she did not NEED help. She could easily leave this house and go out alone. But she WANTED help. Needs and wants are very different things, she thought to herself. "Let me ask you girls one thing." She said with a sigh. "Do you seek adventure? Because if you do, it has come to find you, whether you like it or not. I am about to go on the greatest quest of my life. Do you want it to be the greatest quest of yours?"

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Amanda (moqlnkkn) | 102 comments Mod
Lela sat back down and stared at the dissected flower in Camellia's light moss-tinted hands. Lela sighed, and bowed her head. "To save a beautiful and ancient race, I am at your service. Tell me what I must do, and I will do it for you and your people, Camellia." Lela knew she had to do this. If she did not, she would forevermore live in regret. What Jewl did was entirely up to her, but Lela knew her duty to all in the Haven.

message 49: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (ninjedimel) | 29 comments Camellia nodded. "Thank you." she looked at Jewl. "Are you coming?"

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