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message 1: by Isy (new)

Isy (sydnisan) | 13 comments Mod
Steve wrote: "Are there any books you can recommend about relations between Celts, Picts, and Romans? Don't know very much about back then.

thank you"
The Eagle Of The Ninth is a good one, it's about the ninth roman legion in Britain. Avalon by Anya Seaton is set a couple hundred years later, but it does address a lot of the issues that were important back then too :)

The Eagle Of The NinthAvalon

message 2: by Mathew (new)

Mathew | 1 comments You could try the first four books in the Eagle series by Simon Scarrow. They basically deal with the Roman invasion of Britain. Under The Eagle the first book begins in an outpost in Germany, but by the end of the book our heroes Macro and Cato are ready to embark with the rest of the invasion force. I really enjoy Scarrow's Roman books but can't get into his Napoleonic stories.

message 3: by Angie (new)

Angie | 16 comments Talking about that period, Simon is awesome to read, has anyone given M.K. Hume a try? He's a little difficult to find unless you order books online. He writes of the same period but has what some would call a fantasy twist, like King Arthur legends and such.

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