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Kaje Harper | 14401 comments Jackie Nacht is happily married to her husband for over nine years. She is currently a stay at home mom where her days are spent playing blocks, dinosaurs, and taking her little ones to the park. At night, she is typically curled up reading a book or on her laptop writing, while her feet are tucked under her hubby to keep them warm.
Email : Jackie.nacht@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.jackienacht.com/

Book info: Kale's Spirit

Kale's Spirit Blurb:

When Kale comes to a fork in the road, who will you choose for his happily ever after?
Kale has just a few more weeks of school and can’t wait to graduate and get on with his life. At home, he has amazing supportive parents but at school, he has habitual run-ins with the popular kids, who want to make everyone’s life miserable. After catching the group in the woods doing drugs, Kale has an encounter fighting for his life.
The road to recovery is long and Kale has help from his rescuers, Hunt and Volk. Hunt is the strong, take everyone under his wing kind of guy, while Volk is the sweet, caring guy. Kale finds himself falling for both of them.
Who do you choose for Kale to have his happily ever after?

Buy Links: Devine Destinies , Amazon

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Kaje Harper | 14401 comments Excerpt:

I woke up to complete silence. Looking around, everyone was gone except for Wulf sitting in a beat up recliner across from me reading a book. He looked at me when I went to sit up.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s a little after midnight. Everyone else went to bed for the night.”

“Wow, I’m a real partier.”

“You’re fine just the way you are. I think that’s what the problem is with you not being able to choose between Volk and Hunt. You’re finally just learning that it’s okay to be just yourself, and you haven’t had enough time to adjust. You want to make them both happy, but you’re afraid of hurting the other one because you’re not confident in your own skin yet. They have a similar problem. Volk thinks he can’t protect you, Hunt thinks you’ll be happier with Volk.”

“You’re right. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Then make a decision. They both care for you, but I know whoever you don’t choose will easily become a very close friend. You won’t lose one of them if that’s what you’re worried about. We’re pack, connected deeper than brothers.”

In the last month, that was what had become my greatest fear. I was so afraid of losing one of them, I couldn’t move forward. “You really think I won’t lose either one of them?”

Wulf looked me right in the eye, “I know you won’t. I’m heading to bed. Think about it. You already know—that’s why I talked to you tonight. I just didn’t want the fear keeping you back. Goodnight, Kale, and remember everyone else cares for you like a brother. Your decision won’t change that.”

With those parting words, Wulf made his way up the stairs to leave me to my thoughts. Fear had been overruling my decision. I knew who I wanted to be with, I just was afraid of losing one of them and my new friends. Now that I had the go ahead from Wulf, I felt ready.

I sat on the couch and collected myself for a moment. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to go see him. Would it be too forward to go into his room and just climb into his bed? He had at my place all the time. Why did it feel so different here? Then I knew why. My intentions to go up there were not just to hold one another for the night. I wanted to cement our relationship with something more. How much more would depend on both of us, but I wanted more than cuddling tonight. With determination I got up off the couch and walked up to the guy who was the one.

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