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The ending
Diane Diane Sep 29, 2012 04:09PM
Those of you who have read this book, only. I don't want to spoil it for those who have not read it. I did not get the ending, and have some questions. Was Robin real for Alice, or just imaginary? He was already dead, I figured out from the ending..?

Alice's grandmother is somewhat psychic, but she doesn't have control over it, so it drives her a little crazy. I think the same has happened to Alice. Although she was awake during the crash that killed her parents, she could still have some repressed memories, like seeing the driver of the other car. Perhaps Robin is his spirit trying to make amends for the crash. Perhaps he's just a hallucination. I don't think it matters if he is "real" or not. He helped Alice at times when she needed it.

In the end, I feel like Rachel is showing signs of the same psychic abilities by "channeling" Alice. She suddenly know what the clouds are called... I think Rachel has a better chance of keeping control of the abilities than Alice did. Just like her Aunt.

Yes, I also think the Aunt had abilities and sometimes "channeled" her late sister, like in the dress shop...

I was pretty clear about this particular topic but it was still interesting to hear you guys' point of views. This book was quite an interesting read.

I'm assuming that Robin was a ghost there to make amends for what he did to Alice's parents, but he ended up falling for her. There is a part right before he "leaves" where he said he just wanted to meet her and he never meant to fall for her. And right before she dies, the last thing she sees are the words "I loved you more" which is the last thing she said to him.

She thought he was real until kimmber helped her see that he was not

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