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message 1: by Old-Barbarossa (last edited Feb 09, 2009 07:17AM) (new)

Old-Barbarossa I recently saw a novel (didn't buy it) of the movie of the comic of V for Vendetta...what's that all about? So someone adapts a comic to the screen, then someone else adapts the movie to a novel...it's like what happened with The Producers: movie to play to movie...or something like that.
Almost as odd as the novel of the movie of the poem of Beowulf A New Verse Translation.
Or the book of the movie of the game of Dungeons And Dragons.
Are there longer chains?
Will there be a novelisation of Watchmen the movie? Then a game for PS3 or X360?

message 2: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (jackthorn) | 24 comments But it would have to be a PS3 game based on the novelisation... =)

Strange, innit? Like when they for some reason made Constantine The Hellblazer Collection -- a graphic novel adaptation of Keanu Reeves' "Constantine", that terrible supposed adaptation of a Hellblazer storyline. A graphic novel adaptation of a movie adaptation of a graphic novel? Why not just reprint "Hellblazer Dangerous Habits" again and skip the crappy middle-man?

And to add insult to injury -- or more likely, to try and get some sales of this silly double-adaptation travesty -- the "Constantine" trade is one of only two places you can find Hellblazer #27 (by Neil Gaiman) aside from buying the issue for $20.

message 3: by Old-Barbarossa (new)

Old-Barbarossa Aye, and things are going in all directions as the Resident Evil franchise is showing. Game to movie to book to comic...actually, there might not be a comic of it yet...what next Resi The Musical? Theme park?

message 4: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi well the tv series Blue Dragon (Which doesn't play on cartoon network anymore even though the TV Guide says it does! Urg!)was based off a video game, that may or may not have been based off a short story,

message 5: by Purple (new)

Purple | 13 comments Ooh - great thread! Resident Evil is definitely one of the worst offenders for it. Death Note also, went comic - anime - book - live action film. And there's The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which went radio show - book - series - film... Again not sure of comics or games, but it wouldn't surprise me. That may be different, though, as the original writer had a hand in all its guises.

I never saw the Blue Dragon series. Was it any good?

message 6: by Old-Barbarossa (last edited Feb 12, 2009 02:16AM) (new)

Old-Barbarossa So 4 for Hitchhikers.
Wasn't there a Constantine game?
That would be:
1) Comic
2) Movie adaption of comic
3) Comic adaption of movie adaption of comic
4) Game of comic of movie of comic
Any more than 4 morphs for anything?

message 7: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi it was a kids show kinda like pokemon, just slightly more serious, and if you watched the Japanese subtitled version it was kinda dirty. they cleaned it up for American kids, but I liked it while it was on. as I said Shonein Jump monthly still says it's playing on Cartoon Network every saturday, but they stopped playing it around 4 months ago.

message 8: by Koori no hi (new)

Koori no hi Little women started out as a long book then went to a movie then several other movies based on the first movie, then there was a book written off the Disney version of the Little Women movie. I'm not sure how much that is...

message 9: by Old-Barbarossa (last edited May 24, 2009 11:08PM) (new)

Old-Barbarossa Just about to start the Tristram book of Le Morte D'Arthur The Winchester Manuscript...and watched the recent Hulk film last night (the one with Ed Norton).
Is the Hulk a knight errant? Is Blonsky/The Abomination a knight from the same mould as Tarquin?
There's the whole damsel in distress thing going on and the battles have the same preludes to them (ie none).
OK maybe I'm reading too much into things or maybe the myths and archetypes have just soaked into Western culture to such an extent that comic heroes are the new knighthood.
But I'm rambling.
The thought this highlighted for me was that the violence/jousts/duels, as formal as they are, have very little introduction. Not like in the sagas and some of the old celtic stuff where lineage and deeds are recited prior the battle, where the fame of the combatants need to be established. If anything Malory's knights don't care who they go up against, they continually attack folk that they don't recognise or purposefully go in disguise. It is the medieval equivalent of the pub fight: "What you looking at?" BANG!
Also the violence in Malory (and most old tales) has that over the top quality that bards tend to add...or appears in the Hulk. You know, the whole fought for 2 hours/blood soaked grass/armour hacked off/killed hundreds with one blow type of thing.
I'm now going to find it difficult to continue Malory without wishing for Jack Kirby stylee woodcuts. Was Malory the Stan Lee of his day?
Nuff said...

message 10: by ~Sara~ (new)

~Sara~ | 3 comments The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was made into a game in the 80's. It was one of those computer games that had no graphics, just typed commands in amber monochrome. I used to stay up way to late playing it when I was a kid. All I remember now is you had to type smell over and over to wake up on the vogon ship. That puts Hitchhiker at 5.

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