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message 1: by Ayumi, <3theGazettE<3 (new)

Ayumi | 47 comments Mod
My favorite Japanese bands are the GazettE and MoNoLith.

message 2: by Sabastion (new)

Sabastion | 30 comments Hmmm my favourites....ICEMANNNNNNN!! :D They were broke up by the time ai was born, but all three idols in one band...I utterly love all of the.! Hmm Scarecrow is next. (2 idols from Iceman later carried on together here) And as for individual, and AXS (other idol here) and then I suppose Kotani Kinya and Nitomea. ^_^ sorry...I get enthusiastic. Lol.

message 3: by Ayumi, <3theGazettE<3 (new)

Ayumi | 47 comments Mod
Lol I get really enthusiastic about music, too. ^-^ If you know Scarecrow, you must know OZ, right? They're one of my favorite bands right now.

message 4: by Sabastion (new)

Sabastion | 30 comments Hmmm maybe a different Scarecrow? The lead vocalist in mine is Michihiro Kuroda. That it? I'm asuming different as no one really knows my Scarecrow exsists. lol. But no, I know not of this Oz of which you speak. What genre are they?

message 5: by Ayumi, <3theGazettE<3 (new)

Ayumi | 47 comments Mod
Oh okay, I think Natsuki, the lead singer of OZ, used to be the lead singer of Scarecrow before he formed OZ but idk. Lol. Maybe it is a different band. :P

They're a Visual Kei metal band. They're really awesome. ^-^

message 6: by Ayumi, <3theGazettE<3 (last edited Oct 22, 2012 01:40PM) (new)

Ayumi | 47 comments Mod
Here's a pic of OZ:

Lol I randomly felt like posting this ^-^

message 7: by Sabastion (new)

Sabastion | 30 comments Yeah, totally different band. This isn't Michihiros style. Lolz. Buttt I LOVE their look. ^_^


Thats my Scarecrow.
Michihiro is the vocalist and hes the one with the hat. lol.


And Iceman. The red head in both is my muse Ito-sama, and Michihiro is the lead vocalist to both.
I love sharing things. lol. Sorry if its overload.

message 8: by Ayumi, <3theGazettE<3 (new)

Ayumi | 47 comments Mod
Haha no it's not overload at all. I love sharing things, too. ^-^ Are you a fan of girugämesh? (I ask everyone this lol)

message 9: by TonksToes (new)

TonksToes | 21 comments My favourite Japanese band my far is Vocaloid, even though they are robots ^w^. I only know a few, like form anime theme songs and such. Like Flow and Maximum the Hormone. Fave song is Trick and Treat by Rina dn Len Kagamine from Vocaloid.
Original: http://youtu.be/LmMKMn9jL3o
Different one: http://youtu.be/SstaPDdf3pQ
And there are multiple english versions. The one by Razzyness is the best but I can't find it on youtube. It's on grooveshark though.

message 10: by Ayumi, <3theGazettE<3 (last edited Oct 27, 2012 05:04PM) (new)

Ayumi | 47 comments Mod
Cool! ^-^ One of my best friends is a huge fan of Vocaloid. I'm more of a fan of Visual Kei. My fave band right now is girugämesh. Idk if you've heard of them though.

This is one of my favorite songs by them right now:

Zantetsuken - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK1OyH...

message 11: by Sabastion (new)

Sabastion | 30 comments @Ayumi: I haven't a clue who they are. Share some of their stuffz! maybe I'll like them? ^_^ and man, what a name! lol.
Oh, nevermind, I see you have in respones to Annabell. Lol, I'll check them out when I'm not in a room of dliequents. ^^

message 12: by Sabastion (new)

Sabastion | 30 comments WAIT! I meant not in a room of deliquents in real life!!!!! not this room of awesome people I barley know! sorry if anyone was offended. lol

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