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message 1: by Erika (new)

Erika (gecka8282) | 24 comments Important Info:
1) Please update your name - make sure your first AND last name is on the FIRST name line to ensure that you get credit for Good Reads. Thanks! :)

Week 6 question:
Book you are reading / Author
What is the cause and nature of the conflict for the main character? Would you behave differently in the same circumstance?

message 2: by Jordan Stewart (new)

Jordan Stewart | 16 comments Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/JK Rowling

Harry and his two friends are trying to keep an evil man from stealing the stone.
I would probably try to be brave like he was.

message 3: by Matt Caballero (new)

Matt Caballero (mattc) | 13 comments The book i am reading is "When We Die : The Science, Culture, and Rituals of Death" by Cedric Mims.

There is really no main character because its just a whole bunch of different stories and sayings of and about death and its behavior towards people.

Armando Navarro | 21 comments silverwing/Kenneth Oppel

Well in my book the main character 'shade' is an ignorant bat who doesn't know the nature of things that revolved around him and he tries hard to understand bu t theres many stories and he seems to believe every body but sometimes is not true and that's his problem. I could not re-act a different way because the ignorance that shade has is something that maybe you can only have knowledge in such things by experiencing and sometimes making mistakes.

message 5: by Carlos Mora (new)

Carlos Mora  Mora (CarlosMora) | 15 comments The book I am reading is "Best Shorts" by Avi and Carolyn Shute (Humor, Adventure, Survival, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fantasy)... In this book there's many different main characters due to the fact that it's a book full of many short stories. So they'd be so many causes to the conflict of these characters. But yes I'd behave differently if i were in most of these situations.

Katy Pennington | 26 comments I am reading "Lust" by Robin Wasserman.
The conflict of the group of people in my book, is their lust. They are all good friends, and they have had hook ups, and cheating on boyfriends, and girlfriends. Its just a big mess, and its all for sex. I would be different, these people cant stay true to their partner.

message 7: by Kyle Zrostlik (new)

Kyle Zrostlik | 13 comments The book i'm reading is The virtual Life of Lexie Diamond, by Victoria Foyt.
This is a really good book but some of the situations and scenarios are just not some I would be put through. Although if my parents had happened to die I would never sink myself into the virtual world without a sense of reality.

message 8: by Erika (new)

Erika (gecka8282) | 24 comments Carlos: Can you pick one of the short stories for this question? Thanks!

message 9: by David Miller (new)

David Miller | 10 comments Mary Mary James Patterson

I would do diffrent then he does because he is blowing off his kids and mother for his job and i know how that feels and its not right.

message 10: by aaron morales (new)

aaron morales (what-it-dew) | 25 comments twilight/ Stephenie Meyer

i would do the same thing as her because if i thought my mom would get hurt if i brought some one along i would sacrifice myself for some one i love dearly.

message 11: by Scout Mason (new)

Scout Mason | 25 comments Bad Boy/ Walter Dean Myers

There are several conflicts in the book, but the main conflict stems from growing up in Harlem. Most of the time I would behave the same as the character in his given situation. It's about growing up in a rough place.

message 12: by Deanna McCubbins (new)

Deanna McCubbins | 16 comments to kill a mockingbird/harper lee

There are many conflicts in the book but the main conflict is Jem and Scout trying to get Boo Radley to come out of his house.

message 13: by Lorenzo Mendoza (new)

Lorenzo Mendoza | 19 comments Maus/ Art Spiegelman
And the nature of my character is he is a mouse dad that endured the horrific holocaust and what he did to survive it. Yes i would do the same things he did.

Cornelio Treminio | 14 comments Impulse/ Ellen Hopkins

Collection of short stories

Every main character is negative thoughts, depression, suicidal thoughts.

Probably not, i would have felt similar to them though.

Konockus Sashington | 6 comments 1) Please update your name - make sure your first AND last name is on the FIRST name line to ensure that you get credit for Good Reads. Thanks! :)

Week 6 question:
Book you are reading / Author
What is the cause and nature of the conflict for the main character? Would you behave differently in the same circumstance?

Milkweed / Jerry Spinelli
The cause and nature of the conflict for the main character is that he has really nothing at all like a family as much of us do, a name that he really know of he was born with, or any background. He gets around by street surviving and stealing food not getting caught to do so another day. After he finds out more about himself and his family by a group leader, he basically is accepted and gets guided through life on the streets of the Holocaust era. In those circumstances I would have behaved way differently. Really not knowing my parents or my family I live with I'm not sure if I would be able to function right for a while in the world. For sure I know I would probably be stealing and what not and more likely be jailed for crimes. My mind motto though would be to try my best and turn things around that I'm still here for some reason.

message 16: by Shelby Carroll (new)

Shelby Carroll | 29 comments The Partner/John Grisham

Many problems are currently occurring in "The Partner". Patrick Lanigan just went through around 5 hours of electric shock torture because the law firm he at one point worked for is accusing him of stealing 90 million dollars from them. Patrick did happen to steal the money but has no idea where it is located, and this is done on purpose because he absolutely cannot know where it is. Patrick's lover Eva is in possession of the money but she has been told split it all up between multiple financial holders so that it is harder for the funds to be tracked. Currently in the story Patrick is being held by the FBI and they are conducting an investigation on him.

Overall Patrick has everything planned out but there happens to be one flaw, Eva. You cant expect to completely trust someone with that sort of responsibility, especially over 90 million dollars? Not that's just absurd. I would have personally tried to find some way to separate the funds on my own, maybe some sort of money laundering gig? But I have no idea on how that whole deal works being that I'm not a criminal myself ;).

message 17: by James Baker (new)

James Baker | 17 comments Treasure Island/Robert Louis Stevenson

The way how the first conflict that started it all with Jim the main character is that he came across a treasure map. This map that he found in a room that an old pirate had died in. because of this one event that made Jim go out to find it made him come across many more for him. Most of them were Jim saving his crew members but one of the worst was when he disserted his crew. Because of this it made his crew never trust him again. But since he left his crew it had actually saved them. the way that I would have maybe had changed in my place is that I would have never even picked up the map for how ever so tempting it might have been. Thus saving me all the conflict.

message 18: by Abraham Carrillo (new)

Abraham Carrillo | 14 comments The book that i am reading is The Golden Compass. The conflict of my character is that she wants to follow her uncle to this mystery island.

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