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message 1: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemmaalice) Hey guys,
I just recently made a new group on Goodreads called Favourite Dystopian Novels (below is the link). I would really appreciate it if you would go have a look if you are interested in dystopian novels. Thanks so much,

List your new groups in a comment below...

message 2: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (theycallmebookworm) | 40 comments I am a mod and the co-creator of !YA Heroines! .
A group for YA lovers who enjoy reading books with female protagonists (and their dreamy male counterparts <3 !) Come and join if you like.

Sofia (Bookish Wanderess) (Sofia-BookishWanderess) Hey !! i just created a group called The Perks Of Being A Book Addict I would love for you to join the group, we read YA books,Fiction, Fantasy, Comtemporary, Chick Lit, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello all! I have a new group that I would like to get going. I have a tons of games and more games and other things coming - so please join! :]

You can even promote your groups in the "Promote me" section :)

message 5: by Darian (new)

Darian Jones | 4 comments Hey everyone! I have a group called Young Adult readers that I just recently created. I would love it if you guys checked it out and joined.

message 6: by Jenny (new)

Jenny J | 25 comments The all new group on !YA Heroines!

The !YA Heroines! group would like to invite you to their group.

! YA Heroines !
“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt 


Here at ! YA Heroines ! we are all about...

~Gals who can kick butt.
-Damsels who can rescue themselves from distress.
~Female protagonists who can stand up for themselves.
-Leading ladies who don’t need a knight in shining armour.
(Although much appreciated ^-^)
~And of course their dreamy male counterparts!

We love our young women of YA lit - from all genres! Feel free to discuss, debate and daydream about your favourite books/characters. Sounds good? Come and join our group!

! YA Heroines !'s up-coming-reads book montage

! YA Heroines ! 67 members

<i>“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water.” ― Eleano...

Our up-coming-reads shelf


by Marissa Meyer

Start date: February 1, 2013


by Ann Aguirre

Start date: February 1, 2013

View this group on Goodreads »

Share book reviews and ratings with ! YA Heroines !, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

-!YA Heroines!

message 7: by Mel (new)

A group for those who have read and loved the Twilight saga. Here, we discuss the books, the movies, and everything Stephenie Meyer. ;)

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

In the forest primeval, a school for Good and Evil. Two towers like twin heads. One for the good, one for the wicked. Try to escape, and you'l always fail. The only way through fairy tale.

Please join my newest roleplay group, the School for Good and Evil! It has an intriguing, interesting, and unique plotline. This is not another paranormal roleplay. In fact, it's the only Goodreads group to be based on Soman Chainani's novel of the same name, and it has amazing potential!
It's where one pair of kidnapped tweens from each village, one good, one evil, are taken to the School for Good and Evil to be sorted into Good(Evers) and Evil(Nevers). If you fail, you face a terrible doom. But graduating with honors means a chance at eternity in a fairy tale, whether you're Good or Evil.
But who's the Mastermind? The School Master. The School Master protects the legendary Storian, the mysterious pen that inks fairy-tales for potential future students. But even more mysterious is the School Master, seen only as a crooked shadow. Which side will you choose? What will be your destiny?

Join to find out

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

My first roleplay group is so interesting and exciting, almost 200 fellow roleplayers have joined! Supernatural Academy offers an amazing Goodreads roleplaying group with the best roleplayers around! It is an active, friendly group with so much to do, you'll never get bored!

Supernatural Academy is the elite school for paranormals. Here, you'll learn to harness and develop your unique powers with experts. Here, you'll train for your destiny. Escape all the madness and teasing at this school, where everyone is strange. Will you be at the top of your class? Or flunk like you always do at other schools? Find out at...

message 10: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 1 comments I have started a new group called the young adult series group. We read a different series each week and discuss about it. I have started it off with the hunger games. There's a poll for what to read next month. It's only me in the group. I need more members.

message 11: by Greensparksjp (new)

Greensparksjp | 11 comments

Create your character, choose your district, choose your skills, and compete in your very own Hunger Games!

This is a group that when we have 10 members we will have a reaping and 5 tributes will be chosen to battle in the arena whitch one of the mods will choose its a new arena and experience every time.

message 12: by Anna (new)

Anna S | 2 comments I have started a group specifically for young readers and writers. It's just starting out but more will come I promise! Please join the group if you are a teen and you have a passion for writing. Thanks!

message 14: by Manon (last edited Oct 02, 2016 06:57PM) (new)

Manon  Blackbeak | 12 comments Hey Everyone I have started a new group called So Many Books So Little Time!! We read various books in any genre and are always welcoming new members. We have fun activities as well as book disscussions. We have a few reading challenges and would like it if you could join :)
Click Here To Join And View The Group: So Many Books So Little Time

message 15: by Andrea (new)

Andrea L. (andreasbookishthoughts) | 67 comments I just created a group. It is The Bookish Habitat. I am also looking for another Moderator. If you are interested Please Message me. Anyone is allowed to join.

message 16: by Luella (last edited May 07, 2017 06:25PM) (new)

Luella Hey all,

I have two groups I'd like to tell y'all about

Banned Book Society - We read a decent amount of YA there because those type of books are banned often, currently we have a catch-up challenge with prizes rules are posted.

Forgotten Classics and Other Lesser Known Books (or No One Has Read this but Me!) - Brand new meant to read and discuss books that are not often discussed YA could come into play here too

message 17: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Semi-Hiatus) (Abbigail) I have a group, it's called Book Break and it is full of games.

message 18: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Cronkhite (LMCronkhite) | 751 comments Do you have a link to that Abbigail?

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