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Heritage Trilogy/Legacy Trilogy/Inheritance Trilogy - Ian Douglas

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message 1: by Colin (new)

Colin | 76 comments Ian Douglas is actually a pseudonym of William Keith, whose name will probably be familiar to those of you who are Bolo fans.

So this weekend I finished "Galactic Corps", the most recent installment of this series, and like every other book in the series, it was awesome.

Supposedly this is three separate trilogies, but in reality this is one series.

The story, essentially, involves a technologically advanced species which has the worst case of xenophobia you've ever heard of. Any time they detect another space-faring species, they anhilate the other species (an interesting solution to the Fermi Paradox). Needless to say, conflict develops when this species comes into contact with humans.

An interesting feature of the series is that even in the far future, Earth is not united. Throughout the series, the nations of Earth are either viewing each other with hatred and distrust, or actively seeking to wipe each other out (like in real life). In the series, only in situations of the greatest need do humans take time out from their main pastime of killing each other to deal with the alien threat. In fact, in the first few volumes, humanity's wars with itself are the main story, and the alien menace is a secondary plot.

I recommend this series to any fan of military fiction, but especially to fans of the STARFIST series.

message 2: by Jan (new)

Jan (jan_peterson) | 5 comments Thanks for the pointer, Colin. I have really enjoyed the STARFIST series and will look for this one. Can you list all of the books in the series? You mentioned multiple trilogies and I want to make sure I start at the beginning. Thanks.

message 3: by Colin (new)

Colin | 76 comments The Heritage Trilogy is first. These books take place in the middle and late 21st Century.
1. Semper Mars
2. Luna Marine
3. Europa Strike

The Legacy Trilogy is next. These books take place (as near as I remember) in the 22nd through 24th Centuries.
4. Star Corps
5. Battlespace
6. Star Marines

The Inheritance Trilogy is the third set. The first two books in this trilogy take place in the 29th Century.
7. Star Strike
8. Galactic Corps

I do not know when the next book is due out, and I also do not know whether or not there will be a fourth trilogy.

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris | 2 comments I completely agree with this review. I own the first trilogy and have read each twice, unfortunately I own (and subsequently have read) only the first book of the two later trilogies, but enjoyed them none-the-less. Great writing ,compelling themes and a decent grasp of reality in respect to physics(predominantly the first trilogy). Not to mention that it holds a little other significance to the ex-military types like myself. I recommend them to people all the time.

message 5: by Colin (new)

Colin | 76 comments Today I finished Semper Human, the final installment of the third "trilogy".

Awesome. Simply Awesome. This series rocked, from start to finish. I can not recommend this series too highly. If you are a fan of military science fiction, you absolutely must read this entire, nine-book series.

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