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'R is for Ricochet' Sucked

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message 1: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (mollytiff) | 4 comments I just finished reading sue Grafton's "R is for Ricochet", after a tedious week and a half of trying to get through it. I have read all of the alphabet series so far (now I'm on S), and I am always so entertained and enthralled. I usually get through a book in a day or two.

The problem I had with the book is that there was no mystery. The story wasn't very exciting, and I didn't like Reba or any of the other characters for that matter. However, that happens in books from time to time. My main problem was that there was nothing to find out there was NO MYSTERY.

I just wanted to rant for a moment and find out if anyone else felt this way about the "R" book.

message 2: by Charise (new)

Charise | 15 comments I do remember that there was one of the alphabet series I was disappointed in the ending but cannot recall which title. Fortunately there was only one.

message 3: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (mollytiff) | 4 comments It wasn't even just the end that was the problem for me. It was that the entire book contained no mystery.

message 4: by Charise (new)

Charise | 15 comments I just finished T and it was good but if you want a great mystery try the new Kathy Reichs book: Devil Bones. I also really enjoyed The Quiche of Death.

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