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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul Dobranski | 3 comments I read this book in a 9th grade English class around 1984/5. It was about a boy that went to sea as a stow-away (kidnapped by pirates?), but eventually came back to the small New England town where he had grown up. The strongest image I have was him talking to the groundskeeper in the graveyard beside the church. During his time away, he grew from a boy to a man both physically and emotionally. The cover showed the boy with the sailors/pirates in the background, all wearing colonial garb with tricorn cocked-hats. I don't recall any illustrations inside the book. Although, I do recall large wooden wine barrels. Thanks to anyone who can help!

message 2: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 46 comments Could it be Kidnapped by R.L. Stevenson?

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul Dobranski | 3 comments Good suggestion! Although, the title isn't ringing any bells. Same for the covers I've found. Maybe I just need to sit with it for a while... Thanks!

message 4: by Nancy (new)

Nancy | 67 comments Was it definitely New England? The Dark Frigate, an old Newbery winner is about an English boy who is compelled to become a sailor due to circumstance. While at sea, the ship he is on is taken over by pirates, and he is forced to join them or perish.

message 5: by April Ann (last edited Feb 10, 2009 01:22PM) (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Pirate's Promise by Clyde Robert Bulla , 1958
Description: Against his will, a young boy is separated from his sister and sold as a bonded servant, but the good-hearted pirate captain who rescues him makes possible a happier future.
Pirate's Promise A Trophy Chapter Book by Clyde Robert Bulla

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Dobranski | 3 comments The Dark Frigate by Charles Boardman Hawes seems familiar. If it's not the book I'm thinking of, it sounds like a good read anyway!

message 7: by Mir (new)

Mir | 703 comments The boy in Slave Dancer was kidnapped onto a ship, but I think he was from New Orleans.

message 8: by Luann (new)

Luann (azbookgal) | 34 comments Maybe The Iceberg Hermit by Arthur Roth? It doesn't fit all your details, and I can't imagine you wouldn't remember the polar bear, but thought I would suggest it anyhow. I read it many times growing up.

message 9: by April Ann (last edited May 04, 2009 07:37AM) (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Closest Possible Union by Joanna Scott, but it's pub. 1988, which is later than you suggested.

A young boy traveling on his father's illegal slave ship finds out about the narrowness of life that can exist on a ship as well as in the mind.

message 10: by April Ann (last edited May 04, 2009 08:12AM) (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments The death of Evening Star : the diary of a young New England whaler - Written and illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher. pub. 1972. (out of print)

Summary: A boy keeps a diary of his experience on his first voyage aboard a sinister whaling ship.

message 11: by Christy (new)

Christy | 41 comments The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allen Poe, maybe? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Narr...

message 12: by bup (new)

bup | 84 comments Definitely not that.

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Paul, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Lobstergirl wrote: "Paul, are you still looking for this or did you find it?"

No response in 2 years. Moving to Abandoned.

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